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  1. Ahhhhahhh! I'll buy it at a high price! Spark any ideas???? Make him selling a Leon-Kirby a Chicago Typewriter (the tommy gun for those of you that didn't bother to play or unlock it) OFF TOPIC but did anyone unlock the hand cannon, I didn't.... I love the Barrett one as well, but I lost it in the thread. 24 pages, can't blame me. This is really sweet guys, keep it going. I'll have to try some at school.
  2. The entire lineup for the Game Gear system (with the exception of the Sonic games, those were fantastic) I don't know how Tail's Adventure stood as far as reviews go, but I suspect there would be criticism. Loved those games. I digress... Yes, the Game Gear games, still own it, still play it, still love it. Yet, it seems that people hate it so damn much and I just can't grasp why. So if someone could elaborate for me that would be just peachy. The 32X (some odd system that we used to own and my brother completely freaked out when he got it for Christmas with that graphics chip thingy. It was absolutley priceless because he was like 9 and the exact quote when he ripped the package was, "Oh.....My.....Fucking.........GODTHISISFUCKINGAWESOMEICANTWAITTOPLAYITFUCKMYOTHERPRESENTSIDONTEVENGIVEASHITABOUTTHECLOTHESJUSTLEAVEMEALONEIMGOINGTOMYROOMIFUCKINGLOVECHRISTMAS!!!!!!!" I know this because we have the Christmas video still on VHS) was also pretty shitty, but I still played it to death. I tried to trick myself into liking it by playing the shit out of it. Lets just say, it worked, for the time. I thinked there was a Star Wars game on there which I played a lot... Space Channel 5 No comment, I like it, you probably don't. It's hard. For the people that don't understand... The thread is about crappy games (on a world basis and given bad reviews) that you personally enjoyed or enjoy. Not, "Name Shitty Games to Start Controversy" For the attention whores that say, "I hated FF VII" way to start a war. I mean, in my opinion, it's not the BEST Final Fantasy game on the market, but it still is rather good. And correct me if I am wrong, that game got pretty fantastic reviews. Now, I will admit that it is a bit overrated, but you can't let that make you hate the game for all it's worth. One problem I DID have with the game is that its story is based off of a book and everyone comments on how good the goddamn story is. It's stolen and as far as I remember, I don't remember seeing the book's title in the credits. You all are entitled to your opinion, I respect that. But try to stay on track here guys. I mean if I came in here and just simply said, "Hey guys, umm I hate _____________ but love (insert good game series *coughcoughsoniccough* here)!!!" You all would banish me to hell. Now I believe on my second post on this thread I may have done some of that, but I can't really remember. So if I did, I appologize. Please don't just waltz in here and say Sonic is Cool!!!! We all know Sonic is cool, please restrain yourself. James L Just read your post stating that you like the new Sonic game. That is fine, I wasn't talking about you with the Sonic jokes. You stated that it didn't get good reviews. That is exactly what this thread is about. Keep it that way! Follow in James L's footsteps.
  3. Mischief Makers was in fact pretty damn amazing. Gex 64 was also in fact pretty damn amazing (I loved going to the "secret" Titanic level.). Mystic Quest DOES HAVE AMAZING BATTLE MUSIC I have both the original boss and battle themes on my MP3 player as well as the Remix by Hellion Sounds (just a 1:00 sample, but nonetheless great track) If you want to hear it just go to ytmnd.com and search for Akuma, scroll down a ways and watch "Akuma did 9/11". Pretty sweet, however if you are offended by the events that occurred at 9/11, then don't watch and don't yell at me. Sorry guys, but I hate Quest 64. The magic system put me over the top. I am also only a Megaman fan when it comes to sidescrolling adventures. However, I hate to admit it, but I did play MM Legends all the way through. Wasn't impressed though. MM Lengends 2 was rediculous and the final boss was very very difficult in my opinion. WDL (World Destruction League) Thunder Tanks Found this game yesterday after I logged off the computer and played it. This game is so damn terrible but it brought back so many memories of playing 4 player with my friends and brothers. The ONLY game we used the Multi-tap for. Game and Watch Gallery games I don't know why I like them, probably cause they are good time wasters, and a generous amount of unlockables. Btw, I have to just say that Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask was my second favorite Zelda game (A Link to the Past is in first) and I found nothing wrong with that game at all. It followed the same principles as Ocarina of Time just without adult Link, which of course bothered me, but I eventually got over it due to the fact that I was absorbed in that game. Playing that game was a blast. Luigi's Mansion Don't know how many of you like this game but I sure do. Every day in 5th grade when I stayed home sick, I would take the day to beat this game. Get all 50 boos and an S ranking on the mansion. Loved it. Final Fantasy II Hate it and love it. No particular explanation why I love it, probably cause it has FF in the title so I feel I'm obligated to at least moderately enjoy it. It was just bad. And to avoid confusion, I'm talking about the one on the Dawn of Souls for GBA, not FF IV with Cecil and Kain for SNES. I love that one, one of my favs. Perfect Dark Zero Now, I personally love this game, despite the fact that everyone runs around like they took a shit in their pants and is running to the potty. Bear with me on this one. I have read reviews and heard from people that PDZ sucks beyond return. I will give them that it is in fact worse than its sequal (in game time, not IRL) Perfect Dark for the N64. That game was Bad Ass. It was like the first game out on the 360 and everyone expected so much out of that game. With the exception of Nintendo, the first games on next-gen systems are rarely good. You know one day a couple years from now you will pick up that game and play online against others that had the same revelation as you.
  4. Yes, Mystic Quest. Why did everyone hate it? My theory is everyone hated it because it had the "Final Fantasy" title in front of it. Now granted, it was no FF III or IV (on the SNES of course), but come on, cut it some slack. Jim Power in 3D: The Lost Dimension (SNES) Lol, this game I swear, one of the hardest games ever. I have only passed the second level and it took me like a year. Rediculous, still a sweet game and a killer soundtrack. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA) Now, I'm sure most of you would agree with me that you love this game (or at least are moderately interested in it granted it is Kingdom Hearts) but critics would have to shoot Square in the face for converting it to a card based game. Hell, I wanted to shoot Square. I hate that card-based crap almost as much as I hate Uwe Boll movies. Almost... But KH:COM made it good. I liked it. Rumor has it (As I'm sure most of you know) they are releasing a Kingdom Hearts Final Mix + with a full 3D version of COM being released in the fall. Yay.
  5. Cool Mix It sounds like it should be in Katamari Damacy... I just imagined little Prince rolling up cars when the song kicked in. Yeah love it, I'd like to see the lyrics. I can sing yet another song that my friends will look at me with disgust for.
  6. House, great work... When I first looked at your name, I was thinking for like three minutes then I remembered that on YouTube you did your Piano/Guitar song of Waltz of the Dolls from FF IV. The piano was just sexy. I am not going to lie, that's the only word I can use to describe the hotness of it. Sexy. Sexy. Sexy. I just imagined a freakin bad ass in a white tux jammin on the keys. Oh yeah, he has cool shades too. Then after that, demon sprouted from the earth and started wailing on the guitar as the white tux man nods in acceptance. Electronic work is very nice as well. It sounds like it is electronic but you said that the drums were so at least you weren't trying to fool anyone. It flows very nicely with the rest of the piece. Great work bro, keep it up. Hope to see more from you in the future. Btw, a suggestion for a song. No one has ever remixed it and I am really disappointed. The intro stage to Mega Man 7. That is probably my favorite Mega Man song ever. If anyone does that song, I will most definately listen and leave a very long review expressing my worship to you.
  7. Amazing! Whenever I see a new song on this site, I don't read what songs they have in the remix, I play a little game with myself (shut up pervs... ) and try to figure out what songs are on it. So as I was doing my homework (slightly semi-headbanging) all of a sudden I hear Chrono Trigger and FF IV and others and spilled my damn Pepsi on my Chemistry. The funny part was, I explained this to my Chemistry teacher and she said, "...ok well that depends, what song?" I simply replied, "Fire Cross on OC Remix, you've probably never heard of the site..." She then says to me, "Umm, did it ever cross your mind why I didn't get a chance to grade your papers? I was rockin' out to that song!" I honestly thought she was kidding but then she started telling me that she loves Little Mac's Confession and Wily's Mosh Pit. Officially my favorite teacher. She graded it and I didn't do it correctly, but she gave me a 15/15 with a note that said, "Lil' Mac, you didn't let me down... From: Doc" So I thought that was awesome. So thank you LulzA, you scored me an A+. As for the actual song, I can't stop listening to it. I love it so much. Everything flows together so greatly. And thats all I have to say. ...now if I could get my American Literature teacher to go on this site....(getting a C...crap...)
  8. I say, Juggernaut from Spiderman and X-Men on SNES. You could not dodge his attacks. I kicked Mike Tyson's ass but I couldn't beat Mr. Dream...(go figure?) They are the same, I know, I don't get it either. The last boss of Chrono Trigger was pretty difficult (especially when you fight him with only Crono and Marle for that one funny ending) Cluex from Super Mario RPG was pretty tough, once you take out the crystals, you are in business. Chrono Cross- It's a tie between Ozzie/Slash/Flea, Omnidragon, Miguel, and Dario. Numbers 1, 2, and 4 were supposed to be hard, the only reason I say Miguel is because there is a little man wearing a hat who is challenging you to a fight. So I was caught offgaurd. Occasionally he'd try to punch me and stuff, so I didn't heal. Big Mistake. As I reach for my Pepsi, I see Miguel shooting his fist in the air as the message-HolyDragnSword-appears on my screen. Lynx=dead. Please, someone tell me you played Chrono Cross on new game + and tried to kill Serge, Kid, and whoever else was in your party when you first turn into Lynx. I did it on new game +. I was so pissed, I killed all three (the third in my case was Glenn). I walked over to Kid, and all she does is stab you.....same outcome.....no extra experience....no cool elements.....nothing..... Kindom Hearts- the Second to last Ansem was pretty difficult, just cause he flew around the stage. It's the one after you fight Darkside for the 42nd time. Even harder in the same game, Dark Riku after you kill Maleficent when you first discover that Riku is Ansem. Chain of Memories- Again, Dark Riku KH2- Xigbar was pretty difficult (the guy with the ridiculous side-burns that you fight at Beast's castle.) Pikmin 2- every machine you encounter (usually the shoot you with gatling guns or launch bombs at you in an incredible rate making it impossible to get back up.) Megaman (all of them)- usually the last stage is insane. Fight all the bosses while the are hopped up on roids, crack, and spinach. Then fight Wily with 24 forms. As for the X games, same deal, except with Sigma.
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