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  1. They were just mad at how much traffic a not-for-profit organization was generating.
  2. bLiNd was my first favorite artist on OCRemix back when the site first came online years ago, and his music has been rocking me ever since. So I would like to say congratulations to the both of you, and keep up the kickass work!
  3. Duos and damathacus, please, that was the easy part. Simply putting it, the hadoken owns all. Period. GG, GJ, 1 minute for all of sigma and his minions.
  4. No offensebut that was hella easy, the problem with the bosses in that game was they all followed a strict pattern that wasnt too hard to avoid. even Ridley wasnt that hard in that game I was kindof surprised at that, and the last boss battle, fittign as it was was very dissapointing, but phenominal i must say for what it was. Black Rabite from Seiken Densetsu 3, In my opinion, hands down THE hardest boss. Word is fastest time with characters with hacked status of level 99 took over a half an hour to kill and thats hacked. Lavos from CT was annoying but after you figure out how it works you ca
  5. Wow what an awesome ReMix, it reminds me a bit od Darude's SandStorm song kinda in a way like the music flow is similar, but all in all its a great remix
  6. Wow, this ReMix is awesome! It gets a bit repetitive but i dont mind that actually, its something you can just sit around and groove to, and not a bad first FFT ReMix to get posted up at OCR. Out of 10? Id say about an 9.0 aswell.
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