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  1. Haha Larry, just to clarify, my "over-mixed source" comment was a purely off-side remark that has nothing to do with my opinions on the track or my judgment I paneled this because of the issues I'm about to go into. So, yeah. VERY creative arrangement, perhaps one of the strangest approaches I've ever heard to Aquatic Ambiance. I really love the thought that went into this, and although the genres that inspire you don't necessarily come through in this arrangement, it's cool that you're pulling inspiration from some lesser-explored realms of music. Arrangement-wise, I'd call this an easy pass. I wouldn't mind hearing a bit more variation to the hand-drumming rhythms in the intro if you can, and the last few minutes of the track felt somewhat extraneous, but for the most part that side of things checked out and I wouldn't necessarily solicit any changes there. Kris definitely has a good handle on the production issues, and for me, I think they add up to warrant a resubmission. All of the samples sound lower-than-average quality, but the sequencing and humanization is what really brings this down. I disagree with Larry that those realism issues are well-mitigated here... the pan flute and trumpet particularly stuck out to me as needing some TLC on the ADSR envelopes so that the notes fade more naturally. I think the pan flute is the biggest offender. The glockenspiel sample is piercing and has almost no expression, and the same can be said for the piano. The bass is also dominating the track quite a bit and Kris offered some fantastic advice on mixing that in better with the rest of the track. I really want to sign off on this because I do tend to give the benefit of the doubt on production issues when the arrangement is this creative, but I think this could really benefit from a second pass on the sequencing/humanization along with some mixing tweaks to help get it up to the bar. I won't be disappointed if this passes and I'm sure I'll find myself listening to it from time to time regardless, but I don't think it's ready to be posted yet. Good luck either way! NO (please resubmit!!)
  2. I'm with Chimp on this one. The production is so washed out and leans on reverb in a way that's just too heavy. The voice clip really shouldn't be used more than once or twice, hearing the same exact voice clip repeated so many times feels extremely corny and I'm surprised that that issue alone isn't a dealbreaker for some of the other judges... The piano is also a weak point for me, sequencing-wise. Overall, I could just quote all of the feedback from Kris' vote and it would reflect my feelings here. That said, I don't think any of these are issues you can't fix with a bit more work, and I think it would be worth your time because the potential is really high here. The Ocean theme actually works really well in an uplifting trance style and I feel the energy you were going for with this arrangement, but the end result still feels like an unpolished 2nd or 3rd draft to me... not something that's quite ready for primetime. NO (resubmit!)
  3. I've had to sit on this for a long time before I was even able to pass objective judgment on it. Ross' approach here is, as always, very abstract and holds little regard for the desires of your average casual listener, or fans of strictly-conservative remixes... which I think is pretty rad! The world needs a bit more weirdness like this. The re-harmonization of the Whiterun theme is very clever and surprisingly, really catchy - I've found this stuck in my head at random times throughout the last week. The arrangement leans heavily on the same core melody for most of the duration, but the overall dynamic curve never sits in the same place for long. The way the beat subtly progresses towards a 4-on-the-floor rhythm, or how the lead grows more heavily distorted over time are just a couple examples of how this piece develops without needing to introduce new melodic content. It's definitely not for everyone, but I'm definitely on board. Welcome back Ross! YES
  4. This sums up my opinion better than I was able to express myself when I first listened to this track. I actually think this is pretty close - if you could clean up the timing near the intro and massage your arrangement into a more deliberate flow, I think you'd have a winner here. As it stands though, I think Larry/Kris helped solidify my gut impression here. NO (resubmit!)
  5. @Clem, thoughts on this? Would you be willing to consider revising based on the feedback here?
  6. I need some help discerning how Grahf's theme was used here, but other than that... dayummm. This sounds like one of Joe's best mixes to date - the voice acting is well-integrated, the drum rhythms are bonkers, and the way he handled the Omen theme at the end and all of the vocal effects suddenly cut out... shit. Next-level stuff there. Should be an easy call once we can figure out the source usage. ~ Emu This remix is for the album BADASS 3. REMIXER INFO Remixer Name: XPRTNovice Real Name: Joseph Zieja Email: Website: http://josephzieja.com Twitter: @JoeZieja REMIX INFO Games Arranged: Xenogears Name of Arrangement: The Power Name of Individual Songs Arranged: "Grahf" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N49Jy7SjdY "Omen" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYUGCGLG9jM Remixer Comments: Grahf had some of the best lines in Xenogears, and, being a voice actor, I guess, I wanted to integrate some of them into a really epic cinematic sort of remix. Grahf was so evil on so many levels, and his role in the plot of the game is just amazing. I used a lot of Middle Eastern elements, and it just sort of unfolded in this big way with creepy elements. Also, screaming "MY FIST IS THE DIVINE BREATH" in your basement when your mother in law is visiting creates interesting results.
  7. Hey, it's been a while, a bit of an unorthodox submission here, hopefully it meets the standards but I'd understand if there are some issues. I've been doing this weekly thing where, at http://www.hitbox.tv/shnabubula on friday I do an 8 hour stream where people ask me to learn songs, and then 2 days later, on that sunday, I perform all the songs in a kind of concert format. Starting with the 3rd sunday, I've been able to get good quality recordings using a portable tascam audio recorder, the only thing is, it's not a real piano, the sounds come from my YAMAHA S90, I quite like the sound of that piano, while it's not particularly realistic, I find the timbre pleasing and especially flexible, suited to multiple genres, and often times these setlists can be quite varied. I know in the past piano performances with so-so samples have been accepted, however, the standards of the site are always improving and this might not be up to snuff anymore. The other issue is, it being a live performance, for humorous reasons and because a part of the source so very much reminded me of it, I very briefly quoted Fur Elise, that composition is in the public domain, and it takes up like... less than 4% of the total song time, but again, I'd understand if this is a violation of site standards in some capacity, though I'd hope it would be okay. Anyway, the remix is of "the chandeliers" from Castlevania IV, and I've decided for the purposes of OCR to call it "One Two Three, One Two Three WHIP!" Here is the song: Also, for anybody interested, here's the video of the performance:
  8. Sounds pretty nice, but there's some very obviously flubbed notes at 1:47 and other points throughout the arrangement that are distracting. Given the nature of how this mix was conceived, it's prone to some errors but overall this sounds incredibly dynamic and beautiful. Probably could give this a direct-post but I'm going to err on the side of caution. ~ Emu Another arrangement played live on the stream. In case the last one got rejected I'll restate here what it's about. Fridays for 8 hours I take requests to learn a bunch of songs, then 2 days later that sunday I perform them all. It's been a lot of fun and something I hope to continue to do for a long time. The streams are at http://www.hitbox.tv/shnabubula and the video of this performance is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMsqyJSIP3A Anyway, this is shenmue, a game I really wanted to play back in the day and even more so now that Shenmue III is being made, really hope there's some kind of steam release or something. This was requested by OCRemixes very own David Hsu, awesome guy and fantastic musician. Here's the song:
  9. Contact Information Your ReMixer name Rom Tom Your real name Tom Zanay Your email address Your website Your userid 17900 Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged Donkey Kong Country Name of arrangement Cast Away Banana Name of individual song(s) arranged Aquatic Ambiance Additional information about game including composer, system, etc. (if it has not yet been added to the site) David Wise, Eveline Novakovic, Robin Beanland Link to the original soundtrack (if it is not one of the sound archives already available on the site) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKAc3nYEatw Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc. Greetings Judges, Djpretzel, and awesome OCR Fans. I'm excited to present, yes, yet another Aquatic Ambiance remix from DKC! I was a wee young lad when I happened upon OCRemix in 2003, and if you were to ask me at that time who my favorite musician was, I would have responded with "the ones on OCRemix". It would be another 4 years before I figured out about the existence of and tried my hands at the DAW FL Studio. I joined the forum in 2007, and produced a few remixes for the WIP forum. There really is no better place to learn music production outside a music school, and I remained fairly active for about 2 or 3 years, until about 2010. I did try submitting a song once before in 2009ish, though I'm glad it went unnoticed. It needed work like a house needs bricks. Indeed, I had always wanted to enter the OCR ranks as a fellow remixer, and I used the submission guidelines as a constant reminder for how good music should be made. But alas, I have returned, like Donkey Kong did to the Wii. It was at the beginning of 2015 that I spontaneously made half of this song in one sitting. I hadn't touched it from that point on until about a month ago, and have been touching it up since. And then I thought, it just might be that time, to try again at submitting an OC Remix. There is something simply magical about this tune. What inspired this tune was hearing all the other great versions of this song on OCR, and I intend to join the Aquatic Ambiance Lounge, so to speak. I am inspired by an odd variety of music, including power metal, black metal, 80s rock, dub (without the step), dub (with the step) and an assortment of acoustic-electronic mashups. No, I did not employ all of the above genres for this tune, but would classify it as a taste of dub with mostly electronic-acoustic elements. The song's concept plays with the idea that a lone banana is somehow let loose into the ocean, as the Kongs start up a drum circle next to the shoreline. Join this banana on a journey into the depths.
  10. My ReMixer name: Yargami. Userid: 28292. E-mail: Game arranged: Megaman Legends. ReMix title: Another Flawless Operation. Original song: We're the Bonnes! I was working on a project one day when I realized that I had accidentally turned my bass line into the Bonnes' theme. After fooling around with the idea for a bit, I decided I would keep working on it. It took me about two months to complete, although I was not working on it steadily the entire time. The title comes from a scene in the Gesselschaft that plays if you leave the game on the title screen for too long. The original quote, spoken by Tiesel Bonne, is "I want another flawless operation, just like the last one!" This was made in SONAR X3 using the following plugins: Dimension Pro, Rapture, East West/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, Studio Instruments Drum Kit, and z3ta+.
  11. Usa is back! Really interesting sound field, needs an arrangement check. Guitar sounds pretty fake, but the production quality here sounds pretty solid. ~ Emu Download link:Contact information:ReMixer name: Usa (feat. Sir_NutS)Real name: Daniel LippertEmail address: Website: www.daniellippert.comForum user ID: 12813Submission information:Games arranged: Mega Man X2, Mega Man X6Arrangement Name: Laser PowerIndividual Song names: Mega Man X2: X-Hunter Stage 1, Mega Man X6: Laser Institute (Shield Sheldon)Mega Man X2 (SNES) composed by Yuki IwaiMega Man X6 (PS1) composed by Naoto TanakaLink to the soundtracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la5CPQ-Sl2A (X-Hunter Stage 1), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FioKuY33uIw (Laser Institute)Comments: This remix was done for round 3 of the Sigma Fortress Remix Gauntlet 2015. I collaborated with Sir_NutS who provided the synth solo at the very end.
  12. Holy crap... the VIBES! Your prog. house pluck patches are very well crafted, and the chords are well-written to match. The arrangement and fusion of two sources is very natural, and I actually found myself getting chills when Dearly Beloved finally came. I can't stress this enough - this approach is a very strong foundation and, in spite of the feedback I'm about to go into, I did really enjoy this. I can definitely see some other judges going YES on this but there's a few production-side issues that I think need a bit more work. First, the level of reverb and delay here is VERY heavy, and I think it goes just a bit past the point of being a stylistic choice and starts to feel like a production flaw because it contributes a lot of mud to the track. I would suggest easing up on your reverb and shortening your delay tails just a bit to clean this up (but not so much that you lose the spacey prog-house feel.) The beats themselves are pretty gridlocked and repetitive, it would be nice to hear some minor variations so that not everything is hitting on a quarter-note and introduce more rhythmic variety. The melodic instruments are playing some really dynamic rhythms but the beats feel incredibly static, even for a progressive house track. I'm also noticing a lack of bass frequencies in your kick, and sub frequencies in the track overall, which strikes me as odd. I would love to hear a deeper kick with a bit more low-end oomph. Right now, the track feels very mid-heavy. Not a huge dealbreaker in and of itself, but I'd love some minor EQ tweaks to help give the track more of a balanced feel and help anchor it better. Somewhat of a personal preference, but the piano sample sounded tinny to my ears. That low-quality sample sticks out like a weak link amidst a series of very high-quality synth sounds, possibly because the delay effect is so prominent. None of these issues on their own warrant a rejection in my book, but between all of them I think this is just a little bit shy of reaching its potential. I tried to list them out in prioritized order based on what bothered me the most. I may be a little harsher on this because it's a genre I'm more familiar with and I'm so fond of the concept here. I won't be upset if this ends up passing in its current form, but I digress... what does everyone else think? NO (borderline/resubmit!)
  13. Hello again OC Remix, it seems like just yesterday that I was huddled around a windows XP computer listening to tracks from the site. This track will be the second Arth4da mix on your site, and hopefully there will be many more to come. I'll try to keep this email as coherent as possible, as this remix has stolen most of my sleep along with every waking moment since I started it 3 days ago Which brings us to the mix. Lately I've been making the house genere my home (heh), and this track is no different, resonating "progressive house" to the core. Genre business aside, I haven't felt this sentimental working on a track in quite some time. I did my very best to stay as true to the original arrangements of the songs (Kairi II, and Dearly Beloved) while also letting them ebb and flow into each other around the prog house arrangement. I'm especially proud of this arrangement and mix, right down to the Kairi quotes that I ripped from the game and placed into the atmosphere. But at this point, I feel almost overwhelmed talking about everything that went into this mix, I'd rather let it speak for itself With love, Arth4da
  14. - Remixer name: Bluelighter - ID forum: 21840 - Real name: Guillaume SAUMANDE - Arrangement: Bluelighter - Game & Songs: Alex Kidd & Swimming - Main Theme - Composer: Tokuhiko Uwabo - Links: Swimming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVoVmbFEiqI Main Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUejWy2P7Yg&index=2&list=PLCCC45888EBD944BC Hi OCR, Here is an orchestra arrangement from Alex Kidd. It was my first game on console in my childhood; so I was a bit nostalgic when I made this mix More than the orchestra, an accordion can be heard on the whole mix. This instrument contributes to give the mix its peaceful and sunny atmosphere. There is also trumpet solo at some parts to play the melody. This mix follows a kind of progression: peaceful at the beginning; majestic in a second time (with a brass band instrumentation); to come to a more heroic section. The mix finishes like at the beginning, with a peaceful instrumentation. Plan: - 0 – 0’26: intro, peaceful. Based on rhythm of “Swimming”. This part announces also march band rhythm that arrives after. - 0’26 – 1’08: “Swimming”, 1st melodic line. Dialogue between cello and accordion for the melody. - 1’08 – 1’28: “Swimming”, 2nd melodic line. Rhythm of brass band. Melody by trumpet solo. - 1’28 – 2’10: “Swimming”, 1st melodic line. Rhythm of brass band. Melody by brass, reinforced by accordion. (- 2’05 – 2’10: transition with first notes of “main theme”.) - 2’10 – 2’32: “Swimming”, 1st melodic line. Adapted in a minor harmony. Melody by trumpet solo, rhythm speeder. -> Sounds more heroic. In accompaniment, you can hear the first notes of “main theme”, in order to introduce next part - 2’32 – 3’03: “Main Theme”, 1st melodic line. Adapted in a minor harmony and tempo a lot reduced. Culminant point of the mix. Sounds like a boss theme. - 3’03 – 3’20: “Main Theme”, 2nd melodic line. Peaceful this time, contrasting with the precedent part (like if the precedent boss was defeated :D). Melody in accordion; still in a slow tempo; light instrumentation. - 3’20 – 3’50: outro, similar to the intro in the instrumentation. Peaceful and light… The original songs were really funny to work on! I hope you’ll enjoy this arrangement
  15. This is loud and over-compressed to high hell (it's hovering around -4DB RMS by my count) but there's some really excellent sound design going on here. Arrangement seems to check out but damnnnnn... production needs some advice from those who can articulate it best. ~ Emu ----Contact Info juliantheexplorer Julian Plonski https://soundcloud.com/juliantheexplorer 32750 ---Sub Info Jurassic Park (snes) Trapasaurus Mountain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1EGNaPTACc (original) This remix is a representation of the chaotic experience of this game. Your tired, scared, short of supplies but still find the desire to run. The main pan flute hook is how I began the remix and as I built on top of it, I found myself challenging myself to keep up with it's high paced vibe, which ironically reminded me of the game it self.
  16. Even with the provided breakdown, the source usage is escaping me here. Someone who's more familiar with Mega Man should have an easier time verifying the breakdown. Guitar is noticeably fake but pretty well sequenced regardless - I like what I'm hearing ~ Emu Remixer name: Nostalvania Name of Game: Mega Man 3 Name of arrangement : Don't Look Back Name of individual song: Dr. Wily stage 3-4 Source: https://youtu.be/iNM7ydpIysE ReMix: https://app.box.com/s/2sd0o2gvvc3unts3q7n6nmoegnu5wxrq Hey OCR! Here is a Jazz ReMix of the Dr. Wily stages 3 and 4 from Mega Man 3. This is an improved version of an arrangement which i made for the Dwelling of Duels competition in July 2015. The theme was Mega Man 2 vs. Mega Man 3 (MM 3 won btw). The arrangement is in 5/4 and 3/4 alternating. It also changes back and forth between even eights and swing feeling. Source breakdown 00:00 - 00:12 Intro, melody of B (sort of, fragmented) 00:12 - 00:39 Melody of A 00:40 - 00:46 Interlude, short piano solo 00:47 - 01:14 A 01:14 - 01:25 Interlude, short guitar solo 01:25 - 01:42 Melody B (I had to change some of the notes in order to match the new chord progressions) 01:42 - 02:57 Guitar solo 02:20 - 02:28 Melody (A) in piano comping 02:33 - 02:42 Melody (A) in piano comping 02:58 - 03:14 B 03:15 - 03:21 Interlude (Groove) 03:21 - 03:38 A 03:21 - 03:25 Melody 03:27 - 03:31 Melody 03:34 - 03:38 Melody 03:38 - 03:47 Ending
  17. ------------------------------------------------ edit 10/18/16: Jorito has asked for this to post in the normal cycle since the album has been canceled. ------------------------------------------------ NOTE 1: This track is going to be part of the PS1 20th anniversary album album. NOTE 2: This is version is not yet mastered and therefore maybe a bit low in volume. You will probably have received the mastered version from Ivan Hakstok or me before you’ve reached this track in the queue Contact information: Remixer name: Jorito Real name: Jorrith Schaap Email: Website(s): YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Joeirot Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jorito Userid: 3899 ReMixer name: Xarnax42 Real name: Jesse Deacon Email: Userid: 23875 Name of Game(s) Remixed: Ridge Racer Type 4 Additional Game information: System: PS1 Developer: Namco Genre: Racing Released: 1999 Composer: Namco Sound Team (Kohta Takahashi, Hiroshi Okubo, Asuka Sakai, Tetsukazu Nakanishi, and Koji Nakagawa) Name of Arrangement: Tarmac Chill Names of songs arranged: Urban Fragments (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEVZEmfMPjs) Link to the remix: Comments about the mix: When Ivan started recruiting for the PS1 20th anniversary album I was keen on participating, being a nostalgic sucker for the PS1. Originally wanted to remix an RPG track, but due to the album’s criteria (only songs from games with 0 or 1 remix) that wasn’t easy. So I racked my brains on other games that I played with great music. Somehow I ended up choosing Ridge Racer Type 4 because of the high octane, high fun factor of the tracks. Ambitious as always I selected the vocal intro song, which is pretty challenging if you can’t sing. I had no clue where to start until I heard this mellow chillout track on Youtube which reminded me of the chord progression of Urban Fragments. So I thought “why not” and started off with a laidback groove with long stretched jazzy chords. Next steps were the vocoded vocals, which I originally intended as a placeholder until I could get a vocalist. Turned out I liked the vocoded vox so much I kept part of them and blended them in with real vocals. Which this time were provided by Jesse, whom I worked with before on a Shovel Knight remix. I thought his jazzy, smooth voice would fit the track well and I think the final result proves that! Added some interesting breaks, some nice variations and sfx and a sneaky cameo of Outrun’s “Magical Sound Shower” as a kind of solo in the middle. There is probably a name for this genre, but I’m proud of my li’l Frankensteinian mixture of chillout pianos/pads, funk guitars, disco strings, in a bed of four on the floor dance kicks and a splash of jazzy vocals. Hope you enjoy! Source breakdown: 0:00 - 0:14 - chord progression from source 0:15 - 0:30 - chords + lead from source 0:31 - 0:34 - original break 0:35 - 2:22 - leads/lyrics, chords structure from original 2:23 - 2:53 - Outrun Magical Sound Shower lead 2:54 - 3:16 - original bass “solo” and break 3:17 - 3:31 - original buildup 3:32 - 3:46 - leads/lyrics, chords structure from original 3:37 - 4:10 - outro from source Lyrics: She's the one for me there's no place I'd rather be... yeah To the finish line, everywhere you look she's right on time With her silent stare... Blazing through the open air She's without a care Ohhhh..... yeahhh.... Everywhere you look she's right on time... yeah Movin' to the beat Can you feel the heat, when the tires kiss the street Step back, it's Ridge Racer... A Ridge Racer She gives me what I need One more win it's Ridge Racer... A Ridge racer I feel the need for speed Step back, it's Ridge Racer... A Ridge Racer One more win it's Ridge Racer... A Ridge racer She gives me what I need One more win it's Ridge Racer... A Ridge Racer She gives me what I need Step back, it's Ridge Racer... A Ridge racer I feel the need for speed One more win it's Ridge Racer... A Ridge Racer Step back, it's Ridge Racer... A Ridge Racer ohhhh…. Ridge Racer
  18. Aye. Really nice tones and guitar playing, but the levels between the lead (guitar) and the backing (piano) is off, where the lead is not at the forefront of the mix. If we're talking about OCR standards here, the arrangement is probably too short and too repetitive, there would need to be more of a definitive structure and some more expansion to your concept, but for a cover it sounds real nice and accomplishes its purpose. Nice stuff!
  19. Very evocative... the submission comments were quite brief, but your vision translated beautifully into the remix and the concept feels like a natural addition to the Zelda universe lore. Starting off with more traditional folk instrumentation and building up to a fuller orchestra gives your arrangement a nice dynamic curve and adds to the drama. The instrumentation is noticeably sampled, but a lot of care was put into utilizing your sample libraries in a believable way that still conveys an emotive, human performance. As much as I would love to hear a rendition of this with an actual live flute and guitar, the work you've done here is more than enough to fulfill your artistic vision. This kind of conceptual mix is something I'd really love to see more of around here, great stuff! YES
  20. Contact Info: Remixer name - Outset Initiative Real name - Zeke F Email: Website: www.outsetinitiative.com Userid: 24461 Submission Info: Game arranged - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Arrangement name - Valoo's Honor Song(s) arranged - Dragon Roost Island Comments - Imagine a yearly nighttime festival in honor of the almighty dragon; dancing, bonfires, heroic stories, etc. Source:
  21. ReMixer Name: KamexWebsite: https://www.youtube.com/user/GreatGabiteUserid: 32509Name of game arranged: Super Smash Brothers BrawlName of arrangement: No items, Fox only!Name of song arranged: Final DestinationOriginal song:
  22. Source connection struck me as tenuous or more "inspired-by" until the 2nd half of the song, where things got really repetitive. But if nothing else, the artist definitely had some inspiration and ran with it, and the production isn't bad, so it deserves some feedback. ~ Emu Hi there, Remixer name: Darkehorse Real name: Trace Ronning email: website: darkehorse.bandcamp.com userid: 7260 Game Arranged: Kirby Super Star Name of Arrangement: Green Dreams Song Arranged: Game Select (the corkboard menu song) I believe this game has been remixed a ton already, composer info and archives appear to be on the site. But just to be safe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3r0uwqULYsg Comments: This remix has been a long time coming, I'm really happy to say that after 12-13 years of listening to OCRs, I'm finally sending in one of my own. When the Milky Way Wishes album was released, I was floored. Cover to cover it's just a blast to listen to, the song selection was great, the arrangements were great, but I found myself thinking it was a shame that nobody took on the game select music. Yeah, it's a pretty limited and repetitive track, but it's so fun and Kirby-esque. Or maybe I'm just weird for being so into menu music? Either way, I decided that someone needed to take that menu music and put a dark, ominous twist on it, so that's what happened with this track. The fun, bouncy melody of the original has been replaced with brooding piano and bells, and eventually morphs into a free-for-all of rhythmic piano and a bouncy synth lead to complement the repetition of the main melody. At first, the synth lead was pretty cut and dry, but I accidentally dropped a chorus effect on it, then figured it couldn't hurt to play around with it a little bit and I found that the sound I ended up making sort of felt like a Kirby choir group so I kept it that way. This mix was a ton of fun to work on so I hope everyone enjoys it, and who knows, maybe people will consider it a spiritual addition to Milky Way Wishes one day
  23. ReMixer Name: Garpocalypse Email Website:Garpocalypse.blogspot.com Userid :22026 Remix: FTL-Fate of My Crew Source: FTL-Milky Way Battle Hotmail is not letting me attach the file due to some file restriction (it's only 7MB!) So i'll host it on soundcloud and enable downloading. This is my remix that was written for the Artist Appreciation Competition that was run by Shadow24 back in January. In what was a very heated round this remix came in a close third of round 1 of the Bravo Bracket due to a tie between first and second place. Source:
  24. Hi there,Orchestration and arrangement of music from Child of Light. The track in focus is "Aurora's Theme", although there are elements of other tracks as well.OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93h-8MKG48sComposer: Coeur de PirateSystem: PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One, PS Vita, Winsows, Wii UPublisher: UbisoftContact informationReMixer name: Fredrik Jonasson MusicName: Fredrik Jonassonhttp://fredrikjonasson.netUser ID: None. I didn't receive my confirmation mail when signing up for the forum earlier today. My user name is Fredrik Jonasson Music and my mail is . You are probably not the right person to deal with this, but I didn't find information regarding this on the site, ReMix name: The Moon, the Stars, the SunComment: This is an arrangement and orchestration of music from Child of Light with Aurora's Theme in focus. In my opinion, a simple soundtrack like the OST suits the game with it's artistic style and story. But I believe a more broad, orchestral and grandiose one would fit perhaps equally well. I hope you like it!Best regards!