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    I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Behavioral Science - Family Studies (a switch-over from Digital Media. . .) I'm also a budding author (I'll get my books finished someday!), and work logistics/distribution in the Utah National Guard (I got trained as a combat engineer, and will soon become a Chaplain's assistant, but that's a different story). I love reading, writing (books and music), video games (especially Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts and classic dos games), and making music videos/amv's.
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    Paul Peterson
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    Army National Guard
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  1. Does anyone know how you update your shipping address if you've already answered the questionnaire? Thanks!
  2. Well, as tempting as that looks, I'm going to have to refrain from purchasing this. A dream come true, indeed... But I still have some of the PSOne versions. I'm also kind of getting to a point in life where I'm seriously considering selling most of, if not all of my video games and systems... Nah... THAT probably won't happen any time soon, but I'll probably start little by little. I LOVE Final Fantasy, with all my heart. I have too many good memories, and lessons I learned from the characters and stories that painted my mind through childhood and adolescence. Way to go Square Enix.
  3. Yeah, there definitely are a lot nicer sounding samples available, but there's just something about the original soundtrack. Maybe it's nostalgia, but I love the sounds, especially the high pitched instrument used for melody in songs like Don of the Slums, and the song played while on the Boat with Red XIII. . . But anyways, it would indeed be nice to see some upgrades.
  4. A few thoughts regarding what Garpocalypse has said. I didn't know what you were talking about then, and I now understand why. . . Some of my roommates played it at about 2:00 this morning with the lights off, and my stomach was up in knots. . . Yeah, the worst part is that big suspense hit when you see him, when you turn around and he's right freakin' there. With Amnesia, you have at least the false sense of security provided by opening up your inventory or menu for a few quick breathers before going back into the nightmare. In Slender, there is no menu to run to, unless you want to start over. Heck, I showed it to a few friends just barely in BROAD DAYLIGHT, and I still jumped when I ran into Slender Man. Perhaps my comment will be better off in the Philosophy section, but I'll say it anyway. I felt the same way about Slender, even after getting freaked out by watching the IGN guys run through it. Why do we have such conflicting mental processes when faced with this kind of stuff, with nightmarish experiences like Slender and Amnesia? My brain says 'NO, don't do this,' but at the same time it pulls me in. . .
  5. Thanks for your support, for anybody who helped out with the kickstarter. They've met their original goal and are now working on some stretch goals: mounts for characters to ride, a second playable race, and a "Casino" biome, like unto FFVII's Golden Saucer. For those interested in the livestream happening tomorrow, August 4th, here's the schedule: 9:30am - Start 10:00am - Monster Explanation 10:30pm - Q & A - Part 1 5:00pm - Q & A - Part 2 9:00pm - end? (All times listed are Pacific Time.) [uLR=http://www.twitch.tv/siegegames/]http://www.twitch.tv/siegegames/ Stay tuned!
  6. Thanks for your input everyone, I really appreciate it. I put the data together before Newt posted, so his answer wasn't included, but I thought I would post a little bit: There weren't very many females that responded, so I focused on male responses. The mean of the data collected overall: 1.91 hours a day. This included 23 male video gamers of ages 16 to 28. I included input from a few friends as well, so it's not just from OCR members. Just out of curiosity, I averaged the females' responses as well. 7 women responded, from ages, 20 - 23, and 33. Mean: 3.93 hours a day. It's hard to compare, since there weren't as many questioned, and the ages weren't as close together. So the overall mean (including men and women) turned out to be 2.38 hours. It wasn't for a stats class, just a stats portion of a survey of mathematical methods class. I know I've got a bit of study and work to do before I actually get to the Stats class. . . Thanks again!
  7. Hey, this question is for a stats assignment. For those of you who play video games (and I'm pretty sure that includes just about everyone on these forums), how many hours do you typically spend playing video games a day, including computer, console, hand-held, and cellular games? 30 minutes 1 hour 1.5 2 hours 2.5 3 hours 3.5 4 Hours 4.5 5 Hours 5.5 6 or more hours If you could also include your gender and age, I would be very appreciative. If this is a breach of privacy, I will cease and desist. Thank you, DJL
  8. I haven't really seen Lost (might have watched an episode here or there), but I like your mix, especially the part that builds up around 2:23. This is the kind of music I'd like to learn how to make. Great job
  9. Well, I entered the game name in the forum search, but I didn't see anything. . . Yeah, I can see the tension lowering a little after seeing the monsters a few times. Right now, it's the whole feeling of "I know something's after me, but I haven't 'seen' it yet, when's it just gonna freakin' jump out at me!?"
  10. I didn't buy it during the Steam Summer Sale, but recently downloaded the demo, and it's scaring the HECK out of me. I've been watching an LP on youtube, and even just watching is giving me the creeps. Anyone have this game? Any thoughts? Tips?
  11. Wow, part of me is thinking, "I didn't know you could do all that with a piano!" and part of me is thinking, "My piano teacher would cringe if she saw them touching the piano strings like that." The Piano Guys rock. Peponi (Paradise) is another one of my favorites
  12. Update - 30 July 2012, Community Looks like they're having an all day livestream on Crea development this Saturday. With only eight days left, Crea's development team has just under $4,000 to go in order to reach their goal. Spread the word, it's getting so close!
  13. I finally finished the first season! SPOILER: Man I was waiting the WHOLE season (only 12 episodes. . . I know, but still) for Aang to appear to Korra like he did in Ep. 12! I kind of wondered why in the Last Air Bender, Aang had a lot of interaction with Roku and some of the others and Korra didn't. I guess it was the whole, "I'm not very spiritual" thing. Glad to see she finally had a breakthrough.
  14. This could be applied to the part where Ra's al Ghul "appears" before Bruce as well. It's not a literal resurrection, but a mental I-was-just-beaten-nigh-unto-death hallucination.
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