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  1. still kinda pissed that I didn't get edgar for a name SO pissed
  2. edgar for mod i know what's up with bannings let me tell you
  3. protip: for every 2 cups of chopped onion you put in your chicken salad mix, drop in a little less than a cup of golden raisins for a susprisingly pleasing taste
  4. I don't have money or desire to purchase a shirt but in general this site has dudes in their teens on it with disposable income and the thing with dudes nowadays is small form fitting shirts to emphasize or create any sort of body definition so small is definitely the main thing to do
  5. http://forums.nintendo.com/nintendo/board/message?board.id=ds&message.id=679149 without actually taking a picture of my DS
  6. I have so many dumb memories of printing 8bit pictures of myself with so much contrast you could get cut on the edges
  7. Nah, I disagree. While it may be a good idea for a game, any kind of serious image editing program would be impractical. The DS's stylus capabilities are extremely limited: compared to a tablet or a mouse, the DS is like fingerpainting. Making a face for Blanca in Animal Crossing: Wild World is a good example of just how poorly suited to art the DS is. It's great for games, though. oh for christ's sake MS paint would be enough but I just want to be able to draw or do something in color and then wirelessly send it to my computer or some shit I have sketched some good shit in pictochat and I would like to save it ):
  8. is there a photoshop on the go style program planned for it because that would probably be THE best way to bring the system to a larger audience and just a fantastic way to use one of the most obvious features of the DS
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