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  1. I want to learn more about scales, specifically, I want to practice my ability to take a song and say "oh that section is in that scale", or read a bunch of notes and say "oh that's in this scale and it generally produces this mood" (assuming scale is not notated, i.e. I was playing around in FLS Piano roll and have no idea what I did but it sounded nice). Are there any quick tips some of you might have, or some good on-line resources that might be helpful? I've been using http://www.looknohands.com/chordhouse/piano/ but that's mostly just useful given that I already know what scale I am look
  2. I enjoyed the style but I found the first 2/3s to be only foreplay for the main melody which only came in the last third of the song (2/3's intro is way too long). I'd say reverse that. Let people know what melody they are listening to first, THEN go crazy with it. Then go back. Cheers.
  3. Intro: Good start, cool vocal effect, but the pad does not compliment it, imo, which makes the intro stretch 0:40-1:15: Fell asleep. 1:15-1:43: The kicks need to be stronger, but I like the snare at 1:22. 1:43: Awkward transition. 1:53-2:54: Kinda digging this part 2:54: Again no transition 3:04-3:16: Cool stuff but I don't see how this fits in with the rest of the song. Gonna stop here. Here's the big picture: As mentioned before lots of original stuff, lots of ideas, but no structure at all to the song. Repetition is good--nay--key. Successful art from all mediums, notably music and
  4. Reminds me of http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01537/, Summoner's Love, one of my all-time favourite OCR remixes (big compliment!). That being said, your arrangement is lacking a bit of depth (yes that's fine on an ambient track). Vocal queues are nice, but at least on one occaion, way too long which only becomes distracting. Also, consider starting the song a little sooner. Start the soft intro before the operator's voice. I get that you are recreating the ambience of waiting on the phone, but don't make it sound too practical. If this song is soo good, I'd listen too it all day and get upset whe
  5. Yeah, LOVED where the intro was going and then the sax just killed it for me, but piano and harp work for me. The second part caught me off-guard, it's good, but could use a bit of polishing. If it where me, I'd replace the sax alltogether, throw in a second pad just after the begining, and up the overall depth by adding small details here and there. I have to say, I like the slow tempo on this one. I've heard enough fast tempo gerudo remixes and none of them I find as interesting as this one. Otherwise I'll keep my eye on this one. Keep it up!
  6. Clayjrjr2 needs to learn how to take critisicm, a bit of humility, and what OCremix is all about first. OCremix is a place for remixes, not covers, i.e. don't just open up a midi file and asign samples to each channel. I have little music production experience but I know virtually every OCR song inside-out and what I listened to was not a video game remix by OCR standards. You should probably rethink what you are trying to achieve by posting in these forums, because so far it is not on par with OCR expectations.
  7. Nope. Similar tones to pixietricks' and zircon's 'Delivery of the heart'. In fact, you're probably hearing the FF7 'Anxious Heart' track http://ocremix.org/song/114. Incidentally, Fishy also appears amongst that list for 'Aire Tam Break' although the Anxious Heart interpretation is short and IMO somewhat unfitting to the chosen genre. I'm willing to bet Fishy slipped a little Anxious Heart into this one to pay it proper justice. That, or I may be over-analysing. Either way, a great arrangment.
  8. Gusty Galaxy man! Apparently zircon was tinkering with it.
  9. Call me boring and "newschool" but I wana see a Super Mario Galaxy remix. Actually not. The soundtrack for Galaxy is just so damn good, there isn't really much to improve on. Let me rephrase: I want to see an homage to Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack, and more specifically Gusty Garden Galaxy (#1-28 ), also a recuring melody in Purple Coins (#2-19) (I think? both melodies feel so similar). I'm pretty sure it's an original. Or did I miss the theme in a previous Mario game? Let me know. This track is just so damn inspiring and empowering in Gusty Garden Galaxy yet energetic and cool in Purple C
  10. Granted, zircon, this is a subjective matter. Perhaps I've listened to Chaos so much, I'm somewhat biased in feeling that it plays out much more uniformly than VotL. Still it's not a question of any tracks detracting to the project. About the original FF7 soundtrack being just as "varied", well yes and no. Yes, there are different moods, different tempos and different instrumental flavours, because the game needs to adress to each and every different mood, tempo and "situational flavour" brought on by the storyline. But the style doesn't change throughout the game. Style reflects personality.
  11. Zircon, you took that as negative criticisme and I'm sorry if that comes off as a little mean. I'm the first to admit that what you guys do is the best. I wouldn't be subsribing to the music on OCR weekly for a few years now if that wheren't the case. I don't mean to diss the OCR veterans; it's just that this time around, actually, I enjoed mostly stuff from the newer people, like I stated earlier. The point is, I found VotL to be too big of a project for such a varied group of artists. Project Chaos worked great. Blood on the Asphalt and Chrono Symphonic where superb. VotL is just good, mos
  12. My Thoughts? It's same old OCR. bLiNd steals the show with his usual trance style (Why does JENOVA Celestial remind me of Snowbound?), pixietricks supplies just about the only vocals while BGC gives us very avant-garde music. Shnabubula and Bladiator have got the piano solos covered. Zircon's a bit all over the place while RTF tackles the Jazzy/New wave/Bossa nova stuff and Sixto Sounds delivers the upbeat electronic-rock. That's not to say that they don't deliver - not at all. Each artist, even those I didn't name, give us a fantastic piece of work, each in their own style, some outdoing th
  13. YES! Thank you! 5 years I've been searching for a descent Road to Bowser mix! The original was kick ass, what took so long? Finally, a piece of work that does justice to the original. I loved Monstrous Turtles, I'm gonna love this one just as much. The pause at 2:30 couldn't have been done better IMO. Brilliant. I've got my eye on you mate. Cheers.
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