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  1. After eventually returning to and liking a few games that I thought I had put down forever (Wild Arms 3, Metroid Prime 2, Pikmin 2), I try not to give up on games too easily. I actually enjoy Unlimited SaGa, despite it replacing almost everything people actually like about RPGs.
  2. How recent was that patch? A computer I set up for the sole purpose of playing EVE on failed to restart after I turned it on, and now nothing works and nothing POSTS. Is there any way to fix the problem?
  3. I think the photos for the FLUDD move clearly show that FLUDD Mario is a completely different character. Nintendo has clearly shown different iterations of the same character are not beyond them, especially for somebody with as many game incarnations as Mario.
  4. Most of the anchor points are less useful than the warp crystal locations.
  5. The Bestiary is one of my favorite sidequests ever. So much background information (and well-written, to boot). It also proves the connection between it and Vagrant Story.
  6. I thought the same thing at first, but having gotten pretty much everything, nearly all of the items are used well on the overworld. You are probably talking about the items from dungeons 4, 5, and 6, and I assure you, they have their uses for both poes and heart pieces. Furthermore, the dungeon 5 item is an OUTSTANDING combat weapon. --- I do agree that sometimes doing a sidequest 'for the fun of it' is enough, but there is a lot of squandered potential by offering nothing cool.
  7. Sidequests aren't necessarily 'worth it', per se, as everyone has their own standards. I'm just saying that TP has the least significant reward ever.
  8. QFT & E. Having something to do after the main game is always nice. It makes you feel like you get your money's worth from a game, something I find is sadly lacking these days. Mind you, I have a few games that are around the 900+ hour mark, so maybe I'm just a little biased when it comes to playing past the main quest. Most other games have somewhat interesting rewards for completing sidequests.
  9. So, I've gotten all of the heart pieces in almost exactly 50 hours. Then, I go to check what the rewards are for getting all the bugs, poes, and the bonus Cave. Seriously, don't bother with any of them. Nintendo is 99% retarded after pulling this shit again. Never have massive sidequests been less worthwhile than in Twilight Princess.
  10. What part of it are you at? Kill the guy that is running around, then reuse the pedestal.
  11. I'm not entirely sure if they will ever support using SD cards as more than backup memory. My main concern is that 512 limits what sort of addons we will be able to see.
  12. So, I beat the game, and here are my thoughts on the overall game, items, dungeons, and bosses. So, when does Phantom Hourglass come out? As usual, I'm always interested in more action-adventure games. (as well as more interesting MMO's). Any suggestions? I still haven't played the Prince of Persia games. Should I do all three or is playing only the best one enough? Either way, I'm stuck at the first real boss of the second disc in Grandia 3, and I have Tales of Symphonia waiting for me, as well. It would be nice if Nintendo stepped up the virtual console releases; as it stands now, it is
  13. I just hope knowing somebody elses code, Wii or per game, is not necessary to play them online. Match-Making services for online games have been around for about a decade now, so Nintendo better include that sort of thing for Smash Bros.
  14. Nintendo better freaking not require Friend Codes for Online Wii games.
  15. With regards to your souls, I think you can stumble on your first one fairly early. With regards to game length, action-adventure games fluctuate wildly from person to person because of the different ways in which people go exploring. If you go back to access side areas as soon as you get the appropriate item, you will take a lot longer than those that wait until later to do some super efficient hunting.
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