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  1. I dont see how this is out of tune like that guy above said not every damn thing has to be perfect towards your aspects The song is done just perfect everything is nice and it flows perfectly, but some how i cant get myself to hum to it along with the original Azure lake
  2. um no ! Sonic 3 is cool. I doubt that the original music is not that good. Overall the music in Sonic 3 is good..E.g(Knuckles theme, act 1 boss, ice cap, Marble garden,,, etc>
  3. God i like this remix alotttttttttt. It always makes me dance. The bass and beat is beautiful..then again the original versions for Ice Cap were always cool. This remix is awesome it always makes get up and dance .... i got trance beats now!!!!!!
  4. This remix is so beautiful. Everything about is grand style. When i listen to this song and i close my eyes...... i can see my self in Ice Cap...from Sonic 3>>>>(i know that sounds lame..but i dont care what you think...Sonic Rules....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is too bad that there is no technology yet where one can live in video game. I hope i am still alive if that technology ever comes...... i would surely be in Ice Cap listening to the original versions and of course... this one by Mcvaffe)>.
  5. This is a cool remix. If i could remix this remix i would add some guitar distortion
  6. although i am a fan of Jivemaster.... this has to be um .....well.. the song is ok.. i guess..
  7. once again Jivemaster controls chaos. This has to be one of my most favoritest remix for the Panic Puppet versions.
  8. This flying battery remix fucking rocks! The baSS THE Drums the beat everything is perfect about this song. Jivemaster, if you didnt know you are a genius. I admire your work a lot.
  9. this remix always makes get up and dance with my glowsticks. I like what he did with this remix.
  10. this song is fuckng awesome....is closer in being a mechanical ressonance
  11. i never knew that this game existed, but just because this remix kicks ass it does not mean that i would want to play this game. Djpretzel, i am sort of fear submitting my "remixes", because you seem to put down many good stuff, example this barbie remix. I dont have all this great equipment like all this people do or the great skill like these djs do. Having said what i just said i bet if i were to submit any of my "remixes" for the Sonic the Hedgehog games, you would think is completely Crap. back to the Barbie remix.. i like industrial music and this shit is freaky,...in other words this song is fucking awesome.
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