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  1. I'm back for those of you who remember me... regretably after some jail time for something that was entirely not my fault and a complete misunderstanding. In any case I'll have to think hard about whether or not I want to join the tournament this time... I think I did good last time but I've got work from 8:00am-3:00pm (excluding the weekends) and college from 5:30-10:30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Anyways, if there's still room and I think I can spare some free time I may just join again.
  2. Damn, I can't participate in this one. I'd really like to but I'm up shit creek without a paddle right now. I swear I don't think I could be any worse off then I am now, so I probably won't even have time to post again for the next month. Also, if your still running the league, go ahead and drop me out because I won't have time to play anymore games for the whole duration of that tournament. As for the people on my team, I'm sorry... I know, I fail at life. Right now the court is even trying to get me for credit fraud. I didn't do anything wrong that I know of but they're telling me that I could be locked up for 2 years. It gets worse still, thats only the beginning of it. I don't have time to go into all of that right now, nor do I think you care to hear about it. All that said, I REALLY wish I could play in this one but I simply can't.
  3. I will not be able to play at all this week sorry... extremely busy. I procrastinated things that I should have done right away and as usual it all built up and now I have a shit load to do before a short deadline so I can't afford to waste any time. O and sorry about the accident Kamoh, hope your feeling better then I am.
  4. JD better show up this week... we would have completely dominated had he been here for week 2.
  5. Curses! O well, I guess its on to week 3 then? Rusty Buckets vs Raging Coven Dead Horses vs Buccaneers?
  6. I beat Kholdstare. I was really suprised to see him on though, he came back right on time.
  7. Trading players between teams wouldn't make any since. No one wants to take inactive players and no one wants to trade good players. I just don't see it happening.
  8. I run spy sweeper everyday... never comes up with anything. Also run adaware once a week. It also doesnt come up with anything. Normally the cause is processes using up too much CPU. I'll open task manager and see a SYSTEM process using up 99% and I don't like closing those because it usually screws things up. Anyways, strangly enough I havn't had it happen against anyone but Keegan so far and its happened against him twice now (once being a whole lot shorter then the other).
  9. Just won vs. Setzermason, only need to play Kholdstare now. I seriously doubt I'll get my chance though, I've never seen him on AIM or on here.
  10. Yeah, I'd say its about time to buy a new computer. But I don't have the money. This one works at high speed until I put it online. Then it slows down big time even though I have hi-speed cable internet.
  11. Learned something new... Never rely on your computer for ANYTHING if it's over 5 years old. I swear this is happened countless times. I've learned not to play Keegan_the_fox with a timer under 20 minutes with 15s increments. Twice I've played him thinking I was doing good enough to actually beat him. Twice yahoo locked up on me and made me run out of time and lose. Even though the first time we decided it was a draw because Keegan offered me a draw and I accepted it but it didn't count it before the timer ran out because of lag. Fortunetly those games were just for fun. But it still really annoys me that I can't rely on my computer to keep up to speed for 15 minutes. I had 6 minutes left toward the end of the game and a 1 pawn advantage with a pretty good position. He had a knight and a rook, I had a bishop and a rook. But then on one of my turns I tried to make a move and it suddenly brought up the oh so familiar "(Not Responding)" message =/. I'm sure I'm not the only one with that problem though.
  12. I won against Atlas Shrugged, 9 move victory. White Black 1. G1-f3 E7-E6 2. E2-e4 G8-f6 3. E4-e5 F6-d5 4. D2-d4 D5-b4 5. C2-c3 B4-c6 6. F1-d3 G7-g5 7. F3xg5 H8-g8 8. D1-h5 H7-h6 9. H5xf7+ Checkmate.
  13. I'd like to play but... I'm still lost as to how I'd fit in. I'm on yahoo chess as Soveriegn_Legend and my AIM name is soveriegnlegend.
  14. The only person I've played so far that I know of is Kamoh. If anyone else wants to play me... my aim name is soveriegnlegend and my email address is Soveriegn_Legend@yahoo.com.
  15. I'm new to all this but I guess I'll be joining now *shrug*. I guess I'll just let Kamoh sort all that out. I'm still not very well informed and will be pretty busy this week since I not only have 2 college classes I need to attend but also some investments I need to keep an eye on as well. All that said, I'm still looking forward to playing chess in some of my free time.
  16. I thought Shadow the Hedgehog was alright. But it got a 1 out of 5 on X-Play and I think 3 out of 10 on IGN. So I guess the general opinion doesnt agree. Then I again I can't say I loved it and it's not in my top 20 favorite games but it was OK.
  17. I don't think your getting my point. I never said that anyone was going to actually go do any of the things you can do in video games or that video games are supposed to emulate real life. I simply said that photo realistic graphics are unecessary, which is my opinion. I don't see that it matters since photo realistic graphics at this point don't even exist. Also, I meet more graphics whores in real life then I do online and considering that I don't give them a reaction it would defeat the purpose for them to continue bashing the games but they do. PS- I have fired a sniper rifle... just last month actually. So I guess that saying no one will ever do any of that stuff was in itself "lacking Intelligence".
  18. Those links don't work, they just tell you to visit the site. What I was saying is... I get annoyed with graphics whores really easily because alot of them tell me that my favorite games suck just because they arn't up to date in graphics. Also I won't continue to argue on this topic because im contradicting myself from when I said that this issue is pointless to debate since everyone is entitled to thier own opinions and those opinions don't affect anyone else. In my opinion, good graphics are a plus but photo realistic graphics are unnecessary because I can look out my window and see them. Good graphics should have an art style rather then looking like what I see when I walk out the door to go to work everyday.
  19. Crysis for the pc has the best graphics of any video game to date. As you can imagine, the specs required to run the game are massive and in being so, require a massively overhauled pc (probably somewhere around $5,000+) to run it properly. Just as an example of the graphics: http://www.bit-tech.net/content_images/crysis_new_screenshots/crysis10_large.jpg http://www.bit-tech.net/news_images/crysis_playtest/article_img.jpg http://de.cornblogs.com/crysis/photos/Kefalonia/ZolaBeachII.jpg Now ask yourself... Are these graphics worth buying a massively overhauled PC for? They're great yes, but they're not necessary. It's the Story factored in with the controlls and AI intellegence along with the many various other features that make a game worth while.
  20. This is a matter of opinion, it's pointless to debate whether or not graphics are important for the reason that everyone thinks differently. By getting various opinions on this topic I think it's rather obvious that some people like games with really good graphics and others don't care what the game looks like as long as it's fun. You do however make a good point when you say that it doesn't get any better then photo realistic since your eyes can only pick up resolution to a certain extent. It would be really pointless to keep trying to improove graphics when you can't tell the diffence anyways so who knows... maybe gameplay will catch back up with graphics when they can't get any better, then everyone will get thier way and we'll all be happy. P.S. How many people here still play alot of old school games? I know I do and it damn sure isn't because they have good grapics.
  21. Unfortunetly I havn't played Oblivion yet, but since i'm hearing so many great things about it I'm sure i'll have it soon enough. And when I do get it (Notice I said "When" not "If"), I'll most definetly look into the construction set and try my hand in making mods again. Also... No, my mods arn't random chests with 100,000 gold in them. That would be cheating, and pointless cheating at that. I like to try to add new stuff like playable races. In my most reacent mod I tried to add duel wielding but it didn't turn out right. I got a weapon in the off-hand but It was pretty much just there for looks because it didn't really work.
  22. I'm getting laughs just by looking at peoples banners. Maybe thats just me though. I'm thinking about replacing mine with something funny, I originally just threw it together with random images in about 10 minutes because I wanted a banner. My posts just looked imcomplete without one. Back to the point though, Nintendo 360 was kinda funny but the smell thing was just um... scary?
  23. I'm going to have to say that The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind owns at modding. It comes with the construction set which in my opinion is so easy a 5 year old can use it and MWSE (Morrowind Script Extinder) makes it even better. since I got the game I think i've added more then enough to make another expansion pack just with my own little additions here and there. The best part is that the mods can be packaged and uploaded to be shared so everyone can use your mods. You can find a bunch of them at the website below, I'm pretty sure they're still uploading new ones every week. http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=Mods.List
  24. Well... Here's my contribution, I made one just like him on my Wii, it's hilarious to play boxing with him.
  25. I played for about a year and a half, once you get epiced out and hit Grand Marshial it can get pretty boring but I didnt decide to quit until my friends did. That took the social aspect out and without that I'd probably have never played in the first place. I quit about 2 months before burning crusade came out so I have no idea what its like now but my best character was a lv60 NE Druid on Moonrunner.
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