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  1. Too late for me, I already backed it! Only 3 weeks left until I get to see the show, YAY!
  2. Thank you for explaining these to me! I understand that these components are an important part of this app and that AudioBus and AudioCopy will most likely not be present on Android (at least not as a standard almost all apps use). Since Android is mostly open I take it one could (in theory) create these standards himself. I understand if this is too much work for one programmer. But, well, I'm jealous of you iOS guys! You get this sexy app and what is there in Android? Oh well...
  3. I don't know much about coding, but considering the competition (I found) you'd have at least one customer for an Android Version! I'd use it mainly as a pure player. Not sure what functionality AudioBus and AudioCopy provide under iOS. Are these essential to playing chiptunes? Only worthwile alternative I found is DroidSound which is... not so great, at least in my opinion... If you happen to know comparable apps let me know, please.
  4. Oh wow, this looks great! Unfortunately, I don't own a current iDevice... Is there any chance of an Android port? The Android alternatives I found so far all lack most of your app's features...
  5. You guys might have a new challenger today... Just came home with my brand new WiiU and MK8. Now I'll have to stay awake 'til 4.00 am (in my timezone). Well, at least I have some time to practice! HERE WE GOOOO!
  6. Thank you very much for your thoughts! After some hours of research I'm not so sure anymore if I really want to build an HTPC. As I understand it now, there's no legal way to receive HDTV (using HD+) with this (as the system seems to be closed). So my ultimate goal of replacing most devices cannot be reached, sadly. The HTPC would be another box in my shelf... I do already have a BluRay player (combined with an A/V-receiver), a Raspberry Pi (2nd gen, running RaspXBMC) and a ChromeCast. I'm just not really satisfied with these things... The NAS is a real one by Synology, a DS212+ (great thing, best decision to get that thing). Well, if I change my mind, I will consider your input and build some cheaper HTPC! Again, thanks for your input!
  7. First of all, I don't want to hijack this thread, so feel free to ignore my question if it doesn't fit here... I'm trying to build myself an HTPC. Since I live in Germany, ordering from you is sadly out of question. So I'm 'just' looking for advice... Here's what I want to be able to do with this HTPC: * watch videos from my NAS (which I have already) * listen to music from my NAS * watch DVDs and BluRays (D'oh!) * watch and record live TV via satellite (more on this later) * play emulated games (let's see up to which generation) * play some modern PC games (mostly multiplayer) Here's the part list which I'm looking to buy: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/FkFRzy The HTPC will run Win7, XMBC and Steam, I already own a Logitech K400r and several XBox360 game pads for input. Can anyone here tell me his experience with these parts? I'm especially interested in the TV card! I live in Germany and have a satellite receiver with a HD+ card (needed for receiving the HD channels) which I want to replace with this HTPC. Will the selected TV card do? Do I need anything else? Do the same restrictions as 'normal' HDTV apply, e. g. not being able to fast forward etc.? Feel free to answer here or in the Reddit post I made here: http://www.reddit.com/r/htpc/comments/26vw0j/looking_for_help_building_my_first_htpc/
  8. Mark me in Münster, Germany, please. Cool idea, by the way!
  9. Doing the Soul Splint thing and letting you know I added you to my 3ds list. Need more Bravely Default villagers! :)

  10. And it's done! Man, those friend codes sure a tedious to enter... @The Damned: You seem to have missed one number in BaconProcurement's friend code
  11. Does anyone happen to know if this is US only? I couldn't find this promotion on the german site... ;-( Also, I will now add you guys into my friend list! ;-D
  12. Care to explain any further? I have to add you guys too? I don't get a message if somebody just adds me and I don't know that person? Oh, and I just bought Fire Emblem: Awakening and Mario Kart 7... Good times!
  13. Hey, I will add you to my 3DS list today. My code is 4184-1304-8565 (ghost safari in Pokemon X).

  14. For those looking for old school gameplay (RPG-ish) and some nice SciFi graphics, take a look at StarCrawlers: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/125859261/starcrawlers They've almost reached their goal with 19 days to go, but more money can't hurt, right? Procedurally generated starships to loot and explore in first person-mode, baddies to fight in a RPG-ish style using different classes and skills... Sounds great to me!
  15. Hey there, I also got a 3DS recently, along with some games. Damn you, Nintendo, for making a grown man buy those childish games! ;-P I own * Bravely Default * PokéMon X * Super Mario 3D Land * The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds (oh, the nostalgia) * a bunch of old DS games Anyway, here's my frind code: 1950-9448-4365 Please note, I haven't understood the concept of these friend codes yet... Do I get a message if one of you registers me as a friend? Does it have any benefits besides one slot on the friend list being taken (YAY, friends!)? Also, I'm from Germany, so I might be playing at strange times for you people.
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