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  1. This is one of the most annoying songs I've ever heard in my life. If that's what it was supposed to be then well done that man.
  2. Zircon always impresses me, and this song especially seems to avoid the unfortunate habit he has of the first half being perfect and then going off into cheesy synth land. He avoids this by using synth in the whole song but it works, this is one of the better OCRs of late.
  3. Not really that good. Spaztastic percussion set to the original melody is kinda annoying and uninspired, if you want me to be honest.
  4. I actually enjoyed this one a lot. I was pleasantly surprised, usually when people remix 'flagship' songs like this it ends up being a silly pretentious mish mash. Especially in this case, since One Winged Angel was a bit mediocre in the first place. As I posted above, I'm interested in getting the chiptune thing that the intro came from.
  5. You could have submitted this as an Arcanum remix and I doubt anyone would be able to tell the difference. It does sound very reminiscient of Arcanum's main/title theme. This one's very short but I like it very much. For some reason I feel that it needs more <i>cowbell</i> piano. edit- by the way, if any of you out there like something like this, by all means check out Arcanum (one of the best RPGs ever made)'s soundtrack.
  6. I would really love to see some of the non-flagship tunes (Schala, Terra, etc.) get some love and Tyran Castle from Chrono Trigger is at the top of my list. If anyone has any links to some already made but not on OCR, I'd appreciate it.
  7. This is incredible. I was a bit iffy on trying out the new Sonic remixes (as those projects can be very hit or miss) but when I saw housethegrate, who is one of the most consistently good remixers out there, was doing the mix for my favorite S3 level I had to try it out. It stays pretty close to the original theme but don't mistake this for a bad thing. I think trying to rearrange the notes of something as intricate as Hydrocity would end up with either a forgettable mix or one that you could never tell was Hydrocity. I really loved this one.
  8. This is one of my favorites on the whole site. The only problem I have with it is that the high pitched synth and spastic percussion in the last section don't mesh well with the rest of the song and are a little annoying, but I love everything else about it, especially the first two minutes where the new arragement complements the original melody perfectly. It really brought back some memories of one of my favorite CT tracks and inspired me to play it again.
  9. I was looking through my old folders and found that I have the old version of this song which was uploaded to perhaps VGMix or somewhere, I don't remember. I have to say, I definitely prefer the old version. Collaborations can do great things but this one suffers for it. The simplicity and melancholy mood was sacrificed for fruitless (and somewhat obnoxious) embellishment. Also, a lot of the instruments were changed and I don't understand why. They typically went from high quality samples to lower quality synth.
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