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  1. There was also the enourmous banner at the top, crowded with our icons. I think it, as part of the layout, was very appropriate for the site. The current banner focuses on the logo, while the VG character is a minuscle part of the background. In late 2003, when I first came here, OCR's existence was acknowledged purely through it's remixes, whereas now the community has gained more focus. On an-almost-but-not-quite irrelevant note, that archived page features the remixes that I first saw here. Neat. Wonder how long before that sidebar issue is revisited...
  2. This is extremely impressive. The new abilities Snake has been given are beyond awesome, epecially the range of motion he's been given when sneaking or lying on the ground. Though, rolling from side-to-side while lying flat seems like more of a way to avoid fire after being spotted, rather than to avoid being spotted in the first place. The 'stalking' stance from MGS3 was nice to see without it having any repercussions. Using the electrified knife seems cheap like the EZ gun, though. The return of CQC techniques is great, especially since they've been improved - who here hopes the game will track how many times you knocked out a man by grabbing his crotch? What has me the most excited is how the alignment system will change gameplay. Laying down cover fire for someone who can actually shoot worth a damn sounds awesome, even if it is slightly out of tone with the series. And now, obligatory baseless speculation. Given how much more versatile Snake is, you just know the enemy troops will have new tricks as well. Consider, for instance, Kojima's love of next-gen warfare. Imagine that every troop can take heavy damage due to high-impact ballistic armor, communicate your location better than they ever could in past games, and call in immediate ground or air support. The PMCs were deploying UAVs on Snake's fellow militia, but would they use such weapons if Snake was on their side and in danger? Will Snakes' actions, regardless of whether he's with mujahideen or mercanaries, really affect the corse of the war? Aquiring weapons will probably also be affected by which force you aid. I'm guessing, though, that it won't have much of an effect on the story, since Snake is going to have infiltrate Outer Heaven either way. Additonal camoflauge patterns are probably going to be downloaded from the Metal Gear mkII. Sure, Snake can automatically adopt any scheme simply by pressing against a wall, but that would make things too easy. It's kind of a shame that this demo looks like it's on Very Easy mode, though, even if my experience with MGS3 taught me it's the best for experimenting and general jackassery. I was eager to see how the troops would react after coming to, which can take forever in that mode, and there's no challenge in sneaking past them either. I'm convinced the game is going to be packed with subtle references to Big Boss' time, (and not so subtle ones once the player meets EVA) but a more likely explanation is that since the game takes place in the Middle East, Snake is using Soviet leftovers. He's also using an AK assault rifle, though it's the fairly recent 101 model and not one of those rusty AKMs extremists are always pictured with.
  3. I wouldn't go so far to call it terrible, but it was quite shallow, even for a Mario sports title. Here's hoping this sequel adds some more depth, especially where technique is concerned. Though minigames are desperatly needed... Does anyone else find it hilarious that the Strikers games portray these guys as violent, hardcore, possibly insane soccer hooligans? He jumped out of a plane into the arena!
  4. I uhh...I think it's a joke. One in absolutely bad taste, and possibly a reference to slanted statistical studies, but a joke nonetheless. Look at his post history; I doubt DragonFireKai is being serious here. I agree with you on the actions of South Korea's Roh Moo-hyun. Such a political apology is only going to encourage suspicion, I think, since S. Korea is in no way responsible for this disaster and doesn't need to condemn/quell suspicion just yet. I'm not saying he needed to be heartless on the matter, but shouldering responsibility? The guy wasn't even raised there.
  5. I actually find this to be a little creepy. That people are reproducing your work, passing it along to other people they hardly even know, performing it at academic music recitals? At this rate, your music will become a low-tier cultural phenomenon, destined to be sampled by amateur europop artists in their basements. So little effort was required to acheive this... Good on ya.
  6. "And lo, on the seventh day, Jackobot looked out unto His most glorious creation, and He gripped His crotch most ferociously, for it gladdened Him. And a proclamtion was made unto all the 10-year-old boys, that if they ever snitched to the authorities that they had had their naughty bits fondled, He would incinerate them with His amazing heat-vison"
  7. Well...fuck. I can't say that I admired the man, and I certainly didn't agree with his political views, but I got some enjoyment out of his stories nonetheless. Nothing too deep or worthwhile was impressed upon me, especially since he would write such nonsensical ramblings half the time and disregarded so many traditional conventions of literature. But, well, fuck I still wish he would have kept going for a few more years or somethin'.
  8. Care to explain how your ankle was sprained? You must have had a pretty damn nice time if that didn't slow things down.
  9. That's good to know, because, well , I think I've missed virtually every major event here. Everything that's part of our little "culture". When the site became blue, when it became silver, the $350 hat thread, Pixie's ascension to staff member ( or was it alwauys like that? I suck at lurking), when Nem finally lost the game, the sidebar exodus... And then I leave, waste my time at freaking 4chan (which has corrupted me in ways UnMod and my time at SA never did), revisit OCR expecting some kind of reprive for my sanity, and I'm met with this. I feel like such a useless (doesn't bother me, worn that label for years) ass for not even noticing this thread before asking my stupid little question. I didn't feel like asking anyone at .org because, well...I don't really need to explain the attitude soem of the more elitist members displayed to newbies, do I? But after going through all these pages, and seeing what heppened during my absence, I feel satisfaction. It's not enough to rease the gloom of losing a vital component of the only other forum I visit, but it's something to dull the edge. Closure is such a nice thing to experience. It seemed as if the community had just carried on without a hitch, but then I see posts by people like Dshu, Sauzer, schlapadoink, the Coop, Xelebes, lurkers, yourself, and most importantly, DJP. I see how this event has affected eveyone, and what they plan to do to rectify the errors it has rought. And the explanation I was owed is paid. Anyway, I should get bask to lurking and leeching. Maybe I'll have the chance to actually contribute something, seeing as how nearly all the other posts I've ever had were wastes. I dunno. Let this die, or something, O.K.?
  10. Now, before I ask this, I just want to explain that I didn't think it proper to create a new thread somewhere else, and I'm looking for a very specific explaination in mind. I'm also curerently using a different account because I don't care enough to remember the password to my 3-year-old account, and it was signed to a different e-mail host that is now closed. Stupid question: Why did you obliterate UnMod? I havent't visited OCR in myabe 6 months, or possibly even a year, but I know that there's always been a very tumulturous relationship between you and the members of its supposedly self-contained community. I know that from its angry, irreverant depths all sorts of trouble arose to just plain piss off everybody. But there was a closer feeling of community there, even I wasn't an active participant. Amidst the flaming members forged primary groups with honest relationships - limited by the internet of course but honest all the same. I guess, in the end, it doesn't make too mauch of a difference. AD is still around, maintaing the role of neighborhood assface. Coop is keeping regular postings, too. Members whose rantings are actually worth a damn still stick around, and self-absorbed insultive flaming can be had on 4chan. It's just so...much. People would constantly joke about this unsung war raging on behind the scenes between you and the Mods versus members like Nekofrog (whom I surprisingly don't miss much) and Firedrake. But I took it to be farce. So how did that change?
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