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  1. This song is very VERY awesome. It infallibly pumps the listener up to the point of wanting to jump around the house with a broomstick slaying imaginary demons... or russians... or whatever... (Depending on which game you're going from!) I've always thought that the MGS theme was dramatic as hell, and throwing the DevilMayCry stuff in there keeps all the drama (If not pumping it up even more) and throws a totally different tone on the whole thing. So sweet. This one made it in to my Dungeons and Dragons session soundtrack, you better believe it! I mean, how can you not picture a brutal, e
  2. With the awesome intensity of that intro, I was really hoping for that track to explode into a five-hit fierce combo all over me, but it just wound up doing that damn thing where he throws out tons of short ducking kicks. Lousy ninja. -ie- Nice, but more rocking would be good around the rocky bits.
  3. When I first started up this track, for the first 30 seconds or so, I was like "Jumpins! Such sweetness!" And sweet it is... but it didn't hold up the massive sweetness of the starting stuff. I guess much of the very end is quite nice as well... just the Flash Man stuff in the middle brings down the awesome Wily stuff. Certainly a fine tune, though.
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