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  1. Have you ever played Super Turbo or Marvel Vs Capcom 2? No, I mean really. MVC2 is about the least scrub friendly game there is. I suck at the game and yet due to my understanding the basic fundamentals of the game I am literally undefeatable at it in my local circle of friends, and until they learn basics like AHVB x3 they will never touch me. Ask SuperTKO if MVC2 has a simpler learning curve, he'll give you an opinion all right. Super Turbo is just the same. You could sit there with O. Sagat and throw nothing but low tiger shots and tiger uppercuts and the scrub will be helpless. Or be Dhalsim. Mp grab then when Sim lets go lk slide to grab again. If a scrub doesn't do a reversal, he literally losses the whole match without even getting another move. Seriously, if someone doesn't know what they are doing in Super Turbo it is ridiculous easy to abuse their weaknesses with simple loops like that and they won't stand a chance until they learn how to properly play the game.
  2. You've just described every 2d fighting game by Capcom ever. It's not that it's "too deep" it's that people who are new to the game suck and have no desire to learn it. People who play Halo 2 for the first time with people who play every day get slaughtered too. Really I don't think 3s is that deep at all compared to say MVC2 or CVS2.
  3. Just being there doesn't make it a good game is true, but the fact is that most people at srk.com have accepted it as a decent enough fighting game. Maybe not spectacular, but good enough for competitive play. Also, the entire Soul Caliber series is overrated, and when people bitch about DOA while ignoring the flaws of the series they are trying to say is good is just retarded. But in the end, I don't care too much for either, I'm a 2d fighting fan. Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG. First off, about third strike. In 3s the best character is Yun. That's the general consensus. Guess what? This year at Evo, the top 4 were all the same character, Yun. Spots 5-7 were Chun Li, and a lone person at number 8 was Ken. The only chance you have of doing good with another character is by playing in team single elimination matches where you don't have to be consistent. Then you may see a Makoto creep up or other low tiers, but here in America where you have to play all day long, it is clear that Yun is the overall best character and is the most consistent. Now about MVC2. It is obvious you know nothing about high level play, as you wouldn't state that it somehow requires no skill. But regardless, I will try to explain it a little to you. In MVC2 there are four "god" tier characters. Cable, Sentinel, Storm, and Magneto. Now these are the best four characters, but it's a team based game. The best team is the team that works together, and usually a team will have a lower tiered character or two due to the assist helping the team dynamics out better, such as in MSP (Magneto Storm Psylocke). Psylocke's assist helps out Mag's rushdown and helps him set up the rom infinite. There is no one "best" team in MVC2. (However, there is a top person, Justin Wong. That guy is a beast.) Really, the easiest way to help explain MVC2 at high levels is to show you, so is a video. This is Duc vs Sanford, game 8 of their money match at Evo. There was something like $6600 in side bets running on this match, and it is pretty epic. Duc plays Spiral, Cable, Sentinel while Sanford plays Sentinel Storm Cap Commando. These are two of the best MVC2 players around, and yet "low" tier people like Cap Commando and Spiral are still in their main team because of their assist and how they help out the team dynamic.
  4. First, I just want to say that Soul Caliber is a terrible series with sloppy and broken gamplay and that Dead or Alive 4 was at EVO this year and has been accepted as a tournament worthy game. SC3 was terrible, although I've heard the Japanese arcade version fixed a lot of the problems with the American version. I guess we'll see at Super Battle Opera this year, I think SC3 Arcade edition is in the lineup. Secondly, if they made a Street Fighter 4 (Which they probably won't) it would be in 2d and come out in the arcades in Japan. 2d fighting is dead here but Capcom is a japanese company. 2d fighters sell well in Japan, and the arcades are still kicking ass and taking names over there.
  5. unmod got deleted by sum noobs, gen disc got renamed to community yep that's about it
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