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  1. do not make me pick another street fighter out of spite if i win my choices are down to teenage mutant ninja turtles: tournament fighters for the snes (this game very deep, balanced, and has lots of opportunity for high level play) and guilty gear x2 #R for the computer, but since i guess alot of people are slackers and won't download a 600mb torrent i am leaning towards tmnt
  2. You are just new with Balrog. Keep practicing with him and you will do good versus everyone, ST Balrog is a great great character. also what is up with everyone picking cammy vs me
  3. I beat keegan 3-0 man if all these peeps aren't playing their matches we should move on to the finals
  4. everyone else will realize how terrible it is and stop coming
  5. I also beat him CE Bison vs CE Bison. I could probably beat him with some of the other characters I'm good with, but I went with the safest option for the tourny. Just because CE Bison is good doesn't mean you automatically win, you just have to be better than the person you are playing. Hell, Alex Wolfe won Evo last year in HSF2 with ST Dhalsim. It's just that CE Bison takes a great game and turns it ugly real quick. I prefer Super Turbo, as does most of the US Pro players, but the Japs are still playing HSF2, so maybe they know something we don't. I doubt it though, I think the US definitely has an edge in SF2. ps sirlin.net to all of those who were crying, you really should read the play to win articles
  6. i beat keegan 3-0 i thought they told the stories to frighten the children
  7. i beat atmuh 3-0 you gotta eat red yellow and green and crap a traffic light kid
  8. i beat arek 3-2 don't know never been in a fight with a tree
  9. yeah i guess that is true where as this is just pure fail
  10. this is the worst idea since the holocaust
  11. i beat eazyp 3-0 i guess we played a couple of practice matches, then he ragequits and says i can just take the matches, that he can't win because of my cheap tick throws
  12. Slower speed doesn't encourage more strategy, it just gives you more time to react is all. You use the same amount of strategy at the higher speeds, it is just as you said requires more skill. Also, in Hyper Fighting you choose the speed before every match, hitting right to move from the number 2 to 3 isn't something I think would trip up the noobs too much, but it really isn't that big of a deal, I am just more comfortable at the tourny standard higher speed.
  13. jimmy is a pretty rad guy this place is worse off without him ps thin crust this is jimmys official response to you fyi
  14. So speed 2? Speed 3 is tournament standard, but that's cool I guess.
  15. oh man i wonder how they will ever do it maybe they will put all the different intraments as differerent tracks or something and then you can like do so much of one track and then move on to the next track...you'd have to like play all tracks and then all the songs would be by the original artists and stuff and then you could like even remix the songs wouldnt that be a sweet game oh wait they did that before its called amplitude you bitches should play it
  16. i just lost, Broken beat me 3-1. lets get on with the super t
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