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  1. hey friends do get drunk and destroy communities it happens all the time
  2. Yeah in all honestly there is alot of bullshit Gief can pull online with that splash. Its ridiculous priority, combined with the lag and what not can make it hard to deal with.
  3. I beat oddlama 2-1 seriously though, lulz. i beat his chun with my gief bullshit, then he does the completely unexpected. he picks x-ism sim and abuses his normals HEY LAMA THATS WHAT I DO YOU BACK OFF. he destroyed my gief because my gief is made of fail and lose (i just splash alot) but then i had to pick sim and show him what he was made of so we had a DHALSIM SHOWDOWN not to be confused with a XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN because that would just be silly
  4. I dunno if you'll see him or not, my Bison and Blanka are way better.
  5. Man I hope everyone of you guys remotely close to where they are playing GO TO HELL.
  6. I am terrible at this, but by the time you all face me my bullshit Zangief should be decent enough.
  7. man how bout that golden age if only i was a time wizard
  8. I think what you are trying to say is that skill based games are more fun, and I agree with you. I enjoy games such as Starcraft and Street Fighter 2 more than say Zelda. I enjoy Zelda and I have played through them all, but I play SF2 way more.
  9. i am no diablo2ologist but what do you need insight in a staff for? wouldn't it be better in a polearm so your merc could use it?
  10. hay guys i herd of mistical places were u get custom sigs AND avatars how magical
  11. Sign me up. Ps, if I win consider the next game SSFT2
  12. Yeah, I'm guessing that it will probably be SFA3 so I shall have to learn some X-ism Dhalsim and keep it real.
  13. I hope by SFA3 you mean SFA2 or Super Turbo or something... Regardless I will play whenever you guys start the next tournament.
  14. heh. I am pretty rich on US East, I have stuff like a hacked eth industructible hoz with a jah in it, btals, .08 valk, 2ber coa, and a shitload of other stuff. I think it expired by now though, I quit a month or two ago. ps http://modsbylaz.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/ this mod is rad and we should get a bunch of people to play it pps do you guys realize how ridiculously easy it is to dupe?
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