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  1. Yeah, I'm glad someone's pushing Phalanx to finish. Cool Preview Necro, colour is overrated anyway.. at least I tell myself that. I think I'm just gonna submit my original drawing.. cuz I'm too lazy to cram in the painting I was gonna do. lol On a side note, I've been doing a few sketches though and thought I'd share this one.
  2. Those are so cool!! Far better and more original than alot pokemon that are actually in the game now'a days. Even the names are great! I'm deffinately gonna have to look into getting a reasonable tablet. lol, I really wasn't sure whether or not you had that rediculous one, considering the great works you've put forth. But obviously thats just alot of gift and skill.
  3. Bah... the more I see my drawing... the more I come to dislike it. I think I'll start a new one.. plenty of tiiime right? And holy crap, a Cintiq tablet goes for 3000$!? That's insane!!!!
  4. First of all... what you say about that tablet thing is freaking amazing. Secondly, D. Radium PMed me up with enough info to get me started in the right direction. So don't worry about it, thanks very much anyway. Hope to see your final product by submission time.
  5. Now, I know I'm a complete noooob... but I just got photoshop and don't have a manual. If anyone has some free time in the next week, would you mind listing me a few steps to start basic colouring for scanned sketches? I'm not very computer saavy and can't figure out the tools or layers I should use. Thanks a bunch anyone who replies.
  6. Sweet WIPs! Hmm.. since people have started posting previews... and I've already pretty much finished my picture... I made another picture as a preview to sum it up! lol Ps.... Bean How the hell do you get your drawings onto your comp with such high resolution? Does my scanner suck THAT much!? (Oh... and I love all the pictures you've done )
  7. Oh... I see! In that case, you'd better be checking the thread! (between schooling of course) Of course people care! It's metroid! Good things come to those who wait ...except in regards to studying..
  8. Hah, are you THAT excited for metroid fanart?!? Or are you just bored..
  9. post post post post. I'm interested!!! I'd spread the word... but i dont know anyone on this site. lol.. But I've been drawing for 14 hours straight with small breaks in betweeeen! lol.. yes i dont have much of a life. Or a need to sleep. Anywho...Someone asked about where to send the pictures.. and the answer waaas.. PM The lone Gunman?
  10. I agree whole heartedly. Possibly the best game ever made. A great work out for the body and the mind, it's challenging and incredibly entertaining.
  11. lol, thank you. I particularily like the "profit" Scan and add colour, what program do you use for colour? Thanks again!
  12. Is it stated anywhere that I may be missing what medium (or media) was used to create the art? If not perhaps that could be an added tidbit for the following competitions? I'd really like to know how some of the people are making these great works of art. Thanks
  13. For all the controversy over this mix I got alot more than I had expected. While not overly creative or as developed as some might have liked, this song is GREAT to listen to while working on completing a task. It's catchy, upbeat and very easy to listen to. Great to keep you working busily and happily. It balances repetition and deviation very well to keep the listener interested without causing distraction. Great for falling into a productive trance! Nice work.
  14. Although you DID spell Beethoven atrociously... scrumptious is probably one of the better words to describe this mix.
  15. My hairs stood on end. Both at the recognition of the song causing the nostalgia that overwhelmed me, and as a result of the atmosphere you captured. I had to sign up for the forum just to give you praise. lol The song is now on my desktop for easy access. It's a little more committed to the original piece than usual, but deffinatly a "must download". A Clockwork Vampire inspired me to learn piano by the way. Thanks for the great tunes and keep them coming!
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