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  1. It's a tournament... You're not playing just for fun. It's a measure of skill, and random elements can produce inaccurate results.
  2. Has anyone seen Ness' yo yo glitch? I took some pictures of it today. http://www.maj.com/gallery/Makai/Profile/ness2.jpg http://www.maj.com/gallery/Makai/Profile/nesss1.jpg
  3. Yeah, or even roll to drop a grenade or shield an attack with a grenade held to defend while the opponent takes damage for attacking the grenade. I use them occasionally, but I just don't like grenades. About Toon Link, he's even less like the Link I came to know and love than Link himself. A light Link with slow projectiles (and different attacks even [no sex kick, wah]) is not the kind of Link that I love to play as. Melee Link was a stock tank with projectiles useful for setting up combos, strong normals with high knockback, and several recovery options including a really cool, techy one. Spamming arials is not what Link was about. I actually didn't mind the up b nerf too much. I'm only saddened that they removed its spiking capabilities.
  4. I really don't like what they did to Link. I loved him a lot in Melee, and even enjoyed using him in Smash 64 (despite being horrendously bad), but he's just not any fun to play as in Brawl. -Too weak. His attacks don't have the knockback they need. He also feels too light to me. -Hookshot is shorter (wtf?!), and because of the auto edge homing feature, it's useless for recovery. The only thing it can do better than the up-b is grabbing the ledge from above the stage, which isn't really too useful anyway. I guess it's alright as an attack, but it's nothing amazing. -Gale boomerang isn't as useful as melee and 64 boomerangs -No bomb tech recovery Snake is the only character that really grabs my eye at this point. He's a lot of fun to play as, and I really love his moveset. I'm not a big fan of grenades, though.
  5. Has anyone seen B-sticking/Wavebouncing? Lucas' is quite ridiculous.
  6. If yugioh's taught us anything, it's that all the characters in a show need a different accent, no matter how stupid and unbelievable.
  7. The Wii doesn't have enough internal memory, and Nintendo isn't ever going to release a harddrive.
  8. Ganon's moves haven't been revealed yet. In videos, his up-b is a spinning uppercut, which is not the same as Falcon's.
  9. there was a topic on smashboards a week ago that had a mock-up version of this roster. Of course, there were many "leak" topics all over the boards, but this one was much more credible, being supported by multiple "leakers" and even NeoGAF staff. Smashboards has been rather deadish as of late due to server overload, so I can't link to it, I'm afraid. The site can't be accessed. http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/9031/prophetrosterdd5.jpg
  10. Well, this exact roster was confirmed over a week ago, order of slots included. Wolf is the last character.
  11. the characters line up vertically by franchise. Wolf is missing from this roster. He goes between lucario and dedede, sliding everybody into their correct positions (bowser is on bottom left).
  12. The game's out in over a month for America, and even longer than that for Europe. People are going to be "spoiled" of who's on the roster. If you don't want to get "spoiled," why would you visit a Brawl thread in the first place? Toon link looks absolutely incredible to me. I'd prefer Ganon wasn't a Falcon clone, but if he is, alright. You don't see his moves in the video. I think it's time he "shows us his moves."
  13. Yes, it is unthinkable that the creator of megaman would decide not to reveal his playablity after being told not to by the Smash team and Nintendo. And it's not like the sonic team denied sonic's inclusion prior to his announcement.
  14. A lot of people seem to think that Sakurai has stated that clones will not return, but this is a lie.
  15. Lucas may in fact be replacing Ness, but this is not necessarily the case. A lot of his moves are very different. His smash attacks are different, not having a yo-yo, and it's been revealed that his b-air has the added spike functionality. His special moves, although looking similar, have different effects from the old Ness. PK Fire goes horizontally in the air, which is a BIG change, opening up his short-hopping game (In melee, you couldn't shffle fire effectively, because the attack wouldn't connect with the opponent). It even LOOKS more powerful. Also, for some reason, his PSI Magnet is in front of him, instead of completely surrounding him. It's also much bigger than the melee version. Anyway, it makes no sense for them to have put so much work into making Lucas so very different from Ness if Ness wasn't going to be in. He had a perfectly good moveset before; no reason to rework it so drastically. The same thing applies to Marth and Ike. Marth, or at least his moveset, will return to the game. Sakurai isn't going to waste a perfectly good moveset. Also, Jigglypuff replacing PT, and Wario replacing Luigi? wtf?
  16. Falcon clone, of course. Could be Brawl's "Ganondorf"
  17. http://smashdash.net/ These are pretty enjoyable. Very well done. Flash commentary on the past week of smash in each episode.
  18. For some reason, the boss fight with Rayquaza looks unexciting. : P
  19. Heck, they might as well give him only one b attack and give it 8 way directionality.
  20. The gameplay is different enough between both series for both to be included as original characters. They would have different special attacks because of the different powers available in their own games, of course, but they could even have differences elsewhere, such as X being able to wall jump and Megaman's running attack being a slide for example.
  21. Who could possibly replace Captain Falcon? Phoenix Wright? ;p
  22. Why would they bother making his moveset different than Ness' if Ness wasn't going to be in the game? Ness will be in the game. Marth will be in the game. All unique movesets from Melee will be in the game. (Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Game and Watch, Captain Falcon) They're not going to toss out a perfectly good character that has already been created.
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