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  1. I'm looking forward to the new flashbacks/flashforwards - a look into what could have been had the plane not crashed on the island.
  2. This is pretty incredible, although a bit short. It doesn't seem to really be a remix of Oath to Order other than a part of the beginning, but a good emulation of the mood and style of Majora's Mask
  3. I've been following LOST since Season 2. I still haven't seen all of Season 1, but it's still the greatest show I have ever seen. I definitely sided with Miles during his argument with Hugo. I really liked the idea that everything they did in the 70s was predetermined and had already happened, which seems to have been confirmed by the rest of that episode. That was my first thought when I saw that. So is the lightning ogre snake on the left the smoke monster which doubles as the Grim Reaper and the judge of the dead?
  4. I just watched Knockin on Heaven's Door last night, which highlighted for me potential problems in the live action movie. I don't think bad acting, bad dialogue, or even a bad script would ruin the movie. Lack of stylization would kill it. The worst thing that could happen to this movie would be a soundtrack containing no jazz. Also, Keanu Reeves needs to spend most of his time not talking. Instead of recapping the whole show into 2 hours or continuing it, they should do what Knockin on Heaven's Door did - make a new, long episode placed somewhere in the series. I don't think he would work very well in a live action movie.
  5. The mass production methods of raising livestock are not natural. Most vegans/vegitarians I know feel it is unethical to support an industry that is not only inhumane but damaging to the environment (the massive amount of wastes produced on these farms contaminate nearby water sources and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions).
  6. Transmorphers looks promising. Might be on par with Alone in the Dark. I found this at a blockbuster sitting RIGHT next to Transformers. Almost identical font and everything. Only movie I couldn't finish was Harvard Man.
  7. Dragonbrawl Z! Just modded my Wii to play Brawl with Melee physics, and I have to say I've been playing with the Extreme codes on instead. It's like Dragonball Z with everyone flying around. It's so hard to get a kill because everyone has close to infinite DI. Slow powerhouses like Ganon are really good in this mode. His warlock punch is actually useable.
  8. If you don't mind fiction, Jurassic Park and its sequel are excellent books on the subject, although the first one would be a better resource. The Lost World ends up diverging into more existentialist ideas while the original is about the ethics, science, politics, and economics of cloning.
  9. lol, at first I thought you were trying to imply that the guy who showed no interest in the Playboy magazine was gay.
  10. I am amazed that there is actually more ad time than actual content.
  11. That song's not from Sky Shark, although the title theme from that game is similar.
  12. The submissions are so inventive. Double Pult on Mind the Gap zomg. http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=637438 ^best thing I've done. Did this completely on accident. I was trying to get it to push the wedge in the pit and roll over it.
  13. Makai

    Mega Man 9

    Really late in seeing this, but the trailer lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I'm surprised how incredibly awesome the music in the trailer was. From the looks of it, this really will be better than the classic games I love.
  14. Makai

    Indiana Jones 4

    You have to admit the movie completely did away with suspension of disbelief.
  15. Makai

    Indiana Jones 4

    Ridiculous is the only word that does this movie justice. I did enjoy it, however.
  16. I feel uncultured for only recognizing Sakura, the Megaman song and the Super Mario World song.
  17. Labor Day! Labor Day! This song could be considered hardcore by general standards.
  18. I've been following this strip for a couple months. Most webcomics are hit and miss, but this one is generally consistent in getting a laugh out of me.
  19. Not Game and Watch? Too many tournaments have ended in G&W dittos, seriously. At this point, Marth and G&W really stand out over everybody else. Also, Pit sucks despite being incredibly annoying to play against. It's too bad combos really don't work anymore. I've seen a lot of pretend combo videos, but they're just not... Worst combo video ever: http://gameroom.mlgpro.com/view/HMXtVxexN3o.html
  20. It gives it to you when you connect to Nintendo WFC for the first time, and it also appears under your name while you're connected in your friendslist.
  21. Actually, the arrows piss me off the most. Trying to approach a wall of spammed arrows is just tedious.
  22. What amazed me the most was the lighting. The camera-work is just great.
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