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  1. Hi Team, I was wondering if I might request a remix for the mobile game called TwoDots? If you've not played it, it's really very fun and the animation is simple but elegant. But what really blows me away is the music. I almost hesitate asking for a remix because it's really good in itself. It almost reminds me of the GoldenEye 64 soundtrack in that the level music is essentially a variation of the main theme. At any rate, might be fun to try... Thanks! Cheers, J.
  2. I'm seriously considering proposing marriage to you, Dhsu. I love the Amelie-esque take on the Castelvania theme. Brillant work, as always, excellent job. Cheers. J.
  3. Well. Really? That was "vulgar"? It sounded like bad white rap to me (and believe me, I have a twenty year old brother who thinks he's going to be the next Eminem...I know bad white rap). It's one thing if you're doing it as a joke; another if you want it to be taken seriously. I don't get the feeling that this particular piece was worked on very long. At least not lyrics-wise. The music itself was good, I'll give you that, but otherwise... I agree with what someone said earlier that the lyrics were just plain lazy. And there's a shocking lack of motherf*cker in this. I mean, come on. it's rap for god's sake.
  4. Yeah, way to make the rest of us look bad Erik! Nah, I'm just kidding. So how far away are we from the goal?! Cheers. J.
  5. I only donated $25.00. I wish I could give more, because I absolutely love this site, the music, and the remixers. You hear that? I LOVE you guys as only one could when drenched in psychomagnotheric slime. Cheers. J.
  6. My boyfriend booted up the Xbox and we saw a new d/l-able SF, and we were like, "Hey cool!" So he started playing and got far and once he got to Sagat, I said, "Holy balls!! That sounds like Sagat's Moonbike!" ...and low and behold. I'm so proud of all you guys; you do great work to begin with, and it is just SO neat to see it appreciated in this fashion. So, in honour of this wonderful occasion, my boyfriend and I built a gingerbread house in your honour. Wishing everyone at OCR a happy Street Fighter Holiday! Cheers. J.
  7. Reuben Kee was a very talented artist and will be missed sorely. Those who knew him can be thankful that they had that priveledge, and those of us who knew him only through his music are honoured.
  8. I find it a bit repetitive, but like the general consenus here, it matters not, for it is Street Fighter; Street Fighter represented in a most unadulterated form, as it should be. Here's to retro ladies and gentlemen. -Jehy-
  9. I like this piece, and after really sitting down and listening to it for the first time in more than a year, I was actually a bit hard pressed to remember why I liked it. I couldn't distinguish anything that resembled a Final Fantasy tune, and it was a bit boring, to be quite frank. But, once I hit 1:22, I remembered. The break in the beat and the heavy-hitting harp in favour of something lighter is the key, I feel. It's almost a chant. I don't know anything about remixing or the programs used or anything about musical intruments for that matter, so I don't know what exactly was used or how it came about, but I do like that little section there. -Jehy-
  10. I really enjoyed this piece, and, as a few have already commented, I'm not usually drawn to piano solos. I found The Flood Plain to have a nice upbeat tempo and lots of neat syncopation. I, myself, don't play piano and know nothing of it, so I didn't clue into any errors. I really liked the "pause" for the tapping of the piano string. True, it was just barely audible, but I think that's one of the things that gave this piece it's depth and character, and enhanced the mood of the piece in its entirety. -Jehy-
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