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  1. I'm gonna be honest, I do NOT like rap...at all...congratulations, this song is so well done and heartfelt that even I like it!
  2. I just started listening to it, and I definitely think the off tune is intentional, as it is off-tune the same way every time, and no one who plays an instrument has that bad hearing to know that it's off (let alone 6 people who make up the band), I play violin and this is seriously EXTREMELY off the beaten path, but I can't stop listening to it, morbid fascination is an excellent way to describe it. Paladin777-out
  3. I think this song would make for a great remix as there's none on site at this time, and I think it has potential as a base. http://bluelaguna.net/downloads/mp3s/ff8music/08+-+The+Landing.mp3
  4. makes me want to pick up a greatsword and save someone, evokes that strong of emotion/adrenaline/focus rush
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