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  1. Aaaaahhhhh I had another version of this song from an old VGmix website and i was asking myself questions about that, they were very similar I can't remembered it all but i think that this one 'Boss Uniform' sounds were a tad more living and clean. But both have a great slick and soothing feeling
  2. I've found where does this epic beginning comes from God is an Astronaut, am i right ? I recognize it instantly, i'm an huge fan of your remix
  3. Beautiful Another 'Aquatic Ambience' remix sucessful, and that means much with that awesome track
  4. I listened to this song when it was only a W.I.P and kept it because i was always smiling while listening I'm glad it's an official OC now Cheers, thank you metaphist
  5. I wish i could speak a better english to translate my thoughts, this song is atmospheric, it's a very similar feeling with the game
  6. You know what, i remember i didn't liked this song the first times I'm writting with the song playing behind right now and whoooo i like it so much, it's become my anthem When i do jogging at night, i put it, running along the streets, the beat helps me going, the voice and musics calm me down, and at 3:00..alone on the city ..donkey with me..i feel so good Thank you so much Should i add that the beginning is magic, like poetic ?
  7. This song has a very different mood than the other's aquatic remix, i like it for that, i'm like 'lost' when i listen to it..very very good. The ending is a big longer maybe
  8. I didn't knew too that such a project was going on This song is one of my favourite, i would have associate myself to your request I'm so glad there a DKC2 album, keep on remixing
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