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  1. Thanks guys for the friendly words . I learned a great deal more since I posted this one....nearly a year ago , which is no problem though. I understand that times where very busy. I just got my new system (mac at last) with some Genelecs....so I'm pumped to do more. Hopefully you'll like it better then. Gr., Niels
  2. Hi there. I wrote this piece as a part of a soundtrack I'm going to write for a non-existent RPG. It's music for the intro movie Entrada I'll discribe what story the song should tell: King David comes in his throne room to welcom the knights of the oval table, that just came from war. His counselor comes in with very bad news. The villain Victor is on the loose again.....and even worse he is after the princes. Princes Chloe is taking a stroll at a lake somewhere in the kingdom. "Hé, whats that....a music box?" Then she gets caught by Victor and they move of into the dark forrest that lies beyo
  3. I did one a couple a weeks ago... http://www.nielsvanderleest.nl/song_pages/unraveling_the_mystery.php I didn't post it on ocremix yet...but I will soon. Hope this is what your looking for. Gr.,DarkM
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'll look in to the stuff you proposed...Just one question, by stronger violins you mean harder or punchier (Sorry about this, I'm Dutch....so)
  5. Hello there, The beginning is nice.... I only have a bit of a problem with the (many) different styles. I mean when it's done as Mr.Bungle did in their early days it's cool to listen to. I think now it's more like your pasting a lot of things together in one song. Don't get me wrong, there is some pretty good stuff in there. I would cut it down to a few styles and not go all over the place.....I personally like the Van Halen sounding part....THAT ROCKS. Good luck, DarkM
  6. OH yeah..... I would like to play this live....I'm a pro percussionist and I'm searching for this kinda stuff. Maybe even record it for you....?????huh huh huh????? Well...I think I'll have to skip some notes though because I only use 4 sticks....ah what ever!!! Let me know what you think, maybe you could send me midi file or something. DarkM
  7. Hi there, At this moment I'm working on a Myst Remix. Myst - Unraveling the Mystery It's hard work, because the theme's in these games are mostly ambient music. I hope you could give some feedback. Please note that the leveling and such still has to be done, and at this moment I'm rewriting the drum part in the fast part of the song. Have fun listening. DarkM
  8. I did a remix on the Gerudo Dessert Theme. I sent it to OC ReMix but it hasn't been judged yet. Here's the post on VGMix http://www.vgmix.com/vg25/viewtopic.php?id=4940 DarkMessenger
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