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  1. Well, I'm really bringing this one back from the dead... Anyway, I finally found time to have at it with my computer, and, after lowering some of the sound levels on my tracks, most of the crackling went away, so I was able to polish it up a bit. I'm not sure how much longer I"m going to work on this, since it sounds pretty damn good to me, but what do I know?

    Next round: http://feinstein.mike.googlepages.com/TimesMemoriesFinal1.mp3

  2. That's a good idea. So how do you save each individual track as a .flp?


    A good idea might be to make multiple project files. One for rythms, one for melodies and harmonies, and another for whatever.

    This will allow to you actually still listen to your song as you adjust and tweak. In FL this is the best work around I have found once the dreaded CPU hit starts to kill your song.

    So when you wanna rip the final version, just rip the 2-3 project files as .wav files then import them in another Master File. You can use the soft clipper there, and any other effects on the master.

    Hopefully that logic might help.

  3. I get what you're trying to say, but the song won't play back fully, even with the speakers off. If I stop the song every ten seconds and start it, it's playable, but still really poor. It's not a speaker issue, the CPU overloads because the sound card uses so much of it. I have an average 85% CPU usage when the song is not playing ( I have 1GB RAM and a Pentium4 2.6ghz HT). It's pretty bad. Although I probably put too many tracks/effects in, because the card isn't nearly as bad as on any other, smaller file. I have about 5 or 6 instances of 3 synths that take up a lot of CPU. In addition, when I try to clone my drum track to seperate the snare so I can turn the dang thing down, I get an error. :banghead:

    Let's just say I'm at a multi road block.

  4. Thanks for reminding me.... How the HECK do you do ping pong panning? I have always wanted to know. Also, my dB value for the whole song is pretty low, like -15dB. It wasn't bad before, now the crackling makes editing unbearable. And I have no idea how to use the Compressor. What exactly does it do? I did a few of the things you suggested in a later update, but that mix is too distorted... Thanks for the sound card advice, though? Do you think that's the problem?

    Read up on RMS. If the average decibal value is above -6 for a period of time clipping will occur. I had this problem on a mix too. For me it was the compression levels that did it.

    If your going to get a new sound card you might wanna check out an M-Audio or a EMU card. Zircon has a thread about soundcards in the remixing section.

    This def sounds much cleaner though IMO. The volume on the kick seems a lil low. Try adding just a touch of compression to it.

    First section the piano playing the melody and the guitar playing the melody are very different volume levels. At :48 the piano is playing such beautiful melody but it is too soft. Try having the piano a little louder. And then when the guitar comes in a little bit after that have it at a softer volume. That should prob really set the mood.

    Overall in places have the guitar notes hit left then right then left (ping pong panning). It's always coming through the right hand side the entire time. A little variation will go a long way.

    The piano kinda of just popped in at 3:51. Get some kinda crescendo leading into it. Volume wise it is a little loud after that. It's distracting the listener away from the melody. Varying up the velocity levels more on the piano there. Have the movements in the velocity correspond to the movement of the melody.

    On the ending try to get the piano to move a little more it feels static. Also the snare is getting in the way of the piano at the ending section.

    Def like the update. Keep on going with this one, it's really turning out good. Some ethnic percussion is one or two sections could go really well. It would also allow the snare to get more rest. So when you do use the snare it is fresher in the listener's ears.

  5. Okay, I have absolutely no idea if I'm heading in the right direction with this, but my sound card is acting weird lately (I get crackling IN the rendered mp3... how is that possible? Too many effects on?) It usually only happens while playing back in FL Studio. I take it this is a sound card issue (Audigy 2) and not memory.

    So I played with the panning/EQ a bit. Improvement, or not? I probably need to buy a new sound card before going further...:-x grrrrr. (BTW, should I go for the X-Fi Elite for the 0% CPU Load?)


    (A little static in this, but nothing compared to what I'm getting now)

  6. I might sound stupid asking this, but what exactly do you mean by mastering? Sonic separation? I'd be glad to master my mix if I knew what was involved.

    This is an excellent remix of both those songs! You kept the feel of both, and combined them so well. It REALLY needs to be mastered though. Avaris has some very good points that i have to agree on. This has the heart, it just needs the rib cage to secure it. Must have clean version of this song, sooo good. please keep working on this!

  7. You mean 192 kbps isn't high enough? I'll be sure to increase the bitrate when I pump out my next update.

    You know what....I was into the song about maybe 1:30s worth and was JUST about to change it to something

    else when I got distracted by some other WIPs n' stuff. GLAD I DIDN'T change it. It sounds like I either

    got a crappy/bad bitrate transfer of this MP3 but WOW, I really fell in love with the whole mood I was put

    in by this remix.

    Hope to hear a remastered or just plain 'mastered' version of this if there isn't one already. Two thumbs up man.

  8. Wow, thanks a lot for the comments! So how exactly does one execute stereo seperation (EDIT: Never mind. Found it :)? Also, what EQ effects unsharpen the lo-fi?

    Thanks again.


    Newbie huh? I think the arrangement with what you have done with both themes sounds awesome. The chord proggressions have some power to em. In some places the melody like :59. It sounds good just a lil off. Varying some of the velocity levels on the piano lead to increase the emotive feel.

    Some of the harmony goin in the back ground with different synths could use a touch of verb and stereo seperation to help them sit back in the mix more.

    Some of those lo-fi sounds in the beggining are cool but are a lil grating on the ears IMO. Hit those up with some serious EQ to tone em down.

    The basic drums are good but try to get in sync a lil more with the melody. The need a lil more variation in places. Also your using the same snare hit the whole time that really wears out the listener's ears and detracts from the beautiful melodies you got goin on. Maybe throw in some bongos or some other stuff.

    Try to introduce another lead instrument some places during the first half.

    In general make sure to check your levels what parts do you want in the foreground and what parts do you want in the background? When memories of green comes in full force that swelling tends to be a lil much since your doin it so much. It overpowers everything. Tone it down.

    Dude I really like what you got goin on in this, it really reminds me of Fatty Acid. Go listen to his stuff for a good idea of how the percussion could sound. Def keep workin on this.:)!!

  9. This is a remix of "Memories of Green" from Chrono Trigger and "Scars of Time" from Chrono Cross. I'm fairly new with this, and this is my first public release, so criticism is welcome.

    Btw, feel free to check out my other Chrono WIP on the site, but it's farther from finished (Counting the Minutes).


    Yeah, I'm a Chrono nut.

    Anyway, thanks for your time.