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  1. Okay, I'll post my comments.

    A glossary would be immensely helpful; some terms I just do not know or understand. In addition, I think a "was this post helpful" thing would be good, but some people do like to post if they like it or not. While that type feedback is not directly helpful to the project, it provides the remixer incentive to keep going. I really think there are two types of comments: critical comments and general feedback.

    As an aspiring OCReMixer, the the most helpful comments are the critical ones, but they can destroy esteem. A system like this would be cool:

    Rate post options by OP only:

    Critical but helpful

    Critical and not helpful

    Positive comment (I love it, One of my faves...)

    Negative comment (I don't love this, It doesn't sound right)

    However, in addition, there should be a "Do you agree with this post" option for everyone who is registered (like a thumbs up thumbs down system). That way, people can indirectly sound their opinion without having to take the initiative to make a post (trust me, there are many times where I just want to say I agree with another post, but I don't feel like posting.)

    Hope that helps!

  2. The irregular hihat rhythm is a little annoying, but I suppose that's more a matter of style. Those pan-modulated crashes and hats are quite annoying too, but as with the irregular hat rhythm, it's style. I'm willing to overlook that, but I'm not sure everyone would.

    Some of your short swishy drop-like synth sounds are a little annoying, you could drop their volume a bit. Other than that, the intro is pretty cool.

    The lead, when the track gets started, could use some cutoff modulation or something to make it a little more interesting during those long sustained notes.

    Drums are louder than your lead. I think they could afford to be dropped a dB or two. That would also bring out the delayed keyboards more.

    You've succeeded, imo, in separating the tracks. It's far more enjoyable like this.

    You know, unless there's just too much source verbatim, I think this has a chance to get on ocr. You should probably check with a Judge over irc before actually submitting, but it sounds promising. God work, but it's not over quite yet.

    Thanks; I was thinking about extending the track and adding a little more originality, but I didn't want to beat a dead horse. I think it's okay now in terms of length. I have to figure out how to modulate the lead; I've only had logic for a couple of months, but I'll figure it out :-o

  3. Just a question for remixers: if you were arranging a song that you really liked, and then ended up making multiple mixes for the same song (all about 80-85% done), and you like certain aspects of all of them, do you pick certain pieces out for a sort of "final" mix or do you start yet another from scratch? I want to submit a song to OCR, and I've made multiple mixes of a certain song, but I like all of the ones I've made (4 of them total right now). The thing is, I recognize they all have their flaws. I'm afraid if I develop one to completion I'll lose aspects of the others (they are not exactly the same genre -- not too different though). How should I approach this? Thanks.

  4. yes!.

    yes yes yes yes yes!

    loving this one. what kind of music do you usu listen to. this sounds very dub-steppish (imo) and I just can't get enough of it. would *love* a 320 when you're done.

    respect and keep up the good work.

    Heh, thanks. I'll put up a 320kbps transfer in this thread when I'm done. As for music, I listen to game music :razz:, but other stuff too. I really like Late Night Alumni, DJ Tiesto, and more trancy, dancy stuff. This is probably my tenth time arranging this piece; I do it according to how I think it would sound neat with certain instruments.

    Here is a fairly large update:


    I took out the static at the beginning because it was not staying on beat and was quite annoying, and I added more sound effects and a new ending.

  5. Absolutely awesome! The original was quite eerie, but at the same time, it was kind of harsh sounding due to some of the instruments used. Your take on the source is much more relaxing, but still retains the good eerie feel, and the instrument choices were excellent. I especially loved the piano playing. The drums were iffy in a couple of spots, but they don't take away from the mix much at all; I was so engrossed! :<

    Sweet ReMix.

  6. You know, the adapter is expensive, but it's worth the dough for a great connection. You could also think of it like: two controllers to play w/ two friends is a hundred bucks, but adapter connects you with the world for the same price. If the quality of the adapter were spotty, I'd say it's not worth half of full price, but it really works well.

    EDIT: I forgot to add, I'm on the second floor of my house with one, and my router is downstairs behind several walls. Perfect connection.