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    Does independent remixes under the name Danimal Cannon.

    Performs live with the videogame coverband Armcannon. Armcannon's arrangements are seperate from the works of Danimal Cannon.
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    Dan Behrens

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    Acoustic Guitar
    Electric Bass
    Electric Guitar: Lead
    Electric Guitar: Rhythm

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  1. How do I change my user image under my artist profile? OCR comes up near the top on both my google web and image search. The photo is a shitty myspace photo of me being drunk in college about 7-8 years ago. Can we use this instead? http://www.armcannon.com/danimal/press3.jpg I apologize if this is some easily found option that I may have overlooked. Thanks -Dan
  2. I wouldn't consider presentations and public speaking to be a particular talent of mine, but I overcame that with a lot of preparation and practice. Almost lost my voice a couple time just practicing all night long.
  3. Turned out pretty good. Just a couple minor gaffes, sentences that start awkwardly, "Atari Amiga", but otherwise came out nicely. I really only speak from anecdotal experience so your mileage with chipmusic may vary. Hopefully it might make you think about your craft in a different light. My goals were: a) fawn over all the amazing things I witness in the chipmusic scene create an easily digestible primer for the uninitiated c) accurately convey how making this sort of music is diametrically opposed to most modern music, and why that can be a great thing.
  4. number 2 on bandcamp right now! Also redditors, make it so http://www.reddit.com/r/chiptunes/comments/16pjlb/danimal_cannon_and_zef_parallel_processing/
  5. LISTEN AND BUY THE ALBUM HERE http://danimalcannon.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-processing http://danimalcannon.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-processing http://danimalcannon.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-processing http://danimalcannon.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-processing http://ubiktune.com/releases/ubi058-danimal-cannon-and-zef-parallel-processing AND FOR YOU CRAZY PEOPLE WITH TOO MUCH MONEY http://www.fangamer.net/products/danimal-cannon-combo Big ups to Zef, Ubiktune, C-Jeff, Truestar, n0c, Overcoat and many more
  6. Like people have said before, nobody has actually paid anything, that happens at the end of a project.
  7. PAX is pretty ridiculous now, even though I've been fortunate enough to experience it from the VIP side. There's the element of community that's at MAGfest but it's more generalized except for the staff enforcers. I dunno, you definitely run into problems of scale and I tend to prefer the smaller stuff as an attendee.
  8. this is like putting pictures of your mistress up in your home where your wife lives.
  9. I'm playing, I'll be there. I'm also gonna be giving a masterclass workshop during one of the days
  10. I love Kickstarter, but everyone and their mother starting frivolous kickstarters that don't need to be done will cause the entire thing to collapse. If you are mega passionate and have a dream, and can present it with enough fervor to get funded, more power to you. But with increased saturation, the less chance that any given project is going to get funded regardless of how good it is. Not really any direct criticism here, just food for thought. It's kind of the feeling I got from the title of this thread, like EVERYONE should have a kickstarter, instead you know, saving money or something.
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