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  1. ok ya seriously if you made threads that were good i wouldnt say stop making threads but theyre pretty much all dumb so just stop

    and heres atmuh attacking helpless noobs again. its okay, we all need a self esteem boost sometime. granted, tis thread would have drawn less hate if it was in off topic.

    For me its the squeaky piano bench that makes it sound like Im fangling a cats balls on when I play back. Also the sustain pedal is squeaky, which reduces any recording of mine to shit that wasnt here already.

  2. I was thinking about communication as well.

    Hmm . . . where can I gain experience in communication outside of college (such as an internship or volunteering )

    Army mothafucka!!!! communication officer after I get my bachelors. Its going to be raw. If youre not a fat piece of shit then you should definitely look into rotc. definitely. get you out of that community college and into something more expensive for free.

  3. To those who pursue the "dream job" of game designer, I commend you, and I especially commend you on your efforts to get a degree in that field. I would caution you, like the article above, that a specialized degree will be meaningless without some Liberal Arts material in there as well. Pursue the dream, but do so within the confines of reality.

    Odd coincedence: I just finished a questionaire for my fundamentals of software design course ,one of the questions was what is your dream job, to which I answered, "videogame designer, but apparently thats about as easy becoming mafia boss while being fully kenyan, so Ill just aim for designer and see where I end up"

    Glad someone encourages us, unlike coughnekofrog . Storm, Ive heard that Computer Science is one of the best majors to take for a career in gaming. Im dual majoring in CS and software engineering, it turns out theres like a 6 course difference between the two, which is freaking awesome. After that its 4 years as an officer in the us army, probably being a first lieutenant or captain when I leave. Now my original plan whas to enter a graduate program at didgipen or something, but tuition is absolutely not something I would pay, and this article sealed the deal as far as that. Can anyone give me advice or anything as far as what will raise my chances?

    and haha devry commercial= retarded

  4. man, don't post rolling thunder unless it's a GOOD recording...as a trombonist, it holds a special place of hatred in my heart. plus, that marching band took it at like, 30 beats under tempo. Here, have the USAF band's version. NOW feel sorry for us...:tomatoface:


    You dissed FAMU, ganstas will find you and cut you at night. Theyre not as good as they are hilarious. As for your recording, holy shit, I could feel the burn in the trombonists arms from here.

  5. There has never been an issue with copyright infringement and ReMixes here. We have removed music, but only if it was an out-and-out violation of our Submission Standards. It's rare that we have to do that, but you can browse through a number of such removed mixes at the following site:


    I've never heard of a mix called "Chemical Overdose", though. Are you sure you got it from OC ReMix and not another site? Perhaps it was mistagged through a file-sharing network like Kazaa?

    SWEET! Finally a link to bad tuna. Id been wondering how bad it was. Im about to find out.

  6. Atmuh, I like you, you're a good member, but just saying "no" usually does't cut it for me unless you have a reason.

    I liked him at first, but I must say that since the weve had a falling out of sorts.

    I say try it out and if it turns out to be too cut thort to your liking then quit silently so as to not piss any bossmen in the industry off. I have nothing to do with the industry, yet, but I plan to and have been doing some research myself. This forum has lots of people in the gaming who can give you advice, but theres also people who will tell you that youll never make it as composer because its too competetive and all that shit. Just ignore that.

    Also, I'd suggest finding a job in music first, logic dictates that music on your resume would look a bit better that QA for a position of composer. But thats just logic talking, not expeerience. Hopefully you can get some learned opinions in this thread. Good luck as well.

  7. sailing left something to be desired? like a controller attachment that wanks you off as you wait?

    other than the sailing, the game lacked change of scenery. At any given time the overworld was either ocean, stormy ocean, or beach. They tried with some of the volcano islands and whatnot, but it just didnt do it for me. Temples were brilliant, gameplay, graphics, story, all brilliant. I liked the grittier feel of TP more though, it made me feel less like i was playing a hi def gameboy game. Im so sick of those, i was actually glad when PH failed enough for me to stop playing it mid game

  8. I want a second thumb-stick, dang it.

    So there can be two piece of shit joysticks to deal with? How about one joystick that can do its job properly first. Im sure they can add these features on the psp 4000.

  9. hahaha look he's swearing because he's not intelligent enough to do something again how cute

    Naw i was at the junkyard and I didnt realize that I could attach sticks to the outside of the wheels. its always bullshit like that that gets me.

    why does everyone here hate me where did i go wrong?

  10. Glitch, why do you make it so painfully obvious that you are constantly spewing "facts" about things you know nothing about?

    I mean, you could leave it a mystery.

    How can a game with bongos be a platformer. Thats really all I want to know.

    EDIT: So it was Donkey Konga that had the bongo playing, Jungle Beat just feature use of the bongos. I apologize for my ignorance.

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