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  1. I say again, can anyone tell me where on this internet I am to find a usable freeware GIF editing program? Because as it turns out, if the word "free" is in your search text then google assumes that you actually want the ridiculously irrelevant download pages it throws at you.

    Even the name of a shareware program would be nice.

  2. Okay I am pretty much done with this thread. If you want to play with me for kicks, feel free to PM me. I love dicking around and playing with new folks.

    Otherwise, if you want to show that you're some hot shot at this game you'll have to beat Atma, Arek, and Jam before talking to me. So far nobody has gotten passed those three and the skill gap between those three and me is pretty significant despite their skill. They can attest to that.

    I'll be pleased if anyone can beat them. Even moreso if you can beat me. Then I'll have a new friend to play with. <3

    haha you're like a pretentious gym leader from a pokemon game.

  3. Fable was an amazing game, limited only by ridiculous loading times and a plot that sort of sucked a cock.

    Guys, do you remember the spells? There was that one knockback spell that cost like a two hundredth of your magic at its highest level. You could use it at any time you wanted, even during attacks. Also you could walk into a house, use it, and trash everything.

    XBox360 will only make it better. But that Peter molixinox guy creeps me out.

  4. All the Silent Hill games play off MANY natural fears people have:

    being alone

    abandoned buildings

    little children coming after you (*with knives (and laughing))

    what is behind occupied bathroom stalls (try knocking)

    being watched/followed/stalked/chased

    fear of closets and closed spaces

    fear of being trapped, locked in said spaces

    fear of drowning (lots of reference to this in SH2)

    fear of what you can't see underwater, fear of wells

    fear of burning to death

    fear of persecution while innocent

    fear of religion, god, deities, ancient, creepy folklore, creepy sacred places

    fear of cemeteries, your own grave (buried alive)

    fear of falling

    fear of dark places, especially holes, especially since you have to jump in them

    fear of mechanical noises, white noise, hums

    fear of insects, like roaches and moths, dogs, cats

    fear of fans, things that rotate

    fear of basements

    fear of places like sewers, boiler rooms, warehouses, places with narrow tunnels, subways and trains, being run over

    fear of sharp jutting objects, metal grating, rust, needles, electrical shock, blood, etc. etc.

    fear of hospitals (ahhhhh), and hotels, of staff areas, of malls after hours

    fear of sticking your hand places you can't see, fear of toilets and sinks

    fear of your home not being as safe as you thought

    fear of carnivals, fear of ummm... carnival mascots, haunted houses

    fear of nightmares and bad dreams, premonitions

    fear of answering unknown calls

    fear of strange unexplained noises

    fear of rape, sexual molestation, sex with a stranger

    fear of disease

    fear of one thing being out of place, messy, out of order, uncleanliness

    fear of mirrors

    fear of serial killers

    fear of torture

    fear of addiction

    fear of food, frozen meat, opened cans, things going bad, unused

    fear of stereotye (lots of monsters play on this - such as fat and lazy)

    fear of losing your mind, mental hospitals, straight jackets, and all that comes with it

    Yeah play these games!

    Ive got to play this game

  5. I take it you are too young to have played Super Mario Brothers 3, which is why you don't know A) the name of that fish and B) how much more frightening he was in that game.

    So young.... so innocent...

    Gahh cant remember... tell me its killing me please.

    There was a spiky one in Mario Bros for snes, but it was just annoying. Too many happy dolphins for fear to exist in that level

  6. In the case of water - Humans can't physically hate water, mentally though... It goes into the fears of drowning, having constricted movement in water to a degree, not to mention rational/irrational fears of undersea creatures attacking humans. Also the great uknowns of the sea always brings up terror for those already predisposed to it...

    Space actually shares some similarities with the fear of water; exceptions of course being things space related...

    Drowning I can understand, but anyone with sense can realize that regardless of currents, if you swim straight up there will be air. And water allows for more freedom of movement-- try doing a triple backflip on ground.

    You know I met somebody who swore that he would get a fungal infection if he submerged his head in water? I wanted to smack him.

    In space theres just this awful abyss, total lack of control, no safetey anywhere, though if I died in space it would be pretty awesome, I mean talk about a fitting view for your own death. If I could die calmly in space while staring into NGC6357 with a great understanding of it all then it would be the perfect ending to my life no emo.

    For emphasis, here: http://www.robgendlerastropics.com/Nebulas.html

  7. how is it physically possible for humans to hate water? I have always loved water, its like my natural habitat. My favorite parts of videogames are the water temples, that one level of pokemon snap where you went down the rapids, stuff like that.

    water + vertigo = bliss

    for me, space is just unnatural. playing space levels has always made me uncomforable, and here I speak specifically of the crazy gadget level in sonic adventure 2.

  8. It's not like you're a big-name politician who up and said "Japanese are WEIRD!!!"

    These are just forums. They don't effect the rest of the world at all. Unless Oprah's watching (9000 tentacles all raping children!!)

    you made me lmao thank you.

    just the internet guys. seriously.

  9. I don't know.. I can be the most evil thing you can meet even in real life. My family has a habit of snapping.. Almost to the point of something criminal happening. I just can't suffer fools if I'm pushed. Online, I don't think I can really convey it that well. Ironic really.

    you just need to be more creative

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