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  1. The only problem is, I need vocalists for it. Male and female, one of each, and maybe some other males for spoken word parts (to read off game dialogue). Any volunteers? I need real, capable, able vocalists.

    haha you know I just got done listening to zealous entropy at DoD.

    Id help you out bro but my voice kind of sucks. im only good at indian impressions, and even then its pathetic.

    yeah i dont even know why i posted really.

  2. My friend loves Pit. All he does is hide under a platform, followed by arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow.


    i love destroying pit strategies with heal heal heal heal thx bub. then, like the dude in the video, they have to actually fight, and it turns out most pits are pussies.

    again why kid icarus

  3. the bass part is the same as the source, which is bad. experiment with mixing things around, like D, D, F, F, Bb, F, F+Bb, F+A instead of D, E, F, E, Bb, F, Bb, A.

    I tell you its actually kind of cool

    if you change the bass, the rest will follow

    and drop the chimes, those are for fags.

    also nothing says too conservative like a reed organ in a windmill hut remix. So drop it and get maybe a good bass violin, something classic.

  4. Yeah ZSS's dsmash heals Lucas. The Dsmash is actually like like a little projectile- it doesn't cause any hitlag for Zamus(the lag for both characters when you connect with a move), on top of it's other weird little properties.

    which is why she can follow up with another attack so quickly. i never made that connection before

  5. i didn't use nair as lucas a lot when i played him as a main, but it's essential when i play him now as my second/third...one thing i'm working on incorporating is full-hopped dairs, they basically suck someone up for the entire four hits and if you DI back, you can get away without being hurt. it's real nice. also if you can and if you don't use the c-stick, try out b-sticking...it's really neat :D

    i like how you twig'd her items back at her, i do the same thing to my buddy. learn what he does with his items (most ZSS' i talk to have a set plan with them) and beat him up for it.

    anyway yeah, ZSS' dsmashes heal him, so just rush him with both those moves and see if it works. usually ZSS' tend to either stun gun or dsmash when you get close, and surprise surprise, BOTH HEAL HIM :o

    thanks. i already knew about the column dair (my little name for it), but the downside is that it must be started from right next to the opponent in order to suck them up. my fav is the sh nair to full hop nair, especially if they have vibrate on, because it annoys the hell out of them.

    also if you take your balls out =D

  6. hahahah, i love being lucas against ZSS

    what i typically do is bumrush her with shorthopped nairs and PSI magnets. my friend plays a dsmash-heavy ZSS (in fact, he's the one that won the tournament mentioned earlier) and i typically just jump right into his dsmashes with the magnet; they heal me and knock him away. switch up the nair and magnet and he'll have no idea which one is coming next, making it difficult to punish you

    keep in mind this will never, ever work at the pro level, but it's good for pissing off the ZSS for a few rounds!

    wut dsmashes heal lucas?!!?!!

    and your right i didnt nair at all that match...no clue why

    did you like my music?

    you cant possibly still be flustered after hearing that song

    EDIT: Dervish, whats also funny is if you stand up while playing, walk behind him, and take your hand off the controller, timing it so that he kills you. While he kills you, you take your nuts out and put them on his shoulder.

    it gets them every time

  7. guys, i have a problem

    there's someone in my immediate smash crew who take the game entirely too seriously. he's good, in fact, really good--he came in seventh at a recent tourney in ohio, pretty big with about 60+ people.

    anyway, a few months ago we had a small tourney which i co-organized and happen to win, and he drew a fuss about how it was rigged. suffice to say, it wasn't, we even played three times and i beat him 2/3. we had another tourney this saturday and we played three matches--his MK vs my DDD on brinstar, his diddy vs. DDD on smashville, and diddy vs. DDD on FD.

    i won the first match, and he said his controller was busted and making him glide when he didn't want to, even though it belonged to the guy that ended up winning the tourney. whatever, controller johns.

    i won the second by being a very, very gay DDD. i was trying to be aggressive and was walking right into 50%+ combos from him with the naners, so i switched my game up and camped the moving platform. he had no clue what to do, so i won again. he complains that there should've been a time limit at the tourney, well guess what, there wasn't. no johns.

    i won the third, too. diddy vs. DDD is a nightmare matchup on FD, but i just played super defensive and gimped him once or twice and beat him in a really close match, came down to a tipped bair as he just flew into my range.

    point is, he's taken it very badly. he apparently hates me as a person now, whines about us making lighthearted fun of his usage of MK, says he's a much better player than i am simply because he goes to real tourneys (even though i've won 5/6 matches that we've had and he's never, ever beaten my main), he even went home and CRIED after this tourney.

    he's constantly bugging me for money matches of ridiculous importance, things like $10 and $20 on one match, like he's got something huge to prove. i don't think he's a bad player, but he's got these deep-rooted insecurities that will not be calmed until he beats me just once. all of my encounters with him are incredibly uncomfortable because he doesn't tell ME any of this, only our mutual buddies

    anyway, i have never ever known this shit actually happens. this is so cartoonish and i am sorry to say that i have no clue how to deal with it.

    i think it is the ultmate test of skill to face the bananas on fd with a character that takes up a twentieth of the stage, much more to win that match.

    but i have a friend like this, who bitches about controllers and whatnot

    but he wins most of the time that faggot. he keeps using fag characters like toon link and Zamus and i chug along with my low tier lucas eating his bullshit SO HES THE BITCH HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA

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