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  1. Hope you guys don't mind me dropping in a few times. I like to keep updated, after all.
  2. There just isn't anything I could say about this piece that would be original. It's such an awesome piece, I made sure I got it the second I heard it. Awesome job, and please please PLEASE give us more.
  3. I don't know why people didn't like this remix. I think it's one of the most interesting pieces I have heard yet, and interesting is much better than bad. I like its uniqueness. 0:00 to 0:13 It starts off with something that really reminds me of the game. Of course, I haven't played the game itself, but I like to venture to other songs every once in a while. 0:13 The crying starts around here, which makes a nice transition to... 0:17 Here, the crying slowly fades out as a note fades in. It sounds somewhat like the low wail of a ghost, suggesting the tragedy has taken place. 0:20 The buildup to the singing starts with the sound still climbing higher, and the lone piano echoing in the background. The sound then possibly takes the role of a siren of an ambulance arriving one minute too late. 0:27 - 0:54 The singing finally kicks in, and it sounds so mourning and melancholy that there is no real way of describing what it could stand for as anything other than suggesting someone got killed the loud sound heard earlier in the piece. That sound takes the form of the bullet around this time. The lone, a capella singers seem to signify the sorrow felt by the people perfectly. They don't even need to sing words to convey what's happened. 0:55 - 1:23 While it is apparent that some of the singing is a bit off-key, it brings forth something I would say is akin to improv. Death is a very unplanned thing, and the slight roughness aids in driving a point home. 1:24 - 3:33 More instruments start coming in to support the voices, started by an ebbing low bass-like sound. At 1:57, the main instruments start kicking in. All of them support the desperate chorus, going from what could be the moans of the dearly departed and those they left behind to being more of a haunting melody that wraps itself around your heart. 3:34 All the instruments drop out to go back to just the singing, sinking in the point that this is real, and there is no turning back. In the end, it goes to something almost unison, tying in the overall sorrow of the piece into one(or twoish ) chords to give it a somber close. This is a piece not meant to conform, that much is for sure. I liked how it all worked together to make a dirge of the city that, no doubt, encompasses the events of Max Payne. This remix itself makes me want to actually play the game just to see where this could have come from. Very nice job IMHO.
  4. Well, I guess I'm new. I joined a while back, hoping to be able to add in my two cents about a few remixes here and there, but never got around to it. Here's hoping I'll be more successful this time around. ;
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