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  1. A good techno work. I agree that it was slightly repetitive, but everything seemed so natural and seamless overall that I couldn't help but like it. One of my favorites in the genre, and - in my opinion - a good example to anyone looking to work in this style. I like it better than Thou Art a DJ.
  2. Well, often I prefer things that are less ambiguous and vague and have more concrete melodic content. However, this serves well as a moody ambient tune. It would fit very, very well in a movie. Good work.
  3. Yet another great Terra's Theme, and with that crazy GameBoy-esque sound. I find myself wishing it were longer. Ooh, more in this style? Sounds good to me. I don't think anyone's done Tal Tal Heights from The Legend of Zelda IV: Link's Awakening - probably since it's so obscure - but hey, I'd like to hear it, certainly in this chiptune style. Good work here.
  4. Look at it this way... Does anyone NOT like Death on the Snowfield?
  5. A nice, gentle lullaby sort of piece, something of which there is so little on this site. I dismissed it as dull at first, but I listened to it again and came to appreciate it for what it was. Not everything can be One Winged Angel, and it's good to hear something less driving every now and then. The overall tone quality is great, and it sounds like it was played in a concert hall. The oboe is brilliant; I always like a good oboe. The upbeat section at 3:33 was, in my opinion, a good way to round things out. Well done.
  6. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Great work, and - like Zandar - I enjoyed the mechanical breakdowns and Cid's martyred sighs; Ian did well on the vocals. I, too, am no industrial fan, but this was no problem for me. The brass kicks. Good (equal?) luck in the future, Gaffeizil.
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