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  1. LOOK, now I can bug you over OCR too!!!


  2. Currently...I work at Sears :( - but hopefully by this time next year I'll be a music teacher with that time of the year off anyways. :-)

  3. Well this year I told them I needed those days off no matter what in like August...and if I didn't get them, I'd quit. It worked. ;-)

  4. Thanks for my secret santa gift!


  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. I'm not sure actually...


  7. Hi, you're awesome.


  8. Alexis

    your new sig is awesome, bill nye is the shit.

  9. damn...you're right.


  10. What's up Abadoss?

  11. Haha not much. Gonna rerecord everything for the string quartet. Sorry it's taking so long. It will be awesome though.

  12. I heard you were the fucking force.

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