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  1. What do I think of this remix? Nope, sorry. Can't think right now cuz I'm busy dancing around my room with this song on reloop. Ask me again later... after my 15th or so reloop. And that's if I can coax myself into stopping it. *insert perpetually dancing emote here*
  2. I was just recently introduced to a couple tracks from SoE through an awesome channel on Youtube called "From Bleeps to Beats: The Music of Video Games". I'd never played the game before so it was a very welcome addition to my playlist. I listened to it all a number of times before coming here and finding Mazedude's remix. When I heard it I felt like flying and crying all at once. It's just soooo beautiful, flowing and ethereal. It even prompted me to go and get the K-Pax soundtrack. I whole heartedly agree with Dunnowhathuh... it can easily be snuck into the soundtrack with absolute perfection. Thank you for this gorgeous masterpiece, Mazedude.
  3. Welp... Guess I'll be the freak with the eerie review to completely throw things off. Before I go on I must add that I have indeed heard the original and found that to be quite creepy. Despite this, I actually get two different sensations from this song. When I connect the song to Doom, I can feel heartache and a sadness like no other. To the point of tears. Something, or someone, has or will die and it will be a horrid death filled with unimaginable pain. But when I listen to it as a song apart from the source, I feel a build up of romance. Almost like a forbidden love that must be kept in quiet shadow. It gives me chills and makes me sigh so very deeply, most especially towards the very end. I have chosen to go with this sensation... probably just because I'm a bit of a romantic. Either way, the song is magnificent and I think it stands quite well against the test of time. I fell for this song years ago and just came back to it. It hasn't lost it's power over me even for a second.
  4. I'm positively in love with this song. My iPod Shuffle can't seem to get past it. I just can't do it. It ends and I go right back to the beginning. I have to listen to this song. It has such a grip on me that it gives me chills. The piano, the bass, the drums, the vocals... Egads, the vocals! EXQUISITE. And the lyrics are fantastic. Lastly, the length of the song makes me happy because quite frankly I honestly want this song to last forever!
  5. My subwoofer and I love the living hell out of this song. I just love to feel that thump thump thump thump hit my body like waves... and then the guitar kicks in and my eyes close and I float away... Kinda like the player's character in "Rez"... Gorgeous work. I'd always loved the original version because I'd found it pleasingly hypnotic. "Fading Entity" takes me even further away...
  6. Quite frankly I never, ever, ever would've thought of "Guardia Millennial Fair" being remixed to sound like that. When I think of it, I think of just kinda skipping around from attraction to attraction. Your remix takes me above and beyond that, looking at the occasional loose balloon passing by. I say that if there was any song to be influenced by, it's Santorini. I heard your remix and the words "Holy shit! That's so fucking awesome!" came out of my mouth, then hopped in my bed, closed my eyes and drifted away. You did a fantastic job, intentional or not. I <3 Blue Skies.
  7. Once again thanks to OCRemix Radio, I caught wind of this amazing remix. As soon as I heard it, I was instantaneously reminded of Yanni's live version of the song "Santorini". If you're interested in checking it out, the vid's here: Now when I say this, I don't mean it as an insult (if you severely dislike Yanni) in any way. I love Yanni and I love "Santorini" specifically because it's such an uplifting song. "Blue Skies over Guardia" has that same uplifting and very peppy feeling. Listening to it put a huge smile on my face. I'm swept away to think about the Millennial Fair... patrons betting on the racers... parents buying candies and balloons for their kids... maybe even Chrono trying to prove to Marle and Lucca how cool he is by how many mugs of soda he can gulp down as quickly as possible. I positively love songs that take me away and make me feel like I can fly. "Blue Skies over Guardia" does exactly that.
  8. I caught this song while listening to OCRemix Radio. The first thing that immediately grabbed my attention was that voice. A smooth and sweet voice that gave me chills and swept my imagination away to fly the skies. Then when I realized what songs were remixed, I was floored and floored HARD. Gorgeous music and an equally gorgeous voice. Simply EXQUISITE remix.
  9. I've never played DDR (yeah, I know... I'm a freak of nature. lol), but I simply CANNOT stop listening to this song. It is catchy, catchy, catchy! I've been relooping it since it finished downloading. When I hear it, I just have to hop around the room. I love Castlevania and I imagine that normally I'd be cringing in a corner. This just isn't happening with this song. Great stuff and damn fun! I love it!
  10. I've been listening to VG music for years now, but when I found this site it was like a miracle. I never knew there were people making remixes of songs I'd known and loved. And they were damn fucking GOOD remixes too! So now I've finally joined into this fantastic community so I can give my opinions of the amazing works of art that such incredibly talented people have and still are sharing with us. VIVA LA OC REMIX!
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