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  1. They need to finish creating Dawn already. If they actually finish it (which seems very doubtful) and they don't completely screw it up, it has the potential to be incredibly awesome.
  2. Oh man, you guys are really on to something with that cloud theory. I'm not supposed to reveal inside information, but I just can't help myself, so I'll let you all in on the true secret behind the screen shot. First off, there is no Bowser or Ridley in those clouds. Your seeing them is simply the result of the rather impressive ability of various parts of your temporal lobe, such as the fusiform face area and parahippocampal place area, to find familiar shapes and patterns in random and ambiguous visual stimuli. However, there IS a secret in that picture. Look at the top left of the screenshot: See that cloud on the top left? Look carefully. What does it look like? If you said "Hmm, that cloud looks suspiciously like a condensed mass of red water droplets that have formed around some sort of condensation nucleus," then guess what - you're right on the money! What this means, in case you haven't figured it out already, is that Nintendo's next playable character to be revealed is none other than a red cumulonimbus cloud. I don't know it's official name or it's full move set as of this time; however, I do know about one move: Move: Rainfall Execution: Down and B Description: Causes the cloud to go through the collision and wake capture process, which allows rising and falling water droplets to increase in weight and mass by forming together as one. These newer, badder-ass water droplets have the ability to overcome air currents in the cloud and the updraft beneath them, which allows them to fall on their unsuspecting victims, dealing 10-15% damage and slowing their movement speed by 5-10% for a short time (this slowing effect is due to the fact that their clothes/fur absorb the water, which increases their weight. This means that characters without clothing or fur are immune). Hopefully Sakurai won't be too angry with me for revealing this; he's (she's?) just such an awesome character that I couldn't keep him (her?) a secret...
  3. NOD32. Good track record and it doesn't seem to be showing any signs of going downhill anytime soon. If you want free, AVG is a good choice. I would normally say avast! but looking at newer AV tests it looks as if AVG is doing better than it used to. Still, none of the freebies can compare to NOD32's awesomeness.
  4. Exactly. If your music is well known enough there will inevitably be people who do not like it. Every band and album that I consider a favorite has it's fair share of people who hate it (most of the posters on this forum probably wouldn't like it), with reasons ranging from pefrectly rational and valid to completely idiotic; but I love 'em none the less. Just enjoy it.
  5. For me the biggest problem with this album is that, like countless other musically related bands, the music (I'm not really counting the keyboard work here) is boring and unimaginative; the guitar work lacks any semblance of technicality and it's nothing that hasn't been heard a million times before from all the countless other nu-metal, hardcore-hybrid and pop-rock bands that play similar music. The drumming, although it serves it's purpose well enough I suppose, is absolutely nothing fantastic. The lyrics are not incredibly intelligent or thought provoking but they're not horrible either. As for the rapping and slow pop-like songs; well, I don't really like them much but I won't fault LP for that since that's really more a matter of me just not being a fan of pop/rap than it is because of a problem on their part. Chester's clean vocals are good and his screams are loud and angry, as they should be. He is the highlight of the band. 2 out of 5 sounds about right for me. I more dislike it than like it but it is not entirely without any redeeming qualities.
  6. I'm not much of a fan of electronica, but I decided to check out the samples just for the heck of it. Well, I can't say its turned me into a fan or anything, but epic was right; from the samples it's obvious that there is some real musicianship here. The songs are dynamic; within the short span of the samples there was a lot of changes in what was happening with things being altered, added, and/or subtracted long before they began to become repetitive and dull. Each song seemed rather distinct from the other as well, which is good. Now maybe I've just not listened to enough electronica, but there seems to be a noticeable difference in the depth and complexity of these songs in comparison to most of what I've heard as well. All around good stuff. Breathing You In was probably my favorite; intro/buildup was nice, and the part at the end of the sample with the acoustic guitar was gold.
  7. This has nothing to do with helping Michael make a comeback. This is, quite clearly, an attempt by atheists to finally prove, once and for all, that there is no benevolent, omnimax deity. I can see the argument already: 1. A benevolent, omnimax deity would not allow a fifty-foot tall Michael Jackson robot that shoots lasers to come into existence. 2. A fifty-foot tall Michael Jackson robot that shoots lasers has come into existence (show picture of fifty-foot tall Michael Jackson robot that shoots lasers) 3. Therefore, a benevolent, omnimax deity does not exist. The problem of evil, the argument from noncognitivism, the argument from non-belief/divine hiddenness... these pale in comparison to this new atheological argument in the works. Theists are going to have their work cut out for them refuting this work of logical art.
  8. Very, very reasonable. If you don't like much of Metallica's past efforts save for a couple of songs, I can't imagine you liking St. Anger. Of course, I'm no expert on your personal musical tastes, so if you want to hear it and decide for yourself, and if spending money on it or getting sued by Lars and gang for downloading it doesn't sound like fun to you, you can preview all of the songs legally at
  9. I'm not really all that big a fan of strait-up thrash metal (or most non-eclectic metal albums/bands for that matter...), but Megadeth seems to me, not so much lyrically but musically, to be the superior band. St. Anger is still to this day one of the only albums I have ever listened to where I literally couldn't enjoy any moment of it whatsoever. I've enjoyed some parts of boring, uninspired hard/metal-core and by-the-books "I love Satan" black metal songs before; however, no part of me could enjoy even a moment of "St. Anger."