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    MacBook Pro

    I've never really had many problems with notebooks either Mac or other, but I must say, macboos are sometimes CHEAPER (yes you heard right) than their other counterparts. Around universities and whatnot you can often find them discounted towards students. The hardware is often overpriced, yes but at least you can take solice in the fact that no one wants to program viruses for Mac.
  2. Beautiful. If this were a rep forum I would give whatever reps I had to give. Thank you very much.
  3. Yes, google, Yahoo and MSN does not have it. I'm requesting for it to be uploaded to someplace like www.mediafire.com or something. Oh yeah I forgot... Please. ~Midgar
  4. Protip: Compatibilty mode for windows. Maybe he wants his solitare fix on PSP?
  5. I agree, this song was great because of it's strong background echos, and a forest remix would be awesome. EGM also did acoustic fireworks for final fantasy vii
  6. I actually ended up enjoying the beat more than the actual melody from Zelda. I was wondering what what would be done with the beginning theme. It didn't really sound well blended together, both are really good if they weren't mixed together, and it didn't sound right at the blending point, it was too high pitched, but that was it. Overall I loved it.
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