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  1. I think every mainstream sound effect in use today was made in the early 90's or prior. It was stale like five years ago.
  2. Hot damn, DZ! You're an OC ReMixer now. I'm <3ing this arrangement. Nice work! PS edit: [01:51:55] <Fox_E> Tell him I like it too. D= [01:52:20] <Fox_E> ...It's very ~blue~.
  3. I'm seeding it right now. I'll probably have to cap it when I play games, though, and I don't let the computer run while I sleep. Good collection, I might add.
  4. No, I'm talking parameters of an effect, IE in FL4 you go to Edit Event > and then a list of editable parameters pertaining to the VST pops up. That one there is only the overall level. :/
  5. I skimmed the thread a bit to see if this question was addressed and I didn't see it. In FL4 I can use the event editor from this menu but in FL5 it's not there anymore. Are they hiding it or do I need to reinstall my plugins and such?
  6. Wow. Impressed. Such beautiful textures used. The way it combined gave me the creepyish feeling I got when I first played Diablo those many years ago... Desolation and suffering, I suppose. Only better than the D1 soundtrack in many regards. Great work.
  7. Wow. Very good. Starts off with a sort of FM synthy thing going on, and builds up to that gasp, then breaks out into a great groovable wonderfulness. I was bobbing my head to the beat, thoroughly enjoying it. I think the vocals off to the right channel were a good touch, adding to the atmoshperical gothicness. Overall, a good ReMix. (Hey, look, my first post here. About time, I say...)
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