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  1. So the CG head replacement isn't as bad, as the world says it was? I wanted to see this but the Totally Rad Show guys all didn't like it (and they are down with the nerd) and I usually always agree with them...
  2. maximum diggage, nice clean sounds and good recording. I know that adding metal to this song is quite overdone, but I'll never get tired of hearing different interpretations.
  3. This has some pretty titillating ideas, but it seems like Nintendo is trying to split hairs again. I don't see how this thing will satisfy the "hardcore" in me, as they stated it would. The demo reel they showed definitely didn't do it justice as it made the console look like it was still made for casual gamers. I was one of the OG adopters of the Wii and got burned when 1 year later there still weren't any good games for it, sold it for a profit (when you couldn't find one) and bought it again when Smash bros. came out. It seems like Nintendo is still a bit out of touch about what excites the western world when it comes to games. And they avoided saying so but can this thing produce 1080p, or are the 1-2 extra screens using up too many resources?
  4. Have not seen a video like this , so I made one. My personal top ten "essentials". I made this video in hopes of attracting (even) more attention to OCremix.org. People new to the site can be overwhelmed with the IMMENSE catalog, so this could help them get started with what the site has to offer. Rules when making this list: 1. Only 1 mix per remixer per game song 2. Tried to pick across many Genres to show variety of music on OCremix.org 3. Limited to 10 and in no particular order (was so hard to pick just 10!!) Let me know what you think, and maybe what your "essentials" are. Again I had to parse it to only 10 and 1 artist per I left out A LOT of remixes that I frequent because of the rules I established. Also if you can comment and rate on the video (I could care less that it's on my channel I just want to spread the word of OCremix) comments, rates, views, etc. will only increase OCR's publicity.
  5. You can break a diamond with any object that is close in hardness. Metal has a much higher tensile strength (crystalline structures are usually hard to cut but easy to shatter), so technically this is feasible. I've seen a diamond chip just from hitting a counter too hard... Then again we are watching a movie about people that can read minds, and shoot glowing plasma hula hoops. So anything is possible.
  6. Anyone else seen the movie yet? For me it's on another level when it comes to all these recent comic book movies. The source material is taken seriously, the writing is fantastic and moving, the acting is top notch, and the SFX are amazing. I wasn't a fan of Thor (I guess Hensworth's Pecs don't have power over me), and after seeing this movie it just made me want to say "THAT'S HOW YA DO IT!" Not since Inglorious Basterds have I wanted so bad to immediately get a movie on Blu-ray. I will admit it was a bit long, but it's not LotR long at least.
  7. Really I thought white was pretty commo....OH YEA the epic colossus background! of course! Sometimes I wish I had a little miniature colossus just stomping around my room, ya know like a pet.
  8. Where the New magic happens Where the old magic happens (yes that is a a battery taped to my power switch to keep it on, I'm an engineer trust me) Where the inspiration comes from (Probably my favorite thing I've "customed" besides my keyboard foot-pedals
  9. I'm a hardware guy too. If you think 3x osc is impressive than you prolly have messed around with the Alesis Micron (or aKAI mANIAK). It has 3x osc, more filters, an actual sequencer and setup maker, and drum editor all on board for only 300 Only downside is it doesn't have the amazing panel of easily tweaked encoders. I own an alesis micron (and a Juno Gi which I also Highly recommend) it helps me tremendously sketching out songs.
  10. I'll check it, I like trip hop stuff (like Massive attack, etc) oh, boy it's going to take me a while to check all this stuff out
  11. Appreciate it, I forgot to mention that I also got canabalt last year for the Itouch, and noticed Danny B on there. So amazing, I'm loving seeing these guys everywhere. I will go so far as to say that that track might have made that game the massive hit it is, because I feel the game play pales in comparison.
  12. I've been absorbing OCR mixes since 2000 (not exactly OG but close enough) I have recently bought Zircon's Anti-gravity Album last year and my mind was blown twice. First of all his music was amazing, and I randomly heard it on my Pandora station. Secondly I had taken a little hiatus from OCR (life happened) so I didn't EVEN make the connection that he was the legend from OCR that had been causing multiple eargasms for the past 8 years. I see now that a lot of my favorite re-mixers have made quite a name for themselves, and I couldn't be happier (and strangely proud). If you are a remixer and have made some OG music, link me and I will buy it. I feel a need to give back and now I'm in a situation where I can afford it and spread the word. Thanks guys, I am still shocked when I drop the OCremix name and my friends are clueless about what it is. Either I need nerdier friends or people just don't get how special this place really is (YET!) p.s. I'm on day 2 of my first remix (expect 2 more days until completion) I've played piano all my life, I have no idea why I've waited so long.
  13. haha that's hilarious. I was giggling like a school girl. I love Proctricity's mix, he's a legend in my eyes. He's the reason I started checking back to OCremix religiously way back when. I also have a special attachment to this song because I listened to it heavily when my ex and I were going off to college.
  14. Have always loved this song, finally got around to playing because I recently acquired a Roland Juno. please to enjoy. p.s. I also have a bunch of vids playing video game music on my piano if you're into that too (mostly castlevania and Chrono Cross) Hopefully I'll be posting my first proper remix soon.
  15. You sir just dethroned "Chekan Winter" by Prophecy as my all time favorite remix on OCR. I've been here since this site's genesis and I have no idea how I missed this masterpiece. This song is working on so many levels yet everything feels symbiotic and harmonic. Also you manage to combine of my 3 favorite genres of music Trance, Trip-hop (rolling ambient in with this one), and chiptune in this mix. If you got a donation page or anything let me know I'll be glad to fund your hobby when the product is this amazing.
  16. He gave em to me a long time ago. I tried to send them to your email adress at hotmail.com, but it said ERROR mailbow does not exist... Brad
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