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  1. Mr. Uematsu is the reason I started to appreciate video game music as much as I do. Since then, I've come to enjoy the work of many other composers, but his work will always stand out as being the first I saw as a video game -soundtrack-, and not merely something playing in the background of a video game.
  2. omg thnx 4 spoiler alert NOT! *ahem* A great remix. I really like what was done with the source. I'll be rocking out to this one for a while, I can tell. I look forward to hearing this remixer's future works!
  3. Easily one of my favorite remixes on the site. As much as I liked the source, I didn't think it would work well in this sort of style. Clearly, I was dead wrong.
  4. What perfect timing! I just recently started playing FF5 again (because despite my love for the game, I've yet to finish it). Excellent work all around, and I can't wait for the other four installments.
  5. I really like this mix despite my preference for heavy-metal-type mixes. It's one of those ones that's really great when you're working on something and it shows up in a shuffled playlist. It's also great to drop into Morrowind's or Obilivion's soundtrack. Just browse to the location you've installed the game, then copy this into "Data[ Files]\Music\Explore\" and it'll randomly get played alongside the official music for the game. OC Remix music is great for this kind of thing in general, actually, but this song easily fits the musical style of those games.
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