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  1. When I heard this on the OCR radio, it really stood out from all the other tracks. This is like movie soundtrack quality, and it really captures the essence of the epic tale that is The Legend of Zelda. This is just beyond praise. I'll be spreading the word to any and every person I know who has (and even doesn't have) an appreciation for the potential of game music. I think this will turn heads and change minds. Thank you so much for this emotionally powerful remix!
  2. Beautiful. When I'm not listening to OCR's Dancing Madly First and Second Form, I've got this plugged in. Excellent for unwinding, contemplating, curlin' up with a good book, and, for me, studying.
  3. I think anti-depressants work best in music form... but maybe that's just me.
  4. It's about 5 days after my last post on this song and I just wanted to say I'm still listening to it. On repeat. Constantly. Sometimes it's in a playlist with other songs, but mostly it's by itself. This has broken a new record, ladies and gents. It's officially the song I've listened to the longest and the most without getting sick of it.
  5. I'm completely reminded of the baddies and their BGM in Lord of the Rings when I hear this. Yeah. Villains. Totally cool.
  6. I must agree with TastEPlasma. I think the quieter drums give room to a more compelling, wider, richer sound with everything else. And the drumrolls are so fun! Good stuff. Very much looking forward to hearing more.
  7. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm an OC Remix junkie. I'm addicted. I come to this site all the time, as often as possible. The talent of mixers everywhere is just astounding. And I appreciate the time and energy DJ Pretzel puts into his clear, concise reviews of every single remix uploaded here. So I can't possibly say it any better than he does, but I will say this: if Mr. Pretzel says it's "Recommended" or "Highly Recommended", your satisfaction's guaranteed. So download this. Or you're missing some very, very good ear candy.
  8. First off, I love this track! Just like I love all the other remixes by AmIEvil! AmIEvil is quickly becoming one of my favorite mixers on OCR. But there's this one part in the track that drives me nuts: At around 2'22, the song breaks off from the melody and I swear, it reminds me of a track from Skies of Arcadia everytime! I can't remember the song's title, or where I heard it, but I want to say it sounds like Ramirez's theme. Anyone who's played this awesome RPG knows what I'm talking about. Maybe you can think of the name of the BGM it reminds you of?
  9. For an electric horn, it sounds pretty damn good. I like. There's only a few parts where it even sounds electric. The only way I could really tell is that there weren't enough pauses for breathing if someone were to actually play. Everything else is awesome too. I like how it sticks with the original melody without throwing in a ton of different stuff. Simplistic in a very good way.
  10. When I first heard this remix, all I could think was, "Ooo... preeeetty." Then I read Jivemaster's remark. Now everytime I hear it I remember my last trip through the Natural Wonders store. Shame on you, Jivemaster. Seriously though, this mix really scratched an itch. Though the Temple of Time had decent bgm, I always felt it lacked something in depth. I think this track adds in the depth that was missing. Kudos to ya, AmIEvil.
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