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  1. I was looking through my iPods yesterday, when I cam across one of the songs off OCR that I'd put on a while back, and noticed that it was one of the few songs on my iPod that didn't have album art. So do any artsts have album art for their songs that they have submitted? Maybe there could be a generic one if artists don't submit one with their song (as the album for the songs is the url of OCR), or artists could submit a link to their album art to a list on the forums out there?
  2. Yeah, I know, but there have been other non-anime series/movies. Ever heard of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children? That is a prime example of what I'm talking about. The music in that was part originals, part remixes of music from the game. If someone wanted to remix one of the songs from that movie, they aren't going to send it to animeremix, because FFVII:AC isn't an anime. Its an integral part of the game universe. If I was looking for a remix for AC, I'd look here first, not animeremix.
  3. I was playing around with some songs one day when a random idea hit me. STACKS of games have their own movie/s and/or TV series (Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter etc). They often have similar music, or completely different, music to the games they get their name from. Are remixes of video game movie songs allowed? If not, should we allow them?
  4. No, it does. If you send a certain number of letters to people, you can unlock stuff.
  5. So there's no difference betwenn the two? i.e. still unlocks stuff etc
  6. Yeah, I can see why. They seem to have done something similar in FFIII, only it has wireless capabilities as well. Downside to that is finding someone who has the game as well (that, AND access to a wireless network). Wireless is still relatively rare over here: only myself and one of friends has a wireless network.
  7. FFIII FINALLY got released in Australia this month, and its not that bad a game. But because its only just come out, not many people have it over here just yet Which makes the mognet feature mostly useless to me. Anyone have the same problem? It'd be nice if I could use mognet, and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there (even though FFIII has been out in the States for a fair while longer). Anyone want to help me out
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