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  1. I know; I've been using chipamp for ages, but my old xp died, and vista hates HATES chipamp. I have no idea why. The main reason I asked is that I've been looking through the games and there's a few hundred/thousand of the damn things. I thought someone might have recommendations as to some good ones; and I was right: many thanks for your input; my media player is very happy now
  2. I've been looking at chiptunes of late, and I've been quite surprised with some of the music that you can find out there. Problem is all these games were clearly waaay before my time, so I've never heard of half the titles. That, and the fact that only a select few formats work on my comp I'm aiming at mostly SPC and NSF chiptunes; does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  3. I just tried the server; I can play with reasonable ping! When my pay goes in, I'll see how much I can donate (depends on my pay, but I can guarantee more than $3 will be forth coming), and I'm presently working on a decal set. I'm sure there are others around the place who are doing it as well, so we'll see how I go. Hell, maybe if we get a few, sort through them all and choose the best ones? (I'm guessing that was the plan lol) See you all on there
  4. VTF is a picture file format (often used for skins and sprays) There's a photoshop plugin for it, as its used fairly extensively. If you want a link, I could find it for you. VMX would probably be a config type file (possibly related to advertising or something I'd guess...never heard of it, but if its what I think it it, it'll be linked to the VTF file).
  5. If I can get in with decent ping, I'll gladly contribute sums toward it. It seems the costs are quite low compared to what I was expecting, so I'd gladly contribute $20+ a month, depending on how good the server is (from my end; foreign servers sometimes have pretty bad ping ) I'll have a look at it at some stage, steamID is OneThousandWorlds. I agree that the medic achievements are kinda lame. I just got milestone 1; a weekend wasted. Anyone else expecting more from the first weapon?
  6. Indeed. Not to mention VAGUE ones. I swear these types of threads are increasing on these forums. It is unmod!!! Karma has struck us!!! (ignore me, I haven't had any intelligent conversation in a while )
  7. I'd already picked this one up a couple of days prior to reading this (coincidentally I've been wondering why there wasn't a topic about it here...)(I was also wondering why my itunes alerts told me that some l4m3 rap artist had something new out, but not zircon...), and its good. I did notice the similarity between Antigravity and Lather, so its good to know I'm not going crazy
  8. Heh, I would offer, but I severely doubt my crappy internet (thank you Australian internet /sarcasm) would enable me to really play on it. Well, I could, but I'd have a ping of OVER 9000?!
  9. I've always liked ubuntu. I'm still loving the 3D desktop.
  10. I think you will find that the composer is well aware of that. It is implied that while WE as HUMANS may consider it music, whales may not agree, considering it, as you say, a language. Fair enough, although I doubt any of us would be here if we thought music was a bunch of 'meaningless tonal patterns' Agreed, but perhaps its because the composer is only implying the nature of his goals, not his exact means. Think of it as an outline, not the actual formula. I'm guessing your not the religious type then Yeah, your quick sounds like mine I hope this post didn't sound like I was picking you apart, I just thought I'd throw in a few things I thought.
  11. Very well written. I liked the point about unversiality; I've always thought it was a dumb term (as it is used), as people will always relate different ways to different things. Well written my friend, and keep us up to date on what you find. Your article invokes many a question, and I think its a good thing. Too often do we sit back and accept things, so its good when someone is willing to get out there and ask questions.
  12. Quite possibly. Try waiting a bit so people can actually reply. I know it has taken people a while to get back to me a few times Personally, I've never heard of them, but that's not saying much. Although I have more than enough bands to worry about, as my home town is home to a rather rich music scene.
  13. I thought it was wrong too, but hey, I'm a metalhead for irony. (for those who don't know what that was, it was two things. 1. a pun. 2. Terrible I love puns) I was surprised that I could actually play on American servers with my lame internet. Not that I'm complaining
  14. I swear its a sport in some places. Security isn't a safety measure to some, but a challenge. A timed challenge.
  15. Anyone else here from Australia and play TF2? At any rate, steamID: OneThousandWorlds
  16. I agree, although my exact terminology would have been much more cynical. In fact, it was pretty bloody terrible. I think there was one song that was bearable, the rest were made of 100% home made epic fail. Shame, the last one was good.
  17. 1337 1


    It'd need to be having some serious problems; I've seldom seen a game that was so good have such simple specs. Heh, I got an email just then telling me I'd lost the #1 position for one of the songs. If I wasn't busy rebuilding my parents computer, I'd be trying to beat it now
  18. 1337 1


    You do realise you can use the keyboard?
  19. The one advantage I can see to this is the fact that it doesn't take 3 weeks for your hands to get used to the position used in MPH. Downside, everything else. Including the part after 3 weeks. And during. But at least its better than another crap $15 game of pacman. (nowai, its MS PACMAN: it has a BOW ZOMG ONOZ?!)
  20. I think the guy who posted this is having a laugh somewhere.
  21. Methinks they should make use of the virtual console to bring out some new games It'd be more expensive than ports of old games to be sure, but I'd like to see them give it a shot. Or at least port some more recent games (e.g. GBA).
  22. I like to think of it this way: Think of how much a lot of people spend on their music. Think how many songs there are on OCR. Think how much money you are saving. *WINNAHS* I think the odd few $ is a pittance compared to the amount of money saved. Especially when you think about the quality. My donation will come once I get some money in my bank account. I've kinda been hit with a few bills etc of late, otherwise I'd have already donated It IS coming tho EDIT: I just checked my paypal, and I actually have some money left! It might not be much for now, but there will be more coming. Just need my work to pay me EDIT2: Paypal finally cleared, enjoy the $50 Was for a more than worthy cause.
  23. Methinks you got ripped off But yeah, if you really must buy the things (and I'll bet that either the postage or the petrol/gas/misc travelling fee will cost more ), ebay and your local markets will be your best friends. For once we got it lucky in Australia; we barely even saw the things But hey, if you got the drive for $10, I guess its logical to try and make the most of it... Having said that though, you may well be laughing if they become a collectors item
  24. Welcome to the internet my friend. 80% of people who use it learnt all they know from being scammed on myspace.
  25. Thanks for that all: I'm glad I asked here first. Its amazing just how little you know, until you ask I'll definitely look into Sonar; if nothing else, it should get me by while I consider all that is said here I swear it has a vst function (as many other programs do), so I'll look into it Thanks again!
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