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  1. Case in point is this "misheard" song. WARNING: you will never be able to play brawl again without thinking of it like this: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=IXLlBLq82fI
  2. It's hard to believe its been a year. Even to this day, Reuben's music stands as some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard; he has forever left his mark on the world. His music, and other achievements will stand as testament to his life, which was so tragically cut short.
  3. I'll take this opportunity to also note that some of the plugins are actually quite bad for some systems; I had to uninstall chipamp on both my desktop (XP) and my laptop (Vista *shudders*) as it was messing something up. Wasn't as bad on XP; mainly a few minor errors that came up, but on Vista, the errors rendered, as far as I know, a few of my Steam games buggy as hell (TF2 crashed randomly, for example; after uninstalling chipamp, worked fine ). I know none of the errors are actually OCR's fault, but I just thought it was worth noting, as I really missed listening to my chiptunes. There are some damn good ones that I used to have I only ever seemed to use the NES, SNES, GBA and Playstation chiptunes, if that helps at all. Then again, I haven't heard of anyone else having problems, so it might just be me...though over two systems the same problems makes that seem less likely
  4. 1337 1

    AIDS cure...?

    As sad as it is that it is only affordable for the rich, it is a sign of what science is capable of. Let's hope there are no nasty side effects, and that it becomes affordable in the future. Maybe one day the process will become as simple and easily done as, say, reformatting your HDD. Although one would hope that there wouldn't be a need.
  5. I cringed when my parents went out and bought a HDTV; they never use HD anything That said, whenever I'm at the house with friends/relatives, we do use it to play consoles in Hi-def...but that's only very rare. So to remedy this, I'm buying them a blu-ray player for Christmas. I swear I heard something about blu-ray players upscaling the quality of normal DVDs, or something...anyone have any idea what I'm talking, or if I'm just going crazy again?
  6. I saw your name, right after I pressed "submit", and thought "damn, should probably put that info in there". By the time I could get to it, you'd already said though Still, its a nice track you did there Shame there weren't more chiptunes; they're underrated in the world of music, sadly.
  7. I was wandering around the intarwebz the other day, when I came across this: http://hotdogstorm.com/genoboost/genesis/ Now, I will not profess to be a massive fan of the Genesis (its way before my time ), but having listened to the album, there's a pretty good line up. If you're keen on video game music, its got a good 39 tracks worth checking out. Also, another video game artist I'll mention here (because they're on the album, but have some other game remixes) is the Red Wings (http://www.redwingsmusic.com/). They do rock/metal remixes of various game music, including one of Aerith's theme from Final Fantasy 7, and even Animal Crossing. Two lots of vg music for you all to check out.
  8. You sir are an absolute legend! Thank you so much!
  9. Hey all, I've been working on a music project (just something for a bit of fun on my part; nothing fancy), and was going to do up a physical copy. I figured since I was fair decent at photoshop, it wouldn't be too hard to find a template for the CD case paper inlays. I love irony. I know there's software out there for it, but I'm cheap and lazy, and the software that came with my DVD drive sucks. So does anyone know of a template I can use in photoshop (eg a .PSD or any image file)? I'd really appreciate it if anyone knows of one
  10. While I've never cried from a song, I came kinda close when I watched the intro to FF10, with Uematsu's "Zanarkand" playing in the background. Hell, Uematsu has, IMHO, the most moving style I've ever heard. The fact he can apply his skill to practically any genre is another thing.
  11. Regardless of whether or not he knew it was meant to be harmless, that he was man enough to apologise for his actions is far more impressive than some petty self-pride. He has my respect for being able to do this. Its a seemingly rare trait; and its one which he is no doubt a better person for having
  12. Furthering that point, one can have all the technical ability in the world, but if you have no emotion or passion going into your music, then that music may be dull and lifeless. Its much like the links between history and memory (if that made no sense, look up Mark Raphael Baker's "The Fiftieth Gate", thats a great read).
  13. I don't know about the US, the the Australian portrayal of the show has just killed any semi-decent intelligent elements. They absolutely killed it, only showing the most annoying, terrible, dumbest parts. Then they did song remakes. And shows about shows that suck. *coughItsyourshowshow* In fact, CN's inability to make any decent decision is the reason I don't watch TV anymore (as all the other channels are terrible). The only show I watch now is Naruto. But I get the jap subs: english dubs are...*shakes head*
  14. CN have never been very high in my books for their intelligence. I lost all respect for them when they cancelled Megas XLR. That was the best show
  15. BOOOOO! Not free in Australia (although someone may yet correct me; it still wants me to pay for it
  16. I've heard from a few people that digitally enhanced screaming is possible (when I say screaming, I mean like metal scream), and as I can't do it naturally, I'm trying to work out a way to do it digitally. My main program is Adobe Audition, but I can't for the life of me work out how to do it. Anyone have any ideas? Even if its kinda bad, as long as it gets the sort of feeling across, I'll be happy. Its just a little parody song
  17. I'm looking for a recording of a female with a very heavy american accent saying "you have no new messages" (its for a song I'm doing, so if someone wants to record it, there will be free promotion for that person ) I'm not even slightly picky (I've tried freesound already, before anyone suggests it )
  18. There's actually a whole different Ubuntu variant (the name of which eludes me atm) which is designed specifically for media creation. Never tried it, but it sounded cool.
  19. Ironically, I've actually had more luck with my wireless card on Ubuntu than with Windows as far as drivers go. The windows one was epic fail.
  20. Definitely check out the special effects, namely the 3d desktop. Although it may seem a tad gimicky at first, I've found it to be very much useful for multitasking. Other than that, it all depends on what you like; games, artistic stuffs etc. Although one good game is Tremulous IMHO, its not everyone's cup of tea.
  21. Its the japanese; it never makes sense. That's why its so damn good!
  22. If its been in "development hell" for over 10 years, one must ask, are they even still working on it? Or do they just make a new trailer in the odd lunchbreak to make it look like its still being made.
  23. I doubt it will EVER come out. And as was said, if it does, it will likely be made of fail. Hell, ten years in the making, and the last thing we saw of it was an epic eulogy of fail, with crap graphics to boot. That said, I'll probably get it if i does come out. That said, I don't think it ever will. Hell, it has its own bloody vaporware award.
  24. I swear, this must be the 5th or 6th thread asking for this very thing. I reckon we need to just sticky that thread, or just have a stick with that thing, to help stop people asking the same things
  25. I'm not much getting my hopes up; many search engines have tried to provide competition, but without much success. That said, the internet is a place of many firsts; only time will tell.
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