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  1. I dare anyone to find a person who can find anything massively wrong with the game; the worms series is one of those select few that never tried anything flash, but was just plain good fun. Ah yes, fun times.
  2. If you have the will to stick with it, and not be discouraged easily, then go for it. But remember, it will take time to actually learn; anyone who has gotten any level of skill can tell you that. Remember, if you choose to do it, do it because you are in for the long haul, not on a whim.
  3. Notion seconded; also has various other connotations as well as just Okami, so I'd say its a fairly good one. Out of curiosity, any particular theme your going for here? I know Thylacine just suggested Diddy Kong, but next to Amaterasu, it might look a little out of place, depending on your current choices. I'd personally be looking through some of the Kingdom Hearts characters, because you'll more than likely find more than a few there for your RPGs. Personally, I'd suggest Namine for Ace, but I won't be surprised if someone disagrees with me there. Also, the FFVII world has plenty of good characters, spanning a wide range. Pentacles - Knight: amusingly, I thought of Mewt from FFTA (I know I haven't deviated from any square games yet, but meh). Not exactly what was described (he was actually more a mage type in the game), but better than my first idea for it (Javier from Advance Wars Dual Strike). That's it for now, but my brain's pretty fried atm, but nonetheless, I'd be curious to see how these turn out EDIT: Similarly to Diddy kong, perhaps Sonic?
  4. 1337 1

    Wii Music

    That's why you use an SD card to expand it. Heaven forbid that's what the slot was for.
  5. And this is the beauty of Nintendo; they're always experimenting. Anyone remember when they said the DS was just a test run to see what they would do with the next game boy? The wii and ds are both a testament to Nintendo's ingenuity. They have undoubtably made mistakes (one could argue that the Gamecube was one of them, but I'd be reluctant to agree there), but they've endeavored to fix them in most case. I know people are giving this whole upgrade thing a hard time, but its like some people are saying; THERE WAS NOTHING MASSIVELY WRONG WITH IT. You aim it at the screen, it moves. That's good enough for me. I'm not downplaying this new device either; it seems to have a lot of potential. Just because this new device is meant to be better, doesn't mean the old one now sucks.
  6. Its better than M$ and the Red Lights of Death: "its a strange coincidence that all our units seem to be failing one year after their first use" *thousands of complaints (and far too much time) later* "hmmm...I think there's something wrong here." (I am aware of the rather large difference between "a slight controller issue and upgrade" and "the whole damned console melting down inside")
  7. Sorry if I seem a little cynical, but I'm not sure if I see any real benefit to this. From what they're saying, its basically something that makes the wiimote more accurate. Surely there's more to it than that; from what they're saying, its a big deal, but "1:1" doesn't really seem to be that big of a deal. Anyone mind explaining what the benefits of this are? Its a shame that the version in the picture hasn't got a nanchuk port, but I'll bet anything that they'll have support somewhere down the track; if its even half as good as everyone seems to be making it out to be, they'd be crazy not to.
  8. I reckon give him 10 minutes and a camera, and he will probably make someone want to. The blatant stupidity of the guy makes me wonder how he got a law degree. I could have sworn it was meant to be hard to get a law degree. Then how could someone as idiotic as him get one?
  9. I know there was a thread that was somewhat similar in nature, about how hard it is to break into the industry. The general notion there was that its often easier (or more feasible) to get a job in media if, rather than specialising in one area, having skills in everything. Much like an in law of mine; he works for pixar, doing animations and such, while he has majors in all the main media types (images, sound and video). Even though most of the work he does is animations, the fact that he's got all these other qualifications sometimes helps. Although, there can be times when you won't get hired because you are overqualified; a sad reality.
  10. I guess when you think about it, trying to argue the status of games as an artform is the same as arguing that anything is an artform; it will all come down to opinion. I think there are some games which could pass as art, and some that, although sometimes graphically impressive, are not actually art. It all comes down to your own perceptions of art, which is possibly where this misconception of "art" as being something "classy" comes from. However, the fact that it is such a personal thing (as far as one's opinions go, and one's own perceptions) is what makes it an interesting question.
  11. Epitome of games as an art? I think you need to differentiate an innovative gameplay concept, and an artform. If you're looking at Pong as an example of art in a more simplistic form, yeah, maybe. But I think its a bit far to say its the epitome of the idea.
  12. I think its safe to say that games are an artform, and its becoming more accepted. Its an incredibly flexible one, which can combined all the main media types; images, video, sound, music and text; all into one package. Also remember that no artform is without controversy; and games definitely fall into that category. While the controversy is often (arguably even mostly) misleading (*cough*Jack Thompson), it would have been no different from when, say, the first artistic nudes (NOT PORN, ART!!!) came out. People back then would often have been horrified, and many artists killed for heresy and such. These days, those works of art are now often highly regarded as great works of art. Even though the example of the artistic nude is kind of extreme, games have had controversies, especially with regards to violence. But there are many games which, I believe, are beneficial to a person, both as a form of leisure and art. Games have the ability to challenge the audience in ways that music, video, poetry and every other expression of humanity cannot do alone. Sure, it can also do a lot of harm, and be incredibly degrading, but generally only in extreme cases. In the hands of a skilled person/s, the responses that a game can generate are worthy of making it an art form. One other question we should ask; if games are an artform, then will we appreciate them like we do other works of art? Will there be a copy of Final Fantasy 7 hanging up next to the Mona Lisa? Or maybe Portal?
  13. Still, there's basic intellectual rights in this regard; regardless of whether or not you made/make profit off it, if they are selling YOUR works without YOUR permission, then you have the right to take action. Sadly, this is not so easy in reality; and like was said before, its Russia; they're not even allowed in the WTO. That doesn't sound too good for us Here's hoping the site dies a natural (or preferably a decidedly UN-natural) death. Quite possibly in the form of a random DoS attack...*whistles innocently*
  14. Fair point, although remember that XP was good IF IT WORKED. Never happened for me; like you said, their packages were usually good, and I agree XP was a pretty solid OS. A heap of people regard 98 as being the best OS that they ever released, even to this day. I'm hoping that by building it from the ground up, they can bring out an OS as respected as 98; one that just worked. Let's hope that they can learn from their past mistakes (*cough* ME and Vista), and pull themselves together. What has me most worried is they already have a release date. And its comparitively close. In their shoes, I'd be reluctant to release it so soon. That said, I disagree about the exact quality of XP; some of the features in it clearly lacked any semblance to thought. It was good until it broke. Then you were pretty much fscked. Although I agree that 98 and XP were generally pretty good. Just not a fan of the others...especially ME...*shudders*
  15. There's a few people on these forums who could do with that. I've seen a few cases of people getting w33py about that same thing *back on topic * Its price is indeed very bad, but remember that the ps3 was considered one of the crucial factors in Blu-ray's victory over HD-DVD. In Australia, PS3s were actually bundled with many TVs as a blu-ray player/media player. Probably the same as many other countries, but it was initially the cheapest bluray drive. Even so, Sony's claims about the PS3 (can't remember the guys name, but everything he said was pure gold) wouldn't have helped much. I still laugh at the one where he offered a reward for every PS3 still on the shelf at release. That was destined to backfire
  16. *laughs* yes, because everyone knows how reliable Microsoft is with release dates and stuff. When they do release it on time...well, we only need to look at the 360 and its Red Lights of Doom (or the ring of fire, as my friend calls it ) to show what happens when M$ rushes things. Yes, I am aware of the difference between shipping an entire hardware and software package, and just an OS, but I still don't have much faith in them regardless. It sucks for Vista users though; I saw them dropping Vista after discovering how terrible it was, but I really don't see them having any more luck with this "windows 7" than they have with their past attempts. This is probably their one and only chance for a good long time to prove to the world that they can actually make a half decent OS without screwing it up. We can only hope.
  17. "Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: Too many connections in /home/users/djpretzel/bt.ocremix.org/index.php on line 253 Script error: Tracker error: can't connect to database - Too many connections" EDIT: Okay, now it says that I'm being rejected by the tracker. Any idea why?
  18. It'll suck when the Spy achieves come out; I swear I won't play TF2 for the next two months when that happens. Spys are alright in smaller numbers, but when there's a team of them...that's just bad. *shakes head*
  19. Duke Nukem Forever? Quite possibly the most fitting name for such a game; its taking forever to come out. Hell, it got its own award for being vaporware. Multiple times (if you don't know what I'm on about, wiki it).
  20. Hahahaha, I remember this: not a bad one, I must say. Some elements need a heap of work tho *looks at the water movement* I swear, don't go in the water, that's annoying </whinge> The quake engines brought about a heap of awesome games/mods. My favourite was always Tremulous then UT, because trem was a bit more complex. Shame I never learnt how to play aliens properly though But UT is a good one because there isn't much of a learning curve, and it runs on nearly anything. Hell, I setup a 52 man LAN at school. That was a funny game, I won 146 kills 43 deaths
  21. Like many have said, not as much thanks to school/work/life etc However, its getting a crapload more use than my PS2 has of late. Hell, the wii is the only console currently in use
  22. Here's one I bet nobody's thought of yet: "..."
  23. It containeth not the word "favourite" in the title, therefore it cannot possibly be such a thread!!! Thou liest!!! /sarcasm And yet it already has 4 pages. I wouldn't think that was so sad it if it was the oppoiste type of quotes being used. But hey, at least its better than the live journal type threads that were getting spammed not so long ago.
  24. I think that there's a definite difference in the consoles to warrant some solid grounding in the statement, but it isn't strictly true. A popular gaming magazine over here in oz summarised this idea thus: If we think of the consoles as being like horses, then we can think of the the 360 as a horse which is a little older, so the owners gave it steroids. Then the ps3 guys declared that they had their own superdrug. Meanwhile, the wii was revealed to be not a horse, but a freaking pegasus with godlike wings. Seeing this, the 360 gave their horse more steroids and said they were elite, while the PS3 tried sticking wings onto their horse before releasing it. While a little biased, the idea that the wii, most certainly, is massively different to the others is true, but I think that its folly to imply that the wii is in every way superior. After all, its the only one to not support HD, but it has gameplay focuses. etc
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