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  1. I'm really loving the way it sounds so fluid and emotional, the song really work well. There's a bit at the end of the song where the piano almost builds up and then the song just sort of dies down. While it works, I fully expected the song to go into a more intense section before dying off, with the piano in the lead. Have you tried that at all? I'm glad there's a few other Kingdom Hearts remixes in the works right now, because there's far too few remixes on OCR from such an amazing series!
  2. I've updated the song - I've taken out the steel drums, and done the best I can with the choirs (I've only really got soundfonts, so I can't really do much more with them). That said, I'm open to any suggestions people may have (especially as far as the choirs go). Updated version:
  3. Greetings, I've been working on a remix for a while now, and figured I'd get some feedback before I go any further. The song I'm remixing is Kingdom Heart's "Fragment of Sorrow", and I'm (for now) calling the remix "Fragment of Dreams". Here's the song: Any comments/advice/criticisms welcomed!
  4. I think you're referring to the person who tried to sue nintendo. If memory serves, they actually won.
  5. And this is why I steer clear of threads about upcoming releases. People seem to be more willing to invoke ad hominem et al than actually discuss the original topic. Personally, I think the fact that they're making some noise about this says something. Maybe they've realised that the series lacks something in the eyes of its consumers, and is looking to reinvigorate the series. Maybe they're doing something totally new with the series. Maybe we'll actually get to kick some ass without some 5 hour tutorial. All these questions and more are a hell of a lot more interesting, and constructive, than talk of trolls, flames and defecating on relatives. Other people have an opinion, and you don't need to get offended that theirs is different. Talk with, not at.
  6. To the people complaining about the price hike: welcome to the rest of the world. At least you get the option to use half of the features. We pay the same price (comparatively), yet don't even get half the advantages. But yes, new dashboard looks rather ugly. Less white panes please!
  7. And let's not forget the Sims series - srs variety there.
  8. HOLD IT! I have played, and enjoyed, all the games. Same for the advance wars, but am yet to play Days of Ruin.
  9. I've been playing my DSi a fair bit of late, and having just finished off another game, am in search of something good to play. Of late, I've been playing mainly strategy RPGs (FFTA2 and Luminous Arc 1 + 2 most recently), and have enjoyed them quite a bit. I'll be damned if I can find any decent games in the same styles though. That said, I'll settle for anything RPG styled, but ideally strategy RPGs. What do you all recommend?
  10. I have a SLR for that, actually. But when my $20 phone has a 5MP camera, and the 3DS has the same .3MP of the DSi...sorry, this is 2010. Its not that much to ask for to have at least 1 or 2MP. While it isn't meant to be a replacement for a "real" camera, it'd be a nice feature to have 3D photos that are worth viewing off console. As it is, .3MP is more than a slight let down. Especially since the iPhone has a 2MP camera on it. And the iPhone is terrible imho. Don't quote me, but I swear I read on either IGN or the nintendo site that Nintendo are looking at pushing the 3DS as a device to rival the iTouch/iPhone (i.e. something everyone has in their pockets). While I like to have games more than a camera most of the time, the added bonus of a reasonably good camera would be an added bonus. Of course, as was pointed out, the MP means nothing if the lens or sensor is fail, which is inevitable in such a design as the DS. But its no worse of a set up in many other "cameras", like phones and the like.
  11. Nintendo: The N3DS will have a 3D camera... Me: Nintendo: ...with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels. Me: I thought the whole point of "next gen" devices of any kind was to upgrade the specs...oh, sorry, I didn't see you there WiiCube.
  12. If you can find a place that rents the gear out, they'll also probably rent out deployable cover and such (this generally occurs more with laser tag places). Although this can be expensive, done right it can be both more fun that paintball (because of more cover, more variety in the same location), and still end up being cheaper. If you do choose paintball...keep your mouth shut during the game. Those things are...untasty, shall we say.
  13. I got a 360 recently, and I had a choice between the MW2 game pack, Splinter cell game pack, and the FF13 game pack. Each console claimed to be special edition. I chose what I deemed the lesser of the three evils. Hey, I got ODST, and this one was the only one with extra controllers. Doesn't sound like 13 is all that crash hot though from what you guys are saying.
  14. I'm planning on getting a 360 soon, and have been trying to work out a way to get it connected to the net. I know there's an official wifi adapter for this purpose, but here in Australia, that costs $150. After spending $300+ on a console, I don't have that kind of money. A friend of mine suggested that I try connecting it via ethernet cable, as I have a telephone port behind the TV that is convieniently empty, though I believe I'd need a splitter and a router/modem/hub(hubslolol) for that. Which I imagine would also be expensive. I'd prefer the ethernet method, but has anyone tried this themselves? I have a router that provides the wifi anyway, but its sadly a little far away for me to plug into via cable
  15. It's things like this that are making me look at the other consoles for my gaming. I'm all for technological advancements, but they must offer something genuinely new - the wii had motion controls which, while not technically new technologically, at least offered a new take on games (i.e. you actually had to stand up some of the time). Yet recently, it seems they've taken to implementing gimmicks that are either seldom used, or poorly implemented (namely in the cases of WiiMotion+ and DSi). Releasing a new handheld every year is not a solution, especially not with the Wii gaining competitors in the casual market it supposedly dominates. Although, when everything you make prints money, I suppose you can be forgiven for getting overconfident. Case in point: sales of PS2 vs PS3.
  16. Or you need to appreciate your unfail internet. Here in Australia, 2 hours isn't a long time in many cases, torrent or no. I'll check this out once I finish downloading some of the other OCR albums I've already started.
  17. You say that like it matters. You can only get better, and the only way to get better is by trying. Even if you just release a wip, someone might like it and it might become a collab. You never know. Though this idea reminds me of this techno remix of the "this is sparta" meme. Describing it to my friends they thought it was the dumbest idea ever. When they heard it, they agreed it was the most funny/crazy thing they'd heard in a while.
  18. A decent metal version of the Advance Wars Super Power theme.
  19. Everything is illuminated. Its one of the few movies that actually seems to give more and more everytime you watch it. I love it for its habit of revealing something new you didn't pick up on last time each time you watch it. One of, if not the, best movie I have ever watched. It also portrays Elijah Wood (aka FRODO ) as the main character, but that's the only real "mainstream" actor in the movie.
  20. And let's not forget how anyone who plays MW2 is clearly a terrorist who kills civilians. AND playing mario games leads to drug addiction. Hmm. It does not look good.
  21. It seems Christmas had a lot in store for you I find it funny that overseas, you can more easily get access to various kangaroo flavoured meats than in Australia, where they largely live. I got...clothes...and lollies (or "candy", if your american)...and gift vouchers. Wow. Any more variety and I might be enthusiastic
  22. Well, its midnight here, and while I SHOULD be sleeping, I am instead playing a game my friend sent me. Sleep is for the weak Merry Xmas too
  23. It's HIS idiotic reasons. Not OURS. Differentiate the leader's idiocy, and that of its populace. Sorry if it seems like I'm raging, I'm kinda sick of this whole thing. Though this does look oh so very vaguely promising. In the Duke Nukem Forever kind of way.
  24. Its a tie for wiimote and mouse for me. While I'm much better with a mouse, if I had the same amount of practice, the wiimote method would easily be my better skill. Normal controller? Bah, useless!
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