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  1. This OC ReMix will go down as one of my all-time favorites! You bothdid a great job and this song is so peaceful yet it still has edge! I can't wait for your next one. God, I feel like I'm flying when I listen to this....
  2. I loved it! It's nice and calm and I am just a LOVER for Mario OC ReMixes! Please finish this because I'm just yearning to hear more!
  3. I hope Princess Peach will return. I saw her in that 42 second video on the website and that may mean she'll come back. iIhope she will. She's my favorite character in SSBM.
  4. This is absolutely heaven. I love this song and I think they should play this as a slow song for couple's. Absolutely bliss and quiet. Beautiful. I could have a fall asleep and have lovely dreams with this piece.
  5. Did Zelda ever listen to this? Anyway, the first time I heard it, it was calm and serene. Now when I hear it, I just appreciate this song more because it's use of the wonderful instrument, the piano. Zoola, thank you for bringing such a beautiful song into my life. Also, when my dad heard it, he asked me "What song is this?" I told him what it was called, what genre it was in (OC ReMix), and who it was by. When he found out it was video game music, he still liked it! Also, this song didn't make me cry but it did create a dramatic video in my head about Link and Zelda's relationship. Thank-you so much Zoola! (EXCELLENT use with the piano.)
  6. I'd just like to say that this remix is great and funny and...confusing. BUT THAT'S A GOOD THING, MR. ADHESIVE. The Forest of Illusion is about to get more hard to crack with this remix! (Also, my favorite sound in this remix is that wondeful and odd screeching noise. Spectacular!"
  7. I could absolutely fall asleep to this song! It's so calm and it has the perfect jazzy feel. This song should be playing in Starbucks or a bookstore. I mean, I could drink coffee and read to this! Brilliant! And also they should play this at christmas time, right when you wake up to see tons of presents under that tree. Snowy, calm, jaaazzzyyy, and overall, EXCELLENT!!!
  8. This OC ReMix has instantly become one of my favorites. Everytime I listen to it, I get this music video in my head. I picture all the Mario characters inside a church, having a good ol' time dancing to the music while the little scientist, Elvin Gadd plays the organ like crazy! I know, it's sort of weird but... wouldn't that be awsome for the song? Also, as an after thought, since it's the remix of the freezer theme from Dr. Mario, as the song progresses, the atmosphere inside the church gets colder and ice developes on the walls; and it also begins to snow. Cool... right? -Serenade
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