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  1. Not so bad, this remix of 3 songs is really good! 8/10 The original Ice/In a Snowbound Land is better but the Bossa Nova is a litter worse than in the remix.
  2. Hey this remix is good But I prefer the original Enchanted Wood/Forest Interlude, 7/10
  3. I dont like the original song too much but I really like this remix It is much better than the original The piano sounds are great! I cant forget the music in 3:21.... You should hear it on the phone instead of speakers Protricity did a great job
  4. AWESOMES song!!!!! This remix is just better than the original (both in GBA version and Snes version) though the original song Stickerbrush Symphony is the greatest song in DKC 2 Any way, most of Protricity songs are excellent
  5. Very very nice song! Well I just think this is a little bad song, but after a few seconds I changed my idea. So this is my favorite remix songs
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