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  1. Hey Everyone! Just dropping by to say that this is looking great, keep up the good work!
  2. Thomas Neil

    Apex links

    When you click on the 'homepage' link from the Apex 2014 page ( it takes you to the Apex 2016 page. I know it's not that important and it literally only takes a second to switch over to the correct page, but it's still a minor nuisance.
  3. Thomas Neil

    PRC330 - The Mountain of the Top (Banjo Kazooie)

    Maybe listen to Banjo Tooie's version of the same source for some ideas.
  4. Thomas Neil

    Giorgiost RetroMixes!

    You might want to change the link so that it takes you to the YouTube page The remixes I listened to sounded really good, I particularly enjoyed the Koopa Beach one. Welcome to OCR!
  5. Thomas Neil

    **RESURRECTED** Paths Less Travelled: Terranigma

    That's alright, do you mind if I try Freedom Village then? I just took another listen and I had an idea for a kind of peaceful little downtempo take on it. Or if you want me to shut up and leave this project alone, I can do that too
  6. Thomas Neil

    **RESURRECTED** Paths Less Travelled: Terranigma

    Is Underworld still 'possibly' claimed? If not, I am interested in claiming it. If you need any samples of my work, here is my submission from the PRC round 329.
  7. I've got something, should be submitted by the deadline.
  8. Thomas Neil

    OCR monetizing mixes on YouTube

    I may have only recently signed up here, but I have been visiting this site for many, many years. Over the years I have developed a deep respect for all of the staff and the work they have done for so many people of their own free will. I would be absolutely shocked to find out any of the things you have just said are true.
  9. Awesome source, I might do something with it.
  10. Thomas Neil

    Happy 30th Anniversary, Metroid!

    Prime 2 is absolutely amazing, and the music for the whole Prime series is wonderful. I've never actually played any Metroid games other than the Prime series, but I'd love to. Maybe with release of this new mini NES I will. OK, technically I started Other M, but we don't talk about that game Happy (belated) Birthday Samus!
  11. Thomas Neil

    What game world would you most want to visit?

    Y'know, I've always wanted to go to Sherbet Land from Double Dash, and the updated version in 8 made me want to go even more.
  12. Man, something about the sound of an ocarina ... Also, nice vocals.
  13. I am a big fan of solo piano arrangements, and this is no letdown. It is well paced, and I love how effortlessly it flows from source to source. I especially like the parts with Aryll's theme, it sounds quite nice in 3/4. Mabe village is also very gracefully incorporated, and I love the hint of Zelda's theme towards the end. A very well crafted piece. I'd lie if I said it didn't make me feel a little nostalgic. Also, I like the title:)
  14. Thomas Neil

    What game world would you most want to visit?

    I was envisioning being there as a player.
  15. Just wondering, if you could physically be in any video game world, what one would it be? I personally would love to visit Skyward Swords sand sea, or maybe go to Skyloft and walk around.