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  1. One of the most unique mashups I've ever heard, it's great. The lyrics before Get Low kicks in, what song are they from again? It's killing me that I can't remember.
  2. Same here. Really enjoyed this one. Even though it is a heavily remixed source, this track manages to take yet another direction on the Brambles tune. It's weird, it's quirky, I like it. Loving all the different elements combined within the track, especially the hint of dubstep. But overall, there's this sort of calming sense to it all, and that's exactly what the Brambles source is all about. Great work!
  3. Hey, just wanted to say I've been listening to the Chrono Tied album since you first released it and I'm loving it. It's really well put together, top notch mashup skills man. Standout tracks for me are the Slip Out the Back, Be Somebody, and Where'd You go mixes. They get a play on the media player quite a bit. Keep up the good work!
  4. Alright so basically this entire album is amazing. Definitely my favourite release from OC Remix to date. I'm a sucker for vocals so major props to all the songs which had them involved. The standout for me was Trapped in the Minds, I loved the DoD version and have been waiting for the finished result for ages. So impressed with how it turned out as well. Getting Hale on board was defintiely a good move, can't get that chorus out of my head. The vocals remind me of "Carry on my Wayward son" for some reason, and the rapping was tight. I also loved Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings (the instrumental version though, sorry Brandon not a fan of the roaring vocals, but I'm sure they're great for people into that sorta thing ). It was good to have both versions provided so that people can choose the one that suits their preferences. But yeah, just loved the overall energy of the song, such a good match for the what the original was trying to convey. Special mention also to Pickin' Out the Fleas, basically cos its Sixto and the drums were crazy awesome. Congrats to everyone who contributed to this album, such a great success
  5. Beginning of the mix sounds suspiciously like the start of Permutation Then the following song is definitely Acrophobia Towards the end i think i hear a bit of Dragons of Paradise And then it should finish with People Made of Stone 2 more to go?
  6. Haha settle down guys, it's just like this, in every single way. Was just a fun match at the end and he was always going to get the prize anyway. And yes the stupid Metaknight beat my Lucas. The final came down to Samus vs MetaKnight, I was hoping a MK wouldn't win the tourney, but I guess how that's how it is most of the time.
  7. Alright thanks Arek. In that case I'll cap the entry at 32 players. That will make it 30 matches played. If I do 3 stock and 3 minutes it should leave people enough time to beat each other up and it means it can't go for more than an hour and a half which is perfect. $5 a player will raise $160. Awesome.
  8. Alright, so every year at our school we organise a fundraising day and I'm looking to set up a brawl tournament with a prize at the end to see who is the best smash player there, the winner has to go through me at the end though So anyway, I've never hosted or played in a tournament with Brawl and I'm wondering for some of the tournament players here, what are the best rules to implement? Depending on the number of entrants, should the tourney be 1 on 1 or 4 person battle royale? Is it better to use stock or time (stock can lead to people hiding/running away while others fight, while time does not always determine the best player because of people stealing kills)? Is the tournament mode in the game handy, or can it lead to issues? Items or no items? All stages or just final destination/standard stages? Advice is greatly appreciated
  9. Ok so the thread established earlier that software piracy is an incident of copyright infringement. But I have a few questions that I'm genuinely curious about. Hypothetically, if a bunch of people living in the surrounding area are using the internet of someone who hasn't put a password on their wireless router, are they stealing internet from this person, or from the internet provider, or both? If the buyer is aware these people are using his internet for free and allows it to happen, is he sharing his internet and does this then become ok? Depending on the responses to this, does this affect the discussion of piracy at all, where someone is allowing others to use what they themselves have bought for nothing? And do the opinions of people here regarding downloading material remain the same for burning/copying cds for friends? I'm not trying to justify interent piracy at all, I'd just like to see some discussion on these things.
  10. It was awesome by the way, loved it as soon as I heard it, if that's the unfinished one I can't wait to hear the final product. But how did it only get 19th , seems like you put heaps of effort into it. Not that it was going to beat Shnab's entry, but still, 19th place is a little harsh.
  11. Same here. I thought it was the name of a band or something. Since when did going down under mean turning to shit? Says a lot about us then doesn't it.
  12. I feel like an idiot. I just realised now after 7 chapters of playing that Lucas' pk move is named after your favourite thing that you enter in the start of the game. And here i was thinking this whole time that Lucas was so awesome cos he can use PK Hammers.
  13. On a different note, how many people have been able to beat Boss Battles on Intense? The furthest I've gotten is halfway through Tabuu before he's knocked me off screen. I've been playing with Lucas, hopefully I'll be able to beat him one of these days. On a side-note I've got holidays coming up after exams so I'll find some time to play online if you want someone new to play. I play as Lucas, but I'll have to get back to my one-on-one style of play which has been screwed up lately because of too many Boss Battle attempts and 100 man melees.
  14. I love how everything seems to blend so well together in this mix. It's been said before, but infectious is the best way to describe it. I actually love the tone of the vocals the way they are. They just seem to fit so well with the lyrics that seem to suggest either a song about love or an anthem for Streets of Rage about beating somebody up (hearts collide, showing what my body can do etc.). I love how it works on both levels. Great work from both of you.
  15. This song is so powerful, words can't describe how amazing it is.
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