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  1. Does anyone know where I can find it? I know someone was hosting it a long time ago,but is it anywhere on the internet? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks.
  2. It would seem that my question fits best here. To me at least. Does anyone know where I could get a link for the longer, 9-minute version of Zebesian Midnight, by Vigilante? I know the link was hosted a while ago, but does it exist on the internet anymore?
  3. Does this mean that I can't download the song and play it in any public space without written permission from the artist?
  4. Nope, you have to redownload it. You can't change it because it needs to be registered with the tracker...Just redownload it. My connection is 1.2 mb/s, but I reached 400+ kb/s on the download. It finished in 4 hours sometime last night, so I'll be seeding the updated torrent for at least a week. EDIT: OK, I needed to re-forward the port because it changed (?), so now my upload connection speed is waaay better. Alright, final summary: I'll be dedicated to only seeding for the next 7 days while I'm on vacation. I'm the utorrent client at IP 70.180.etc. I'll see if there's any internet where I'm
  5. Hey Cobalt, I've seen you on the help&newbies forum...Good posts BTW. I don't see any other utorrents on the peer list, but I'm the 70.181,yadda.yadda. Modem speed is clocked at 1.4(image) & 1.2(second test) mb/s Its been running at 300 kb/s + for a while, but now its down to 100 kb/s or so... (Still amazingly fast compared to 60 kb/s average for my crappy wireless signal) ETA of about 3-5 hours. It fluxes a lot with the pieces being downloaded. Currently around 200 kb/s download. Stable at about 20 kb/sec (max) upload. I have enabled a function called "initial seeding", which shoul
  6. Would it help if I started seeding now? I have a giant computer which could seed forever, but it's currently off-line for maintenance. In about a week or so I will be able to get THAT one working too. Are the problems with the file fixed? Edit: Seeing how there's only one seeder at this time, I'll seed for as long as I can, but I'm leaving for a week and this computer may get shut down, but I'll try to keep it on. Edit#2: Wow, I'm dling this really fast. It should be done in about 3 hours... (I'm the one using utorrent)
  7. Taken from: G4 -------------------------------------------------- Intermediate A relocator program merges data from your old hard drive onto the new hard drive. It leaves the new operating system intact but moves your network settings, programs, and other data. Even though I said not to move programs over to the new drive, a relocator will move all the necessary registry keys for you. If you find that the programs don't operate as intended after transferring them over, just install a fresh copy on the new drive. We recommend Alohabob's PC Relocator. Alohabob PC Relocator ($29.95) helps you t
  8. Wow, lots of posts... On topic: I've been looking through some of the sigs that are still there on photobucket (most are gone?), and I think you do a great job! Keep up the good work.
  9. I hope this helps as far as setting your SSID not to broadcast. 1) First, find a way to wire your computer to your router. (Seeing how your ethernet card is broken this may be a problem.) 2) In order to still connect to your network without the SSID being broadcasted, you need to enter your computers MAC address. 3) All routers are different, but the main idea is that you have to first enter your adapter's MAC address. (The card and the wireless adapter will have different addresses. To find this address, go the Run, and type "CMD" without the quotes. Then type "ipconfig (space) /all" and look
  10. I have an nVidia 7900 GS, and it can run MOST of those games on high quality fine. I'd go with a 8500/8600(I forget which one...) or a 8800 because graphics will only get better and to me my 7900 is reaching its limit(basically guaranteed it won't be able to run Crytek on high.). Beware however, because those card are big, and you should make sure they can fit in your case. : )
  11. I'd say your best bet would be to try getting Steam to save your login somehow. Check the steam faqs or e-mail them with your question.
  12. 1) Install Windows on new drive 2) look at your old hard drive for files that you ACTUALLY NEED. (Basically everything in My Documents) 3) Try to reinstall programs you need too. (You can just copy over some programs, but most others have files in multiple locations (ie. Registry, System folders, ect,), so try to reinstall rather than copy. 4) Copy settings from old HDD. (You can copy over the settings and config for programs into the same directory on the new HDD.) Post back or PM my if you need anymore help!
  13. I've had this problem on my old computer. I think it was the result of my computer getting very old. I would end a lot of processes that took up memory, which eventually f-ed my computer up. If you can, reformat your HDD. That fixes anything!! (almost)
  14. I = noob! I've been wondering why there wasn't an album for FFVII yet... *Sadly moves to very back of line...*
  15. Great mix! I love the FFVII mixes here on OCR, and this is a great addition, as well as your Tetris Attack mix. Looking forward to hear more from you!
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