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  1. What ever happened to Eye Drops? That was probably the best show that was on Tech TV. Come on... Eye Drops.
  2. Wow, I am the ONLY person who LOVES the music, but then again I've played through Mother 3... Really, it was my favorite track in the game, and they did a great job with it I think. Plus they are using Snowman from Mother 1+2, as we know. I wouldn't be surprised to see Pollyanna... But yeah, I like the music, and the stage isn't bad, nothing incredible but still pretty cool to look at out of context.
  3. yeh i mean whats next sonic? OH WAIT. ANY-dang-way. Have we talked about todays update yet? I'm really liking how there are so many co-op modes, because well, sometimes it gets a little draining to be constantly competing against each other, I want to be friendly every so often! I'm hoping that we can do team battles online, but I can team up with someone on the same console, I'd abuse that feature like nobodies business. Now let's all speculate on what the update is gonna be in a couple hours! More game modes? ...Probably...
  4. I believe I know the song you are talking about, I believe it was called "Haunted Hell", by Mustin. I have it on my iPod, but I also don't have any way to connect it/remove music from it (I don't have that connector on me, or even anywhere near me). But, well, hope that helps! Edit: Wow, beaten quite quickly.
  5. Thank you, this is an extremely valid point. I know I was saying I'd stay away from this debate, but I just wanted to support that idea that "it's fine to complain, not everyone is going to like everything, it helps developers, blah blah". But yes, it gets annoying when it's the same person, as Bigfoot said. That said, I'm hoping that there is a way to get 1 vs. 1, 3 players, stock matches, etc. in online. I mean, yeah, you'd think that with all these option we're being given that they'll have something like that? At the very least, I hope to be snagging some friend codes from ye folk so I can play with all you'se. You'se mugs.
  6. Shying away from the whole "blah blah internet" thing... I honestly do not believe that THAT character selection screen is going to be the standard one in Brawl... ...I mean, there is no Kirby. Or several other characters, but Kirby seems more like a "starter" than that. Someone probably noticed this already, right? That whole "replacing a person with a computer" thing, is kinda... Weird. I guess if you wanted to know if someone was replaced or not, you could just start ducking repeatedly and hope they catch on? Oh, and most characters will be unlocked in the Adventure mode? In one playthrough probably, from the sound of it? Well, I hope that there are still a few that I can unlock by beating classic mode really fast, target mode, homerun contest... Etc... Those were fun.
  7. Man, I remember back when the Dojo started it's weekday updates, people were complaining "Please! Give us just ONE more newcomer! Then I won't complain about the updates anymore!". I suppose I don't need to elaborate? Not really annoyed or whatever by this, it's human nature to "bargain", I suppose, but I guess since we've been "spoiled" so much these updates are letting people down after we've been given so much? Yes I end most sentences with a question mark? Anyway, cool to see that Mew/Celebi give us something more than me pushing start and doing my best to get Mew in focus and going "Mew!".
  8. Is it just me or are some of the captions/pictures a bit sarcastic? I mean... "Real men use items!" "Nice try. ROFL" "Yep. Simple. Simple is best." ...Well, that "real men use items!" one definitely seems like almost a jab at the competitive playing folk? Or am I reading too much into it? EDIT: Or I could be beaten to that...
  9. I know it's probably been pointed out before, but I'm glad they seem to be making the "heavy" fighters a lot more viable now. I've heard good things about Bowser in Brawl from the demo, so that'll be interesting to see. I also noticed that we've been given three new "heavy" fighters, or at least it looks that way. Ike I hear is very slow and strong, so I guess he counts as a heavy (plus he also has that "can't be stunned during some attacks" thing). King Dedede, who looks like he has a multi-jump ability like Kirby, but is also a heavy... Sounds kinda dangerous, a heavy that can recover? Then it looks like Pokemon Trainer's Charizard is a "heavy" character, or he could just be big and average, but I'm gonna lean towards heavy. It also looks like he'll be able to mulit-jump, or at the very least we know he can glide... At any rate, glad to see that the game is trying to make the other characters able to compete better with the "fast" characters.
  10. friendlyHunter, yeah a lot of parts of Twilight Princess were kinda shifty in that sense. Definitely agree with you. Oh, one thing I noticed in the game though was the whole "jumping to Midna" business, I believe (it's hard to see) but she grabs Link with that hair-hand of hers and drags him over to the spot she's hovering. Not sure about that, or why she can do this while in her "shadowy" form or whatever, but I think I remember seeing that happen. But it definitely would have been nice if she would've helped out a bit more! On that note, I can see Midna making into the game in some way, be it playable/assist/trophy/or at the VERY very least a sticker. I mean, they are going with the whole "Twilight Princess" vibe for the Zelda characters.
  11. Wait, what? We get Dedede's moves before Lucas'? When are they going to settle the whole "is he a Ness clone?" debate? That being said, Dedede looks awesome! Glad to see one of my favorite Nintendo characters is in Brawl. With his Up+B, it says you can cancel it in mid-air, perhaps other characters like Bowser will be able to do something like this?
  12. Hey, I played Kirby Super Star! Just not the Gourmet Race a whole ton to recognize it... And yes, I knew it was from Kirby, not original. And... I like game music... Man, hopefully no one has it out for me now? (Some emoticon)
  13. Oh man, replays are gonna be awesome! I too have a time when that would have come in real handy... On the fountain of dreams level, where it plays that kinda epic orchestral music (you know), me and my friend both played as Yoshi. It was so weird, 'cause we each just quietly decided to not attack right off the bat but to just crouch and stare at eachother. And then right as the music picked up we charged at eachother, we even managed to hit eachother on almost every note! If that wasn't enough, one of us also managed to grab a mushroom a couple times when the music went low in pitch. I would've loved that replay... It was just so, weird.
  14. It'll be neat to see the game without wavedashing! Just think, people who are THAT good at melee, but DON'T wavedash? It'll look a lot cooler! As for this weeks updates: C'mon, New Pork City is like the best stage so far (okay, well, that is a matter of opinion). I was expecting something a bit better this week, at least something like a moveset for Lucas or Captain Falcon/Ness, but I guess we'll have to wait until next week? I'm sure they'll do SOMETHING neat next week...
  15. Got one for ya, from here no less! "Robocop CPC Zone" by Malc Jennings. It just sounds so happy... And it's a Robocop remix, something about those two doesn't mix?
  16. Gerbah


    Awesome, thanks for the link on the whole "importing Half-Life into Portal" dealie! It's got a few bugs (getting stuck sometimes, portals not appearing, and Combine not actually shooting), but it's still very, VERY neat to be able to do what I wanted to do: Place a portal behind some Combine and blast them in the back of the head with a shotgun in my own safe little corner.
  17. Man, I am not liking Advance Wars DS 2... The gameplay and everything looks solid, just, the style of it I just can't get used to. I mean Advance Wars was never supposed to be realistic, I mean hell, you fought aliens. But the characters were really colorful, I loved the style of the old Advance Wars (man, I'm gonna have to start calling them the "old" now...). The new CO's look really bland in comparison. Well, I can HOPE for some old CO's to be unlockables. If Sturm is in it, then that'll definitely get me interested.
  18. I upgraded my PC a while ago, and I feel it was worth it. I had played through Oblivion running it at the lowest settings just to get through it, kind of a pain. Then I tried playing STALKER, it barely ran on low. So I decided it was time to upgrade. Running a 1.8 Ghz 6320 Intel Dual Core (which actually is a great buy), 8800 GTS (over my old 6800), and 2 GB of dual-channel RAM. Anyways, I was running Bioshock on max without any problems, and I'm hoping that I won't have to upgrade for a few years still. Don't have Vista though, so while I can run DX10, I don't.
  19. Yeah, basically that ring he used was his attack, he used it to inflate enemies and chuck them, or as a double-jump. Plus, those big-ears provided a bit of stall time in mid-air! Though I suppose you could argue he does more than that, from what I've seen of his abilities in Namco x Capcom. Probably not providing a great deal of insight on the character, but the games were supposed to be simple to control but still have a lot of great puzzles to them. Plus, Klonoa has his own language, is that worth something?
  20. Ah, come on? All this Namco character speculation and not one person thought of Klonoa? He seems like the perfect choice to me, and not just because he's basically my all-time favorite character (but it helps). He'd be much more interesting than Pac-man, and he still has Pac-man on his hat! Plus he was at least referenced in the Tales series (you could get a Klonoa outfit for Presea in Tales of Symphonia), and it would give them just cause to make another Klonoa game and put it on the Wii (aside from that, Klonoa games recently have all been on the GBA). But, it's still quite unlikely. If he's announced, I would be extremely surprised (but also extremely happy).
  21. Well, if you haven't seen the update that is on Smash Bros Dojo now that is Lucas, then you should check out the characters page! If you have, well, I don't think he's unlockable, looks like he's a standard character to me. Also, I'm playing Mother 3 (which I've said a few times by now I think, I'm like a broken record here), and it's an excellent game it is-it is! Apparently this thread has drifted into the portrayal of women and video-games? Yeah, I definitely agree it is quite shallow, there are a lot of games that use it as a focus point (i.e., a LOT of fighting games), which is quite shameful in my opinion. But it seems to me the less "sexualized" characters have more personality. Some of my favorites being Tron from the Megaman Legends series (she seems rather normal) and Jade from Beyond Good & Evil (compared to a lot of other characters, yes, she's pretty normal). Honestly, don't know why I'm continuing this discussion, but I suppose I should just throw my two-cents in.
  22. Wow, that's 9 new characters so far! I wonder how many they're are gonna be? I mean, Melee had... 7 new character total (well, excluding "clones")? Plus there are still gonna be secret characters to unlock... Man, Dec. 3 honestly can not come soon enough. Here's still hoping like nobodies business that Ness is still in (even though I like Lucas, plus I just got my copy of Mother 3 a few days ago).
  23. Mother 1 (or Earthbound 0) I would advise getting via a ROM. It's not actually a fan translation, but Nintendo's translation which was later canceled. So it has that going for it, I've only played a little bit of it and it is rather good. I just ordered my import copy of Mother 3 actually, and plan to use a translation guide to get through the game. PlayAsia had/may still have a special on the game, where you can get it for $15 + S&H. But if you're a fan of Earthbound, then downloading Mother 1 or importing Mother 3 is definitely worth considering.
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